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Broadband IP over DVB For IP connectivity ITU Conference.

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1 Broadband IP over DVB For IP connectivity ITU Conference

2 Introduction Main Capabilities
Inbound access Scheme based on Gilat’s FTDMA Single HUB supports thousands of terminals Modular and Expandable architecture Outbound bit rate from 2.5 Mbps up to 52.5 Mbps Inbound 38.4, 76.8, and Kbps

3 SkyBlaster 360E System Architecture Overall Network Architecture
VSAT Internet Optional Video/Audio Broadcast Programming Router NMS Firewall / Content Filtering PC’s DVB Video receiver RFT Satellite Intranet DVB Outbound Baseband Application Servers, Acceleration servers Farm (Optional)

4 SkyBlaster 360E Applications
Two-Way Interactive IP communications Broadband “always on-line” Internet access Browsing FTP Broadband Corporate Intranet Internet Cafés; SOHOs; SMEs Corporate Training / Interactive Distance Learning (IDL) Video Conferencing Reliable IP Multicast VoIP (Voice Over IP)

5 DialAw@y IP Remote Bundled Telephony and Internet
From basic telephony to high speed internet Public voice service , preferably by payphones in public call offices (PCO) Prepaid service Fax (G3 standard) Voice mail for incoming calls to payphones Provision for internet connectivity to internet cafes ( , internet browsing) High speed internet service for SOHO and small businesses ( , e-commerce services etc.)

6 Internet Service cost Vs Size of Network assumptions; 128Kbps downstream per site 11% average usage = microsoft model

7 Network size Vs Service cost Chart

8 Summary DVB based Outbound – 2.5 to 52.5 Mbps
Inbound bit rate – 38.4 to Kbps – R.S. Coding Stand alone remote unit with routing capabilities Large networks using shared HUB are cost effective for delivering Internet service to remote areas Possibility of bundled service of telephony and Internet on the same platform It contributes to bridge the digital divide immediately

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