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Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Program, Ryerson University: Understanding Clinical Placements 2013-2014.

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1 Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Program, Ryerson University: Understanding Clinical Placements 2013-2014

2 For anything related to placements, students MUST contact: Ms. Monica DaSilva, RN, BScN (416) 979- 5000 ext. 4176 NB: Monica works on a part-time basis; variable office hours; emails replied to within 72 business hours.

3 PHCNP Program Office: Dr. Luisa Barton, NP-PHC, BScN, MN, DNP Faculty & Coordinator (416) 979 5000 ext 6560 Office hours: Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesdays only** Mr. Don Newton, Honours BComm IT Support (416) 979 5000 ext 6561 Office hours: Monday-Friday 415 Yonge Street, Suite 1604 Toronto, Ontario M5B 2E7 Fax: (416) 979 5295

4 Important Websites: NP Network: Ryerson: Ryerson Clinical Placement Office:

5 Courses that require a clinical placement: AHAD 1 (Sept-Dec) 78 hours within 12 weeks Therapeutics 1 (Sept-Dec) 78 hours within 12 weeks AHAD 2 (Jan-April) 78 hours within 12 weeks Therapeutics 2 (Jan-April) 78 hours within 12 weeks Integrative Practicum (May-Aug) 416 hours within 13 weeks

6 General Points: Students are expected to travel to clinical placements; access to a vehicle is advisable Where students reside is not a factor when considering placement requests Student workplaces will not be considered Placements are not subject to student approval; if students do not ‘accept’ their placement, the student will not have a clinical placement Students must strictly follow Ryerson placement processes outlined or the placement will be in jeopardy Students must never make their own placement arrangements without authorization from Monica

7 General Points cont’d Once a student is assigned a clinical placement, no switches/changes can be made unless there are extenuating circumstances Preceptors include NPs and GPs (students will be preceptored by at least 1 NP-PHC within the duration of the program) If students drop a clinical course, as a professional courtesy, students should communicate it with their respective preceptor Not all learning needs will be met at each clinical placement setting; other opportunities throughout the program will arise Students must always use their Ryerson email when communicating with staff and faculty; personal and workplace emails are not acceptable and no response will be provided.

8 Required Forms/Documents: Clinical Request Form – Located on Ryerson’s Nursing MN website under “New Students” – Due June 7 th Practice Placement Requirements: Immunizations/Mask Fit/CPR/ (Located: Ryerson’s Nursing MN website), Police Check (via NP office only) – Due Aug 5 th **ALL FORMS are submitted to the NP Office only!

9 Process Step 1: Complete the request form (download version from Ryerson’s website) – Due June 7th Step 2: Request a criminal check now (Vulnerable Sector Screen) - (For Toronto residents, the Form is available ONLY at the NP office) Step 3: Book an appointment with an MD/NP to complete Immunizations. Update CPR/Mask Fit – Practice Placement Requirements are due Aug 5 th (in person to the NP office or mail) Step 4: Have your CV updated and ready to share with potential preceptors (only if preceptor requests) Step 5: Once the placement is confirmed – the student will be notified whom to contact – between June and late August

10 Keep in Mind: Students are placed in various agencies within the boundaries of the geographical map (see map on NP Network), therefore, students are required to travel Students are assigned a placement based on a number of factors (e.g. learning needs, availability of preceptors), however, emphasis is on primary health care settings Students typically commence their Fall placements in mid-to-late September Students must have all Practice Placement Requirements completed by Aug 5 th, failure to do so will jeopardize clinical Students cannot commence their placement before the semester officially starts (as per School of Graduate Studies calendar) and they must complete their placement hours when the semester/course officially ends Students may offer potential placement sites/preceptors, however, students cannot make their own placement arrangements Students must attend any orientations required from agencies, no exceptions There are limited preceptors/placement sites available and the placement process is extremely complex, therefore, students’ patience and understanding will be greatly appreciated!

11 Lastly….. Please review the student handbook regularly Please review updates/documents on the Ryerson NP website regularly Please check the forum on the NP Network every 3-4 days for important updates Please respect the complexity of the clinical placement process Please use professional language/etiquette when communicating with all faculty & staff as per University policies

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