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Middle School Spanish 10-3-13.

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1 Middle School Spanish

2 2B Sigue las direcciones
Necesitan un lapiz o un boli y un cuaderno You need a pencil or pen Saquen un libro Saquen el foldable

3 Add into your notebook and foldable
Introducing others Add into your notebook and foldable Introducing a male peer Introducing a female peer Éste es __. This is… Ésta es __. This is.. Él es mi mejor amigo. He is my best friend. Ella es mi mejor amiga. She is my best friend. Él es mi compañero de clase. He is my classmate. Ella es mi compañera de clase She is my classmate. Encantado Mucho gusto Igualmente Pleased to meet you Nice to meet you Likewise Encantada

4 Entrevistas…Interviews
In trios, practice introducing a classmate to someone. Use your notebook or foldable for assistance

5 If this wasn’t done Tuesday;
Números Interpretive Listening Pg. 19 #22 You and your friend Elena are double-checking phone numbers for some of the students in your class. Listen to what Elena says and fill in the missing numbers. Beatriz Jorge Rosaura Angel Gladys Review your numbers 0-100 What is the process for saying 43? 53? 63? 73? Number rap We will watch it until the pronunciation is solid…get used to it If this wasn’t done Tuesday; DO IT TODAY!

6 If this wasn’t done Tuesday;
Alfabeto Interpretive Listening Pg. 23 #29 Listen as several speakers say and spell out the Spanish words for some animals. Write the words in Spanish as you hear them. Review your alphabet Remember your vowel sounds Alphabet song We will watch it until the pronunciation is solid…get used to it A E I O U father they police low sue If this wasn’t done Tuesday; DO IT TODAY!

7 Presentational Speaking
Greeting Ask their name? Encantado(a)/Mucho gusto Ask how they are doing? Ask where they are from? Ask their age Farewell REAPEATED ACTIVITY…HOW ELSE WILL YOU LEARN THIS IF YOU DON’T PRACTICE!

8 Presentational Writing
Today is the first day of school. Create a conversation for each scene. INDIVIDUAL WORK

9 Los meses del año y los estaciones
diciembre enero febrero marzo abril mayo December January February March April May junio julio agosto septiembre octubre noviembre June July August September October November el invierno la primavera el verano el otoño COPY THESE NOTES INTO YOUR NOTEBOOK

10 Asking someone the date and day of the week
¿Qué fecha es hoy? What’s today’s date? Es el (day) de (month) It’s the (day) of (month) ¿Qué dia es hoy? What day is today? Hoy es (day). Today is (day). In Spanish, the day always precedes, the month in Spanish. It’s written as 2/10/13 If it’s the FIRST day of the month, you say PRIMERO (first)…NOT uno It will be marked wrong because it’s grammatically incorrect

11 Los meses del año y los estaciones
Interview 5 students and ask them Complete Text Pg. 21 #27 Aloud or written in your notebook Check Señorita Calloway’s wiki for instructional links Google search Christy Callowy and CMS Go to JMA website and click Faculty & Staff 7th Grade Spanish ¿Qué fecha es hoy? What’s today’s date? Es el (day) de (month) It’s the (day) of (month) ¿Qué dia es hoy? What day is today? Hoy es (day). Today is (day).

12 Presentational Speaking
Work in pairs to create a humorous scene between two students. One is trying to study, and the other keeps interrupting to ask the following questions: what is the date, how do you spell a certain word, and what the other student’s phone number is. Finally, the second student says he or she must leave and they say good-bye. Use Textbook Pgs. 19 – Asking a phone number 21 – Asking the date/day 23 – Spelling names Graded using the PALS rubric Señorita will assess your work next week

13 Unit 1 Vocabulary Chunk 1 To ask a peers name ¿Cómo te llamas?
What’s your name? Me llamo… My name is… Soy… I am… ¿y tú? and you? Ask how someone (peer) is ¿Cómo estás? How are you? ¿Qué tal? How’s it going? Estoy bien I’m well (good) Estoy mal I’m bad. Estoy regular I’m all right Más o menos So-so Así-así To ask who someone is ¿Quién es él? Who is he? ¿Quién es es ella? Who is she? Él es… He is… Ella es… She is… Él se llama… His name is… Ella se llama… Her name is…

14 Unit 1 Vocabulary Chunk 2 To ask an adult’s name (RESPECT)
¿Cómo se llama usted? What is your name? To ask how an adult is (RESPECT) ¿Cómo está usted? How are you? Greetings Buenos dias Good morning Buenos tardes Good afternoon Buenas noches Good evening/night Farewells Adios Good-bye Hasta luego See you later Hasta mañana See you tomorrow Hasta pronto See you soon Nos vemos See you Tengo que irme I’ve got to go

15 Unit 1 Vocabulary Chunk 3 To ask someone’s age ¿Cuántos años tienes?
How old are you? Tengo __ años I am __ years. 11 once 12 13 doce trece To ask where someone is from ¿De dónde eres? Where are you from? Soy de… I’m from… ¿De dónde es? Where are you from? (adult)

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