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LEADERSHIP By: Hector La Marque.

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1 LEADERSHIP By: Hector La Marque

2 Hector on Leadership The best decision you’ll ever make (All the goodies go to the leaders) Requires constant, unrelenting, personal growth. Your attitude must be one of servitude. Your people are not your people, they belong to their families and are only entrusted to you.

3 Hector on Leadership NEVER forget your people are your clients. Would you: Fight with Argue with Condescend to Ignore Berate Be unresponsive to

4 Hector on Leadership NEVER forget your people are your clients Would you: Alienate Yell at Talk about disparagingly Hold a grudge towards Or do anything that would stop them from doing business with you.

5 Hector on Leadership People need leadership desperately.
Their personal level of belief and faith makes yours vital. Their lack of vision due to their view from the weeds makes you critical.

6 Hector on Leadership Their fear of the unknown makes your courage indispensable. Their limited experience makes yours priceless. Don’t be overwhelmed, you’ll grow into your leadership roll.

7 Hector on Leadership Don’t be afraid of succeeding to continue to succeed only requires consistency. Don’t be afraid of people depending on you too much. Make them responsible for themselves.

8 Hector on Leadership As a leader your job is to be an example, not a guarantee of success. As a leader you must be: Fiscally responsible Morally responsible Have integrity Have character Not perfect

9 Hector on Leadership We are all a work-in-progress.
Mistakes are part of the process. But don’t keep repeating the same ones. Take notes. Excuses can forever more, no longer be part of who you are.

10 Hector on Leadership When you have momentum your people need you to pick-up the pace. Never ever forget everybody wants to be somebody. The difference between me and most people is I don’t want to be somebody, I NEED to be somebody.

11 Hector on Leadership Aren’t some of you glad I need to?
Well your people will be glad also. I need for my kids, Dack and Jenee, to think; No believe, I am special. I need for my parents to believe they did an incredible job rearing me.

12 Hector on Leadership I need for my contemporaries to respect and admire me. I need for Jann to think I am the end all for her; That there could not be a more perfect man for her.

13 Hector on Leadership But ultimately I need for God to be certain that when he created me, I understood and acted on the fact that he created me in his image. So I work at believing that any and all things are possible.

14 Hector on Leadership That I was created to help men and women.
That failing is an impossibility with him. That our future is certain. That all things will work out with attention to them.

15 Hector on Leadership That we have an unlimited capacity to learn, experience, enjoy, and love. That we should be grateful in advance for everything. All that we desire is here already. You need merely to give thanks.

16 Hector on Leadership To believe anything else is to NOT BELIEVE.
My life is living proof. I have merely thanked him in advance and did my part. Your belief and faith in yourselves is the only thing holding you back.

17 Hector on Leadership He has already told you, ask and you shall receive, do you not believe?

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