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Your District Virtual Instruction Program Virtual Education as a School Choice Option.

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1 Your District Virtual Instruction Program Virtual Education as a School Choice Option

2 MyDistrict Virtual School MyDistrict Virtual School is the name of the online learning option for K-12 students provided by the North East Florida Educational Consortium. K-5 students must meet state eligibility requirements and must be full time virtual students. Students in grades 6-12 may be full or part time, home education students, or private school students.

3 Staff Heather Symonds Administrative Assistant Nick Stark Instructional Design Specialist Shane Jay Fairbairn Manager, Technology Integration

4 Your School Think for a moment about the way virtual education works in your school. How is it perceived by students, parents, teachers, and administrators? Which students do you currently advise to enroll in a virtual course?

5 What is Virtual Instruction? Florida State Statute Section 1004.25 Instruction that takes place in an interactive learning environment created through technology in which the student and teacher are separated from each other by time or space or both.

6 Why Virtual? While there are many reasons to choose a virtual option for students, one reason is paramount:

7 Flexibility Students in a virtual class are not tied to bell schedules Students have access to materials anytime Generally, students have more options for courses Virtual classes can help with class size

8 Options District Franchise (MDVS) Full Time K-12 Part Time 6-12 Virtual Learning Labs FLVS Full Time K-12 Part Time K-12 Virtual Learning Labs 9 period day and Summer Courses

9 Comparison MyDistrict Virtual SchoolFlorida Virtual School District keeps FTEFLVS keeps FTE Small number of enrollmentsLarge number of enrollments Local controlNo local control

10 Elementary Grades For full time elementary students in the VIP with MyDistrict Virtual School: Earn FTE Take all state tests Participate in school activities Have a certified Supervising Teacher Receive ESE/ESOL services Use a combination of text and tech

11 Middle and High School Students in Middle and High School: Earn FTE Have access to FLVS curriculum through MDVS Take all state tests Participate in PS activities Have a highly qualified teacher Receive ESE/ESOL Services

12 MDVS or FLVS Choose FLVS for a student who may not finish a semester on time has a poor academic history wants to take a course outside of the 6 period day has not been successful in a virtual course needs to recover credit over the summer needs intensive support for their IEP

13 MDVS or FLVS Choose MDVS for a student who Will finish a semester on time has a good academic history is taking the course within the 6 period day has been successful in a virtual course

14 Process To enroll a student in MDVS, you follow the same steps as FLVS (we are a franchise of FLVS) Go to: Select the course Select “MyDistrict Virtual School” First time students can select up to three courses until one or more courses have been assigned

15 Process Once a student requests a course you will get a notification through VSA. Here is how the student is assigned: You verify the Course Request CR becomes CRC MDVS reviews each CRC and confirms with the school/district contact School or district contact confirms with MDVS MDVS assigns the student a course CRC becomes CA Teacher makes a Welcome Call CA becomes A

16 Monitoring Both MDVS and FLVS monitor all teachers and conduct walkthroughs Both MDVS and FLVS conduct professional learning sessions Both MDVS and FLVS will provide authorized persons to academic information about the student.

17 Progression Whenever possible, start students with a virtual course, either in the school as part of a cohort or outside of the school in a supportive home environment. Encourage students to take a course before high school. A common misperception is that digital natives do not need help getting started online

18 Important Dates End of First Semester 2012/2013 January 17 End of School Year 2012/2013 June 7 Open Enrollment for 2013/2014 May 6 to August 20

19 Support MyDistrict Virtual School provides your school with flexibility to meet student needs while keeping funding in the district. Visit our page for more information at: Call: 386.329.3800 and say ‘virtual’

20 Questions

21 Thank you!

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