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The Fresh Connection.

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1 The Fresh Connection

2 What is The Fresh Connection
Learning experience on supply / value chain management Webbased simulation Blended with training program Tactical/Strategic level Cross functional team Professionals and students

3 The challenge The Fresh Connection is a producer of fruit juices
suffering severe losses in the last year poor supply chain performance A new management team has been appointed consisting of four roles Sales management Purchasing management Supply chain management Operations management The assignment is to make the company profitable again By making strategic and tactical choices

4 The Simulation – The Supply Chain

5 Source: Adapted from Supply-Chain Council (SCC)
SCOR model as basis Return Customer’s Customer Deliver Suppliers’ Supplier Internal or External Your Company Source Make Plan Source: Adapted from Supply-Chain Council (SCC)

6 Experience “The Fresh Connection” gives a real life supply chain experience within a simulated environment: SCM is not only the responsibility of one function or manager, it is teamwork; Coordinated decision making is critical; A strategy is necessary to have a common direction How to translate strategy into action The quality of the supply chain has a big impact on the company profitability The right management information is very important; Internal and external collaboration is key to success.

7 Key Challenges Team / leadership challenges
Communication & decision making Alignment / consistency In- and external collaboration Get out of the box, experiment & learn Important supply chain topics supply chain strategy sales & operations planning (S&OP) demand management inventory management operations management supplier management

8 Performance evaluation
Costs Operational costs Improvement projects highest ROI Revenue Price: Customer satisfaction Volume: Portfolio Investments Working capital Equipment Buildings

9 Individual scores Role Based on Purchasing Purchasing price Operations
Operational costs Supply chain Stock value Sales Revenue

10 Quick Tour

11 Learning with TFC

12 Learning by experience a lasting learning effect
listening seeing experiencing 10% 25% 80%

13 Training approach Experience Macro cycle Apply Reflect Conceptualize
Real Life Business Simulations (micro cycle) Experience Reflect Apply elsewhere Exercises Workshops Break-outs Coaching - Feedback - Evaluations Discussions Presentations Macro cycle Conceptualize Models & Tools Presentations Case studies Klabbers, The Magic Circle, Principles of Gaming & Simulation, 3rd Ed, 2009

14 The Fresh Connection configurations
The business simulation is highly configurable # of rounds, decisions per role # of entities (components, end products, suppliers, customers) language (now Dutch, English or German) A simulation can be: static: during the rounds the content does not change, however difficulty levels can be set dynamic: context changes and events can occur in certain rounds Simulations can also be customer specific by including or excluding content elements or events

15 alignment in the value chain
Modules around TFC Creating alignment in the value chain SCRM S&OP CO2 (carbon footprint) Cross functional trade offs Strategy into action (level1,2,3) External Colla-boration KPIs SC fundamentals (e-learning/classroom) Inventory mgt Capacity management Demand management Supplier relation mgt

16 Themes around creating alignment
Creating Alignment in the Value Chain Strategy into action Sales & Operations Planning Strategy into KPI’s and targets External Collaboration Supply Chain Risk Management Managing the carbon footprint

17 Strategy into action Levels in version 2013
Theme Sales SCM Operations Purchasing Level 1 Reliability Service level Order deadline Shortage rule Safety stocks # Shifts # Pallet locations # FTE Delivery window Delivery reliability Level 2 Batches and frequencies Shelf life Trade unit Lotsizing in production and purchasing SMED Increase speed Level 3 Speed and quality Payment terms Frozen period Intake time Preventive maintenance Solve breakdowns training Raw materials inspection Supplier selection Quality Transport mode

18 Extensions in version 2013 Theme Sales SCM Operations Purchasing
Extension a S&OP Promotional pressure Category management Forecasting Production interval tool Resource selection Dual sourcing Extension b External collaboration Promotion horizon VMI Outsourcing warehouse (MCC) Inflate PET Supplier development Extension c CO2 footprint Sustainabilty CO2 sla Decrease of water usage Decrease of energy usage Decrease of start up productivity loss Extension d KPIs and targets KPI selection Extension e Supply chain risk management Risk events Relaunch (horizon) Scenarioplanner Tracking & tracing Quarantine Pooling warehouse FTE Contract duration

19 Trackrecord

20 History Since 2008 learned with The Fresh Connection.
10,000+ professionals from 500+ companies in 25+ countries 5,000+ students from 40+ universities In 20+ countries learned with The Fresh Connection. Global Challenge for professionals: 250 teams, 17 countries Incorporated in several incompany training programs Incorporated in several university learning programs

21 The Fresh Connection, a global experience
21 yy Legend Partners Partners in development Contacts 21

22 Some companies that have participated
Abbott DuPont Shell Lamb-Weston Nucletron Huntsman Akzo Nobel DHL Stork Loders Croklaan Nutricia Infor Apple Diebold TNT Logica Philips International Flavors Bosch DSM and Fragrances GKN QuinTech Tyco Canon FloraHolland KLM NACCO Rockwell Unilever Capgemini Henkel Kodak Nestlé SCA UPS Corporate Express Heineken Kuehne + Nagel NIKE Schenker Walt Disney Deloitte Herbalife International Astellas For a complete list go to

23 Example education MIT Georgia Tech VU University Amsterdam
RSM Rotterdam Vlerick School of Mgt Stellenbosch University University of Western Sydney Curtin University EADA Barcelona WU Wien Arts & Metiers ParisTech University of Sao Paulo TU Stuttgart IMM Ahmedabad VU University Brussels University of Würzburg Copenhagen Business School TU Hamburg-Harburg Lund University University of Verona Kühne Logistics University University of Twente LaSalle University, Barcelona University of Wageningen

24 More info For more information contact
visit our business partner website at educational organizations can visit for an example of an open competition website please go to Join us at The Fresh Connection

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