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Planning and Orientation for Practicum in Gerontology (Gero 700A/B) Courses August 2012 Edition Applicable for: Gerontology Graduate Students only.

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1 Planning and Orientation for Practicum in Gerontology (Gero 700A/B) Courses August 2012 Edition Applicable for: Gerontology Graduate Students only

2 Steps in Identifying and Confirming Your Practicum for Gero 700A or B Course 1. Student Gero Practicum Course Eligibility 2. Practicum Planning Timelines 3. Practicum Planning Selection and Decision- Making Process for Agency internship 4. Interview Preparation and Process 5. Practicum Confirmation 6. Semester Schedules & Gero 700 Planning/Preparation 7. Gero 700 Course Requirements & Expectations 8. Contact information 9. References

3 1. Course Eligibility for Gero 700 A/B Schedule an appointment with your Graduate Advisor, Dr Lucinda Rasmussen to ensure Gero 700A/B Course eligibility. Must have completed first year graduate courses. Completed and passed the Gerontology courses: Gero 501; 605; 690; 632; 520; 610. Must have a minimum SDSU campus overall of 3.0 GPA and be in good academic standing. Practicum in Gerontology Curriculum (SDSU General Catalog & School Web site): ◦ Passing Agency Interview & Confirmation (incl. agency screening processes)

4 2. Practicum Planning - Timeline Planning Students: Please plan on identifying, selecting, interviewing, and obtaining agency confirmation five –six months before enrolling in the Gero 700 Practicum Course.  Begin Practicum Process in Jan./Feb. for Gero 700 in Summer Semester  Begin Practicum Process in Feb./March for Gero 700 in Fall Semester  Begin Practicum Process in Sept. for Gero 700 in Spring Semester

5 Practicum Planning Process – Why Begin Planning Now? 1. Other professional disciplines engaging in same process for internships at the same time. 2. Agency Practicum Confirmation will take several months for: ◦ Reviewing Gero Agency Practicum Lists; ◦ Identifying potential agency interests. ◦ Attending the current SDSU School of Social Work/Gerontology Agency Fair (held January or February each year) ◦ Selecting an agency ◦ Preparing self for professional interview (resume, references) 3. Agency interview, confirmation, scheduling and completing additional Agency Screenings. 4. Ensure student eligibility for course.

6 3. Practicum Selection & Decision-Making Process Steps to Follow: 1. Attend Gero Orientation & Planning Mtg. (if scheduled) 2. Review School-approved Gero Agency Practicum Sites List* (latest edition). 3. Attend current SDSU SSW Agency Fair – Jan. or Feb. each year (refer to SSW Field Edu Calendar for dates) 4. Consult with fellow Gero colleagues regarding their prior practicum experiences (via email in GSA and Comm. Central) 5. Consultation with Gero Faculty, Director of Field Education, Practicum Site supervisors, or Gero 700 A/B Course instructor. 6. Schedule and interview(s) with Agency. 7. Obtain confirmation by Agency Site Supervisor. 8. Schedule and complete additional Agency Screenings ASAP. 9. Keep informed and updated regarding GERO Practicum / Announcements, etc.

7 *Note: Each School-Approved Gerontology Practicum site is in compliance with the SDSU University Materials required. ◦ Agency Site Application ◦ Gero Field Instructor/Site Supervisor Profile ◦ University-Organization Service Learning Agreement (SLA) Review school web site for further information@ process/

8 4. Preparing for The Professional Interview After identifying and selecting an agency for your future practicum, the following steps are recommended in preparing for your professional interview: 1. Be informed and in the “Know”- Review the agency’s website. 2. Prepare your Resume and have a possible List of Professional References (if requested from the Agency) 3. Contact SDSU Career Services for resume and interview assistance. 4. Are your voice mail message and email addresses professional? 5. Demonstrating Professionalism during your interview 1.Professional demeanor, presence, tone. 2.Professional appearance, language, etc.-

9 The Professional Interview Prepare for usual Agency FAQs. Arrive at least15 minutes early! Consider previous and/or relevant experiences and skills that may prepare you for the Gero experience(volunteer, internship, employment). Review education. Demonstrate motivation, enthusiasm, interest, etc. Show your best “professional self”. Agency may request a resume, references, and a writing sample at the time of interview? Prepare in advance your questions for prospective supervisor.

10 5. Agency Confirmation Agency Supervisor will directly contact students to inform them of acceptance. Student will also inform Agency of their acceptance. Students will complete additional Agency Screenings, immediately e.g. health examinations; TB test; immunization verification; security clearances; fingerprinting; random drug screenings, etc. Student will inform the future Gero 700 course instructor of the agency confirmation and Gero site supervisor identified. Student will contact Supervisor to arrange weekly practicum schedule before the Semester begins. Begin preparing for the Gero course in the preceding semester.

11 6. Semester Schedules & Gero 700 Planning Semester Schedules can be discussed during the interview and immediately upon confirmation. Students are expected to defer vacations so they do not have absences in practicum when school is in session (Summer Semester Gero 700 may have exceptions.) Students are expected to be in their Gero 700A or B course for the entire semester; in accordance with SDSU Calendar, from the first week when classes begin until classes end in the last week. Reminder – the student’s practicum schedule is the responsibility of the Agency and Student (in accordance with School policies and University semester time periods). Begin preparing for the Gero course in the next semester.

12 GERO Course Preparation Review the University Calendar Schedule – Gero 700 Field begins first week of classes Plan for 200 hours practicum semester per semester; approximately 13-14 hours per week Priority in scheduling is given, in order, to: 1) classes, including practicum seminar; 2) practicum experience; 3) student’s other responsibilities. It is recommended that the student prepare for Internship life and begin making proactive personal arrangements, e.g. childcare, work schedule, hours, etc. Review your weekly schedule with Agency Supervisor before the semester begins. When the Semester begins…ensure contact with Gero 700 instructor for first class meeting schedule.

13 7. Course Requirements – Gero 700 A/B Practicum Internship & Mission Must complete all 200 hours for each Gero 700 Course during the semester you are enrolled in the class (in accordance with University semester schedules). Two practicum agency experiences. (If the student wishes to continue in same agency for Gero 700 B, prior approval is required by School field director. Student must demonstrate different experiences, program, and supervisor for second semester.) Course Syllabus and Assignments: ◦ Orientation checklists. / Learning plans. ◦ Required Practicum Hrs. by the University-course calendar. ◦ Weekly supervision. ◦ Attend and participate in course seminar (1-2 class meetings). ◦ Final Student Self-evaluation paper ◦ Supervisor completes Skills Evaluations Form of Students.

14 8. Contact Information: Undergraduate Gero Course Sequence and Eligibility - Contact: Lucinda Rasmussen Graduate Advisor Gero 700 Practicum Course Questions – Contact: Candy Elson, LCSW, Director of Field Education HH 114C / Gero Curriculum Chair: Dr. J. Min HH 208 /

15 9. Gero Program - References SSW & Gerontology Program Web Site descriptions/gerontology-undergraduate/ Ensure you are listed in School Communications Central for Gero announcements and updates – contact Sylvia T. (HH 119). Contact Gerontology Student Association (GSA) for updates. Refer to GSA Bulletin Board.

16 SDSU Career Services Career Services 619.594.6851 / SSE-1200 Interview Questions and Preparation (handouts on web site) Resume Writing Assistance Career Counselors Videotaping Workshops

17 Good luck on your interviews!

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