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CAP in the Cloud Pete O’Dell Founder/Director Swan Island Networks 202-460-9207.

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1 CAP in the Cloud Pete O’Dell Founder/Director Swan Island Networks 202-460-9207

2 Speaker Introduction Founder Swan Island Networks – early CAP adopter ( TIES and Cybero – SAAS offerings – CAP in the Cloud Technical and business background Government and commercial, large and small companies Book(s): Silver Bullets: How interoperable data will revolutionize information sharing and transparency. Future of interoperability in development - contributors wanted for next version (Sept 2013),,,

3 Discussion Cloud computing accelerating globally Strong value proposition: – Rapid deployment – Lower costs – normal and surge – Redundancy built in – Interoperability with authorized parties – Reputable providers Concerns: – Security (better in my opinion) – Loss of control

4 Future Directions – changes underway More cloud providers Price war More use of standards Tablets coupled More enterprise apps Cloud interoperability Real time becomes key Legacy overhang IT walls being scaled – Bring your own device Big data – trillions/txns Sharing policy needed

5 CAP – key value points CAP Interoperable Fast time to deploy Compatible International FlexibleCritical Mass Future Dev Path Embedded in COTS

6 Much more than meteorological.. 360 Degree Risk Picture GPS tracked people GPS tracked equipment Social media monitoring RSS to CAP Bio sensors Environment sensors Explosive test results Video surveillance alerts Power outages

7 Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) Solutions: – TIES and Cybero – situational awareness/cyber – Vigilance (Pinkerton) – commercial security/intel – MystateUSA – mass alerting – Fusion Core – intelligence information fusion – Previstar – incident management Premium Feeds: – Global Incident Map – NC4

8 Demonstration Production system in the cloud - TIES Start up in minutes – import, fuse, publish Scale to hundreds or thousands of users Aggregate external info, publish internal Common and user-defined operating picture Interoperable with other commercial products Unique Community of Trust architecture Easy to use – kiosk view needs no training

9 Recap – some key points CAP is very versatile for multiple situations Cloud based deployments are largely Operating Expenses and not major CAPEX SAAS allows for scale-up and scale down based on need and location Community of Trust allows use of outside partners

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