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Open Health News Presentation Open Health Tools San Diego Sept. 9, 2011 Roger A. Maduro.

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1 Open Health News Presentation Open Health Tools San Diego Sept. 9, 2011 Roger A. Maduro

2 Background Roger A. Maduro  Systems Architecture Winstar Telecommunications (1996-2001)  Advanced enterprise deployment of open source solutions in the enterprise (networking, file server, print server, back up, security).  Had to create our own enterprise version of Linux (Ben Collins, elected Debian Team leader and later core developer of Ubuntu Linux). Peter Groen  >30 years at the VA. Operations, VistA, VA Network, national EHR roll out.  Health IT Sharing Office – Future of VistA, Open Source, Health IT sharing Database.  Retired. Shepherd University Research Center.

3 Open Health Community Over 1,500 applications (Black Duck) 294 New open source apps in 2010 Increasing 30% per year.

4 Challenges Lack of community outreach/marketing  Poor quality web sites  Lack of documentation  Lack of marketing materials Immature Organizational Structures and Leadership Lack of Full Understanding of Open Source  Business Models  Governance  Licensing  Collaborative Models Lack of collaboration

5 Customer (End User) Challenges Hard to find apps and solutions  No glossy brochures  Few places with information  Scattered all over the place  Not well documented  Months of research required Hard to find solution providers  Implementation  Support  Maintenance  Training

6 Solutions Communication/Organizational Issues  High Quality-Well researched and written articles and background materials.  Quality Marketing Materials  Good quality, well-designed web site (each application, project, organization will have a good quality resource page) Organizational/Open Source Issues  Extensive documentation and background on organizational issues. Includes details on sustainable open source business models, governance models. Licensing, and collaborative models.  Facilitate collaboration amongst open source projects End User (Customer Challenges)  Easy to find apps and solutions  Easy to find solution providers

7 Audiences End Users Open Health Organizations Government Agencies

8 Open Health News (OHN) OHNews planning began August 2010 OHNews founded in January 2011 OHN is a global open health information & publication house. An expansion of the newsletter VistA & Open Healthcare News – a traditional newsletter started in 2006 OHN Online News site went live in March 2011 – beta testing OHN Online News web site now in production  ✓ Phase I-News Aggregation, News, Blogs, Initial Resource Sectionss  Phase II -Expand Resources Sections (design and content), Build Taxonomy, Roll out Features Section (articles, interviews, book reports, etc.)  Phase III – Use taxonomy to connect all content items, roll out Atrium community capabilities, Job Bank.

9 Current Status Over 6,200 “unique” visitors and growing rapidly (with minimal promotion) Over 1 million hits (website) Over 1 million followers and/or recipients of OHN tweets about open health IT news, resources, etc. Built publications department (team of copy editors, writers, and researchers) Beginning to offer advertising space and support services:  Publishing ads for open health IT organizations  Creating & publishing press releases and feature articles  sending press releases and info out using social media Over 10,000 thousand news items and resources entered into database

10 Resources Sections Applications Projects Organizations Publications Resource Sites Marketplace  Companies  Consultants

11 Goals To build a profitable and sustainable business as a web-based ‘open’ health information & publication house. To become the definitive global source of news and information about ‘open source’ health IT solutions and community activities To provide ‘open source’ health IT research and consulting services to the business community. To expand into other selected ‘open source’ communities over time, e.g. education

12 Means Sponsorships: Site supported by advertising and sponsors  Ads, Logos, Resource Write Ups, Sponsor profiles. Publications  Reports, White Papers Subscriptions  Newsletters

13 Contact Information Roger A. Maduro Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Open Health News 117 Davis Avenue SW Leesburg, VA 20175

14 Challenges: Lock-in Vendors Fierce opposition from Proprietary Lock-in Vendors  >$100 million spent to defeat Stark and Rockefeller bills.  Hundreds of millions spent lobbying for proprietary Health IT Policies.  Lobbying against “Custodial Agent.”

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