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The Business Case for CAP Pete O’Dell Founder/Director Swan Island Networks 202-460-9207.

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1 The Business Case for CAP Pete O’Dell Founder/Director Swan Island Networks 202-460-9207

2 Speaker Introduction Founder Swan Island Networks – early CAP adopter ( TIES and Cybero – SAAS offerings – CAP in the Cloud Technical and business background Government and commercial, large and small companies Book(s): Silver Bullets: How interoperable data will revolutionize information sharing and transparency. Future of interoperability in development - contributors wanted for next version (Sept 2013),,,

3 “Today, [we] are functionally linked together in a vast organic system…The earth [is] not only becoming covered by myriads of grains of thought, but becoming enclosed in a single thinking envelope.” --Teilhard de Chardin, 1925

4 Discussion Case for standards in a changing world Business reasons for deploying/promoting CAP Cost of an avoidable incident – Money – Lives – Time – Reputation and liability Detail multiple areas: – Cost to deployment – Speed to deployment – Future Development – Other business case elements

5 Future Directions – changes underway Ubiquitous connections Multiple devices Sensors/Internet of things Complex risks Real time reactions Shrinking world Cloud computing Cyber-threats People can’t scale (right now) Budgets under pressure Government struggling Legacy overhang IT walls being scaled – Bring your own device Big data – trillions/txns

6 Intertwined worldwide issues Energy Food/water Health/disease Global warming Pollution Languages Trade blocks Intellectual property Terrorism/security Education Population growth Aging populations Religion Political Standards Paradoxes abound

7 Into the future: Internet of Things – automatic triggers Long life batteries, low power networks More data – billions of transactions More sharing – necessity despite policy problems Cross organizational sharing Gov to Gov Consortiums of private enterprises Public/Private partnerships

8 Standards have made civilization possible Weights and measures Railroads – track and time zones Interchangeable parts Shipping containers Uniform Commercial Codes Internet – TCP/IP HTML and XML – today’s WWW All in all – a well traveled road

9 Organizational Elements to consider Return on Investment: Time and dollars Risk Reduction: Capital investment: Operations and maintenance: Doing more with less Time to market/deployment: Business Continuity: Total Cost of Ownership:

10 Going it alone - the high cost of custom solutions Money and time to create new approach Willing to maintain and continue to develop Willing to re-invent many elements Limited interoperability High risk of failure Bottom line: Custom furniture is great if you can afford it, but this is a very painful way to create technology solutions in the 21 st Century!

11 CAP – key value points CAP Interoperable Fast time to deploy Compatible International FlexibleCritical Mass Future Dev Path Embedded in COTS

12 Much more than meteorological.. 360 Degree Risk Picture GPS tracked people GPS tracked equipment Social media monitoring RSS to CAP Bio sensors Environment sensors Explosive test results Video surveillance alerts

13 CAP universe of support Governments Non Government organizations Standards bodies Private services companies Software developers/COTS Equipment manufacturers Forward momentum worldwide

14 Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) Solutions: – TIES and Cybero – situational awareness/cyber – Vigilance (Pinkerton) – commercial security/intel – MystateUSA – mass alerting – Fusion Core – intelligence information fusion – Previstar – incident management Premium Feeds: – Global Incident Map – NC4

15 Recap – some key points CAP is a well developed standard The world is adopting CAP for many uses There are people working (free to you) to make CAP better as time passes There are commercial products you can utilize to speed delivery of capabilities Overall cost of a standard solution is much lower and more reliable than a custom effort

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