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How to get college credit While in high school? ACRHS.

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1 How to get college credit While in high school? ACRHS

2 Opportunities To Earn College Credit  RAVE Articulation in ACRHS CTE courses  Advanced Placement Courses @ ACRHS  Huskins Bill Courses: A-B Tech Teachers/ACRHS Campus Early Childhood Ed II & II (EDU) Criminal Justice I & II (CJC)  Distance Learning Lab @ ACRHS Learn & Earn A-B Tech NC Virtual High School Ischool UNC-Greensboro  Dual Enrollment A-B Technical Community College UNC-Asheville

3 Regional Articulation in Vocational Education (RAVE)  With A-B Tech & Blue Ridge Community College  ACRHS CTE courses  Application procedure with ACRHS Career Development Coordinator (CDC)  Must receive B or higher in class  Must score 93 or higher on VoCATS

4 Regional Articulation in Vocational Education (RAVE)  ACRHS Courses that articulate Marketing I or Sports I & II Construction I & II Drafting I & II Automotive Technology I & II Computer Applications I & II e-Commerce I Small Business & Entrepreneurship Business & Electronic Communications Allied Health Sciences I & II Foods I & II

5 Advance Placement (AP) Courses  ACRHS Teachers  Course relies heavily on college- based texts  Juniors & Seniors  Year long course  Take AP examination  Score of 3 or higher will earn college credit (vary with colleges)

6 Advance Placement (AP) Courses  English IV AP & AP Research  AP Calculus A & B  AP Statistics & AP Research  AP Computer Science JAVA II  AP Biology  AP Chemistry & AP Research  AP Physics & AP Research  AP Environmental Science (Year)  AP World History & AP Research  AP U.S. History & AP Research  AP Psychology & AP Research  AP French V  AP Latin IV  AP Music Theory

7 Huskins Courses @ ACRHS  A-B Tech Course  A-B Tech instructor on ACRHS campus  Earn high school & college credit  Must be 16 years of age  Tuition free  Books provided  (Accuplacer Test for EDU courses)  EDU 131/144/145 Early Child Ed II  EDU 151/251 Early Child Ed III  Earn 17 hours college credit _____________________  CJC 112/131/114 Criminal Justice I  CJC 212/231/120 Criminal Justice II ______________________  Earn 16 hours college credit Choices

8 Distance Learning Lab  Provide variety of courses-not available at the high school  15 lab seats available-2 nd, 3 rd & 4 th periods  Juniors & Seniors  Work Independently  Contact  Tuition-free  for list of courses

9 Learn & Earn On-line Courses  Tuition & textbooks free  2.5 GPA or higher  Take one or two classes  Elective college transfer credit with “C” or higher  Credits will transfer to 4- year colleges & universities  Counselor--list of courses  Possible to receive up to 24 hours of FREE College Credit in Junior & Senior years  Required-Score 500 or verbal-SAT or qualify with AB Tech Accuplacer test for some courses

10 NC Virtual High School  Courses vary—see counselor  Application process  2.5 GPA  Self-motivated/work independently  Most are honors level  Some are AP courses  AP Courses Year long 1 AP Credit  List of courses:

11 Ischool-UNC-Greensboro  Online college-credit courses  Juniors & Seniors  Receive honors high school credit & college credit for grade of “C” or higher  Application Process  Counselor has list of courses

12 Dual Enrollment  A-B Tech 2.5 GPA Must be a Senior  UNCA Meet normal college requirements Must be a Senior

13 Dual Enrollment Opportunities  Dual Enrollment at UNC- Asheville Earn high school AND college credit Responsible for paying tuition, fees, books & your own transportation Must contact Admissions Office & request dual enrollment application Submit a letter of support from the high school Meet normal college entrance requirements except for Senior English Provide proof you are registered for a class & proof of final grades upon completion

14 Dual Enrollment Opportunities  Dual Enrollment Courses at A-B Tech Earn high school AND college credit Tuition Free Proof of registration & final grade Purchase own books & provide own transportation Classes cannot interfere with HS courses

15 AM Classes at A-B Tech  Earn 3 credits per semester  Earn high school & college credit  Must complete fall & spring courses  Passed Algebra I  Courses (Samples) Blueprint Reading I, Environmental Health & Safety, Intro to Plastics (online) Intro to Automation, Injection Molding (online assignments) Diesel Engines, Mechanical Orientation, Preventive Maintenance

16 PM College A-B Tech  Most earn high school honors level credit & college credit  Must take at least two high courses at ACRHS  Tuition free  Purchase own books  Own transportation  16 years of age  Counselor has list of courses

17 Cost Community College vs. 4-Year University  A-B Tech Tuition:~$1,600/Year ~$50—credit hour  UNC-Asheville Tuition~$4,362/Year ~$546—1-5 credit hours

18 Earn College Credit While in High School Huskins Course 2.5 GPA 16 yr. Accuplacer Ways I can earn college credit while in high school! 1 3 2 5 Rave-CTE Course B avg. 93-Vocats Application Form Dual Enrollment A-B Tech-free UNCA-pay for books & tuition Distance Learning Lab Learn & Earn NCVHS Ischool-UNCG 4 AP Courses Jr/Sr Year Long Score 3+on exam

19 High School Opportunities... Career Ready/College Bound

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