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Danbury High School Athletics Class of 2013. What will be covered today? Why play sports? Sports offered Requirements Time Commitment Grades Making the.

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1 Danbury High School Athletics Class of 2013

2 What will be covered today? Why play sports? Sports offered Requirements Time Commitment Grades Making the team Physicals

3 Why should you play a Sport? Play because you love the sport. It can help you get into college and is excellent to put on a college application. It helps you to make new friends and feel a sense of belonging. It helps you to stay in shape mentally and physically. You will develop responsibility for your own actions. It can help you stay on top of your grades.

4 Requirements to Participate Physical Examination Must maintain a “C” average or 2.0gpa to play. Athletes are held to a higher standard than any other students. Must show excellent behavior and character: Be responsible, mature, No detentions or suspensions are acceptable. Attendance to practice and games is mandatory

5 Making The Team Some teams accept everyone on their team. Some teams make cuts. Cuts are made based on physical ability, knowledge of the game, attitude/behavior, and work ethic. Nobody is guaranteed a spot on any team. You must earn your spot. Nobody is guaranteed playing time in games if they make the team.

6 Practice Schedules There is a major time commitment to each sport. Practices and games are 5-6 days a week. They are usually 2-3 hours each day. You must be at each practice on time or you may be dismissed from the team. You need a note from a Dr., Teacher, Parent, or there has to be some religious reason for any absence from a practice or game. Try to schedule appointments before or after practice; Never on days of games!!!

7 Progress Reports Many coaches like to check your grades throughout the season. They may have your teachers fill out weekly or bi-weekly progress reports. It is your responsibility to get them filled out and get them back to your coach. Bad Comments, Low Grades may result in mandatory study hall or loss of playing time. You are STUDENTS 1st and athletes 2nd.

8 Fall Sports Offered Football: Coach Donovan Cross Country: Boys & Girls: Coach Murray & Coach Turek Swimming: Only Girls: Coach Snow-Crane Soccer: Boys & Girls: Coach Colley & Coach Halas Volleyball: Only Girls: Coach MacMillan Field Hockey: Coach Brough Cheerleading: Coach Delohery Most fall sports will begin the week of the 24th.

9 Winter Sports Basketball: Boys & Girls: Coach Pardalis & Coach DiNardo Wrestling: Coach Shook Indoor Track & Field: Boys & Girls: Coach Murray & Coach Nadeau Swimming: Only Boys: Coach Hall Ski Club: Coach Foley Cheerleading: Coach Holery Ice Hockey:

10 Spring Sports Baseball: Coach Ratchford Softball: Coach Tong Outdoor Track & Field: Boys & Girls: Coach Murray & Coach Nadeau Lacrosse: Boys and Girls: Coach Purdy & Coach Scott Volleyball: Only Boys: Coach MacMillan Tennis: Boys & Girls: Coach Casey and Coach Slater Golf: Boys & Girls: Coach Tierney & Coach Boucher

11 Physical Examinations Physicals are required to participate in every sport. No physical=No playing at all Best time to get a physical is between the end of June and the middle of August (make an appointment soon) Physical forms must be filled out and signed by the doctor. Return physical forms to the DHS Nurse between 8am and noon throughout the summer. (Must be cleared by nurse in order to play.)

12 WOW Van Wellness on Wheels (WOW™) is a mobile community health program sponsored by Danbury Hospital, Danbury Visiting Nurses Association, City of Danbury, and the Immunization Action Program of the State of Connecticut. The primary goal of WOW to meet the immediate wellness needs of all resident, which include: Uninsured Underinsured or who do not have access to the health care system due to recent immigration or displacement. The secondary goal to connect each patient with an area physician for continuation of care. The "WOW Van," as it is known around the city, travels to various locations within the city limits at least twice weekly.

13 WOW Van Continued There is no charge for services. WOW services include · School, sport and work physicals · Immunizations · TB testing · Health education materials · Referrals to area services · Prevention screenings and referrals for prevention services.

14 WOW Van Appointments There are no appointments. Patients are seen first come, first serve, sick patients are seen first. All patients are seen unless there is an unusually high volume of patients. Summer is a particularly busy time at the WOW van and families should plan ahead. Patients requesting immunizations should bring their immunization records. A parent or legal guardian must accompany children under age 18. For a recorded schedule of weekly WOW van locations, call (203) 730-9884 English/Español. For more information, call the Danbury V.N.A. at (203) 792-4120 Monday-Friday.

15 Weight Training The weight room will be open from 7am-10am starting June 29th. Good for every sport, but start off slow and learn how to perform each exercise. Most coaches have specific workout plans. If you have questions, there is always a coach there for assistance.

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