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Online Learning EDU 640 Michael Fischer, Chris Long, Mike Kroll.

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1 Online Learning EDU 640 Michael Fischer, Chris Long, Mike Kroll


3 What is it? Clearinghouse of distance courses Providers are approved by the SD DOE Courses offered in variety of formats Goal is to provide choice, flexibility, quality, and equity for students across state

4 Who is it for? JH/HS students enrolled in SD school Students must work through school’s designated distance education coordinator Home school students must register through resident public school district Students cannot register on their own

5 Registration School’s distance education coordinator registers the student Provider can approve or deny the registration School receives electronic notification of application status Provider initiates direct communication with school

6 Reasons to use SD Virtual School Scheduling conflicts Course not offered by resident district Looking for advanced coursework Credit recovery Home school student wanting virtual coursework School unable to find qualified staff

7 Cost of Courses Varies depending on provider ◦ Length of course, number of students enrolled Most range between $250-$325 per ½ credit Payment typically made from resident school district ◦ District can have policy stating if student pays for some or all of cost of course

8 Denying Student Virtual Course Request Resident school has right to deny student request to take virtual course ◦ Student is not a good candidate for virtual learning ◦ School prohibits virtual courses if course is offered traditionally within the district

9 School/District Responsibilities Issue a letter grade and credit for the course ◦ Course provider issues the number grade Monitor student progress Proctor any related assessments Coordinate with provider to assure that instruction is consistent with any IEPs Public schools will give Dakota STEP to juniors who are enrolled in a district full- time

10 Providers Approved based on the following criteria: ◦ Alignment with content standards ◦ Same qualifications as teachers in traditional educational setting ◦ Instructional staff must annually demonstrate proficiency in delivering instruction via distance learning delivery system ◦ Must offer professional development to instructional staff delivering distance courses

11 Providers APEXBlack Hills Online Learning Community Black Hills State UniversityDIAL E-Learning Center, NSUHigh Plains Alternative School Learning Power/E-Learning Center Mitchell Technical Institute ND Center for Distance Education UNL Independent Study High School

12 Course Approval Requirements Alignment with state content standards Qualified instructional staff Evaluation to demonstrate course completion Assurance to comply with ADA

13 Course Approval Requirements Application covers ◦ Course Outcomes ◦ Course Construction ◦ Course Interaction ◦ Course Assessment ◦ Course Technologies ◦ Course Resources ◦ Course Maintenance


15 Chester Area CyberSchool 8 th year of working with Hutterite colonies in SD Currently work with 23 of the 60+ colonies in SD ◦ Have worked with 30 of them over the years Offer students a full high school program Classes offered through an Intranet

16 High Plains Virtual School Based out of Chester, SD 9 full time and 3 part time staff Classes offered online with some face-to- face Certified through the state virtual school Charge $250 per semester Will travel and see students sometimes if needed

17 Work with contact person at the school Offer 26 different courses ◦ 92 Semester long courses taken this year Can graduate with a degree from Chester High School

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