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Civil War Strategies Standard Indicator 8-4.5.

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1 Civil War Strategies Standard Indicator 8-4.5

2 Military Strategy for the North
Blockade southern ports to cut off supplies from Europe Break the Confederacy into two at the Mississippi River Destroy their communication system Attack the Confederate capital in Richmond, VA

3 Military Strategies for the South
Fight a defensive war, using supplies from Europe and funds from the sale of cotton until the North tired out

4 American Civil War Tactics

5 The first shots of the war happened at Fort Sumter, SC
Most of the fighting took place in northern Virginia & along the Mississippi River The first shots of the war happened at Fort Sumter, SC 1st major Confederate setback-Union captured areas surrounding Port Royal around the coast of Hilton Head, SC (2:42)

6 Union Strategy in SC Prevent ships from importing & exporting from SC ports Union blockades hurt SC by forcing Europeans to find new international cotton markets Emancipation Proclamation (what it meant to plantation owners) Union captured Charleston & laid siege to the area for over a year 45th Massachusetts unit of African American soldiers led the charge on Fort Wagner at the mouth of Charleston Harbor

7 Robert Smalls 23 yr. old slave piloting a Confederate ship
Wife & children escaped to a Union ship at a blockade While the white crew was ashore, Smalls navigated the ship towards the Union blockade, giving the appropriate signals to the Confederate forts he passed, where he surrendered it

8 Robert Small Cont….. He provided the Union w/information on the Confederate fortification surrounding Charleston After the Civil War: served as an officer in the SC militia & state legislature, also helped draft the constitution of SC & served 5 terms as a Congressman from SC

9 Sherman’s March Sherman marched to SC after he captured Atlanta in his “March-to-the-Sea” campaign Goal: make total war & bring the war home to the civilians to convince the south to surrender Direct impact on SC: destroyed homes, plantations, railroads, & towns along the way

10 Sherman’s March Cont….. He even shelled the current state house under construction at the time Capital city of Columbia burned

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