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Research Methodology SKBI 6004

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1 Research Methodology SKBI 6004
Norhidayah Binti Md Yusof P66836 An investigation into politeness strategies applied in teacher talk: Asking and giving feedback

2 Background of the study
Politeness - degree of politeness -politeness strategies Teacher talk -elements in teacher talk (asking and giving feedback) English language classroom -relationship between teacher and students How these elements relate to each other

3 Statement of the problem
Different ideas about politeness (both teachers and students) Lead to misunderstanding The objective of teaching and learning English cannot be achieved

4 Purpose statement /objective
To provide more information to teachers and students about teacher talk and politeness To identify the possible politeness strategies can be applied by the teachers and students

5 Research questions What are the politeness strategies used by UiTM students in asking and giving feedback? What are the politeness strategies used by the teachers in asking and giving feedback in teacher talk? What are the effects of applying suitable politeness strategies in and English language classroom?

6 Significant of the study
To explore and collect more information about politeness and teacher talk To share with the readers about the suitable politeness strategies can be applied in an English language classroom

7 Review of related literature
Teacher talk : -Nunan (1991) -Sharpe (2008) Politeness -Brown & Levinson (1978) - Leech (1983) -Grice (1967) -Zhao Wanli & Du Aihong (2008) -Zhaoli Wanli (2010)

8 Theoretical Framework
The Face Theory (Brown & Levinson, 1978) Cooperative Principle (Leech, 1983) Politeness Principle (Grice, 1967)

9 Methodology Research design: Mix method
Sample population: 4 teachers as well as their students (number of students will be based on the teachers’ classes) Research instrument: (Wanli Zhao, 2010) -Non-participant observation -Follow-up structured-interview -Closed-questionnaires (revised from Lei (2004))

10 Data collection procedures:
- 1) Designing the questionnaires and structured-interviews. -2) Observing the classroom after the subjects permitting and making a note. -3) Students will be asking to complete questionnaires after the first English class of each teacher and hand them in on spot, so the response rate is 100%. -4) Teachers and students will be interviewed. After the second class, the teachers will interviewed and there will be a private talk with 12 students about their preferable teachers’ feedback. -5) The questionnaires will be handed to the teachers.

11 Data analysis: - Will be divided into two ways: -1) The questionnaires will be analyzed by using SPSS version (to get the politeness strategies have been used). -2) The interviews will be analyzed to get the information on the general attitude of teachers and students towards teachers’ feedback.


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