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SE Asian Traditions Cultures, Governments, and Economies of SE Asia.

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1 SE Asian Traditions Cultures, Governments, and Economies of SE Asia

2 Traditions and Modernization Role of Buddhism in Thailand –In past, all young men spent part of their lives as a monk –Today, only ½ practice this tradition, and only for a few months –Historically, monasteries served as schools and hospitals –Today children attend government schools and people seek medical care elsewhere

3 Traditions and Modernization Traditions kept alive –Puppet shows remain popular Ancient stories tell about kings, heroes, battles Modern stories tell of Indonesia’s fight for independence –Government opens theaters for artist to perform –Government owned stores provide outlets for traditional crafts

4 Governments of SE Asia Some SE Asian countries are authoritarian –Leader or elite group with power use power for own benefit, not for the people they lead Authoritarianism partly result of colonialism –Native people not permitted have much of role in governmental affairs

5 Governments of SE Asia-cont. Each country has constitution that promises citizens right to vote –Elections, if held, strictly controlled –Political parties outlawed if they oppose ruling government Freedom of speech limited Critics of government often jailed

6 Governments of SE Asia-cont. Democratic government has not had much of foundation –Philippines most democratic government in region Filipinos lost rights for years

7 Urbanization in SE Asia Move to cities –Poor farmers had sell land when couldn’t compete with wealthier farmers Wealthy able buy fertilizer and pesticides which boosted farm output –Natural disasters sometimes destroyed people’s livelihood –Opportunity for better life Become more than farmer or fisherman

8 Urbanization in SE Asia-cont. Change in village life –Less isolated Busses and motorcycles transport people between cities and towns and villages Most villagers have radios and TVs –Put them in touch with larger world

9 Trade Routes in SE Asia Singapore –Region’s wealthiest nation –Trade made nation world leader in banking, industry, and tourism –Located on one world’s busiest shipping lanes Has busiest port in world –Due to nation’s high technology

10 Trade Routes in SE Asia-cont. Singapore –Location ideal gathering SE Asia’s goods Goods usually pass through country –Oil from Indonesia –Tin and rubber from Malaysia

11 Increasing SE Asia’s Wealth Nations developing their own industries Governments looked to foreign investors in 1990s Japanese, American, and European countries set up joint projects with local business leaders –With foreign capital, local business leaders built textile factories and other industries Paid low wages to unskilled workers –High technology projects now being manufactured

12 Increasing SE Asia’s Wealth-cont. Economies of several SE Asian countries are growing ASEAN –Association of Southeast Asian Nations –Members Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand

13 Increasing SE Asia’s Wealth-cont. Goals of ASEAN –Solve region’s social and economic problems by working together Successes –Promoted good working relationships among region’s nations –Enjoying benefits of expanding trade on Asia’s Pacific Rim

14 Increasing SE Asia’s Wealth-cont. Petronas Towers Second tallest buildings in the world Bangkok, Thailand Showcase of SE Asia’s economic development

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