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Washington D. C. Our Nation’s Capital Monuments and memorials are built to honor or remember a person or group of people. These people changed our history.

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1 Washington D. C. Our Nation’s Capital Monuments and memorials are built to honor or remember a person or group of people. These people changed our history and shaped our nation. These monuments were built so that future generations would remember how our country was formed. Let’s take a closer look at some of the monuments and important landmarks in Washington D.C. Who is Washington D.C. named after? Why is Washington D.C. located here?

2 American Symbols Bald Eagle Liberty Bell in Philadelphia American Flag Click here to listen to the Star Spangled Banner. Click here to view a slide show set to the National Anthem being sung. United States Seal

3 Other American Symbols Mount Rushmore St. Louis Gateway Arch Statue of Liberty More American Symbols America’s National Parks More MORE

4 The White House The White House is where the President lives and works. It is located on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Every President has lived here except George Washington. Click here to take a virtual tour of the White House

5 The White House An eagle spotting expedition in the White House A tour of the artwork found in the White House Movies of the rooms found in the White House

6 Capitol Building View of the Capitol building from the air. Take a virtual tour of the Capitol Building The Capitol of the United States houses the legislative branch of government. From the center there is a building on either side. One for the House of Representatives and one for the Senate. Do you know what they do here? Kids Tour

7 Capitol Building This statue called the Armed Forces sits atop the dome of the Capitol. During the War of 1812, the British troops burned down the building. Thankfully it started to rain and put the fire out. The building was then rebuilt and a statue was added. Schoolhouse Rock Video How a bill becomes a law

8 Take a virtual tour of George Washington’s home in Mount Vernon Washington Monument The Washington Monument was built as a memorial to George Washington, first President of the United States. The reflecting pool lies between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial.

9 This monument was started in 1843 however, it had to be postponed. Can you tell where they stopped and started building again after the Civil War? This is the way it looked for 25 yrs! \ There are 50 flags around the base of the monument. Can you guess why? Take a virtual tour of the Washington Monument.

10 Jefferson Memorial This memorial was built for Thomas Jefferson, the 3 rd President of the United States and the author of the Declaration of Independence.

11 Inside the Jefferson Memorial There is a bronze statue 19 feet tall on a 6 foot slab of Minnesota granite. Quotations from the Declaration of Independence are engraved on the walls inside. Click here for Virtual Tour

12 Lincoln Memorial This memorial was built as a tribute to President Abraham Lincoln and the nation he fought to preserve during the Civil War. It has 36 Doric columns, one for each state at the time of Lincoln’s death. Virtual Tour of outside memorial

13 Inside the Lincoln Memorial President Lincoln is made of marble and is 19 feet tall. He sits both gentle and powerful, with one hand clenched for when our country was at war, and the other relaxed for times of peace. Take a virtual tour of the Lincoln Memorial

14 World War ll Memorial View from the Washington Monument This memorial was built to honor the 16 million who served in the armed forces of the U.S., the more than 400,000 who died, and all who supported the war effort from home. (Photo by Richard Latoff)

15 World War ll Memorial Field of 4,000 Gold Stars honors more than 400,000 lives lost during the war There are 50 pillars surrounding a beautiful fountain. (Photos by Richard Latoff) Visit the official website.

16 Iwo Jima Monument Original photograph by Joe Rosenthal It's the world's tallest bronze statue. It's stands 78 feet high. A cloth flag flies from the pole. These 5 marines were pictured raising the American Flag after the deadly battle on an island off the coast of Japan in the Pacific Ocean. The monument is dedicated to the 6,821 Americans who died at Iwo Jima during WWII in Japan.

17 Vietnam Veterans Memorial Take a virtual tour of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall The V-shaped memorial consists of two, 250-ft walls of black granite and was designed by an architect from Ohio. The walls are inscribed with the names of the more than 58,000 U.S. men and women who were killed or missing in the Vietnam War. This monument is in the shape of a “V.” Can you guess why? There are 3 possibilities.

18 Korean War Veterans Memorial This memorial consists of 19 larger-than-life U.S. ground troopers equipped for battle, moving toward an American flag. Photographs of real soldiers were used to carve the faces into the granite. Click here for Virtual Tour

19 Arlington National Cemetery Veterans from all the nation's wars are buried in the cemetery, from the American Revolution through Operation Iraqi Freedom. There are 260,000 people buried here. Click here to visit their official website.

20 Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Located in the Arlington National Cemetery The unknown soldiers buried here represent the missing and unknown service members for four different wars. Being buried at Arlington gives families a place to grieve and pray. The Honor Guard stands watch over their graves, ensuring they rest in peace. These Americans have not only given their lives, but their identities for our freedom and way of life.

21 Map of the Washington D. C. Area Click here to go to the interactive map. Google Earth Tour

22 Websites Used American Symbols Star Spangled Banner Sung The White House Capital Building Tour Virtual Tours of Monuments World War II Website Arlington National Cemetery Interactive Map (1994 version) _DC

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