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1 Where we are & Where we need to go. January 11, 2011 SILC Congress, Atlanta, GA Independent Living Administration.

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1 1 Where we are & Where we need to go. January 11, 2011 SILC Congress, Atlanta, GA Independent Living Administration

2 2 Overview: History – IL is the Big Picture and VR is a small part – Building frustration with RSA – How did we get here: NCIL formed three workgroups (IL Administration, SILC, and CIL) to draft the ILA language Presented information at NCIL conference, APRIL conference, SILC Congress to gather feedback and comments Feedback and comments were used by the workgroups to finish draft Draft posted on blog for comments and feedback ( to be used to revise

3 3 Overview: Proposed Solution – A consumer controlled Administration – IL programs governed by IL Philosophy – Restructure Title VII of the Rehab Act: Create IL Administration & move IL out from under RSA Include amendments/changes in NCIL Reauthorization Position Paper Formulating a strategy for getting information about the ILA out to NCIL members, legislators, and people with disabilities Hope to recruit a volunteer from each state to be an ILA Coordinator Working with Senate HELP staff on drafting legislative language

4 4 ILA NCIL Rehab Act Committee – Established ILA Subcommittee – Developed draft language SILC Congress Task Force – Developed draft language regarding SILCs – Worked with ILA Subcommittee to reach agreement on SILC language

5 5 Where are we now? CIL Issues: – Add & fund fifth core service – Transition – Permit CILs to carry over Part C funding for an additional year – Change funding formula – Include mechanism for IL funding to 121 Programs

6 6 Where are we now? SILC Composition: – 60 % people with disabilities – Ex-Officio Members: Not appointed by Governor Not subject to term limits – CIL Director not appointed by the Governor – 121 Program Rep not appointed by Governor

7 7 Where are we now? Purpose of SILCs – Promote the IL Philosophy – Provide leadership and support to maximize the empowerment, leadership, independence and productivity of individuals with disabilities – Provide leadership & support for the integration & inclusion of pwds into society – Develop the statewide network of CILs

8 8 Where are we now? SILC Duties: – Develop, sign, & submit SPIL – Implement SPIL in collaboration with CILs and other partners identified in SPIL – Monitor, review, and evaluate implementation of the SPIL – Provide advice and assistance to state agencies that serve pwds regarding performance of their responsibilities

9 9 Where are we now? – Conduct resource development activities – Conduct advocacy, capacity building, and systemic change activities – Conduct studies and analyses, gather information, develop model policies and procedures, and present information, approaches, strategies, findings, conclusion, and recommendations to policymakers

10 10 Where are we now? – Provide training, training opportunities, and/or technical assistance for pwds and/or individuals providing services to pwds and others – Support activities to increase the capacities of public or nonprofit agencies and organizations to develop comprehensive approaches or systems for providing IL services

11 11 Where are we now? – Facilitate the improvement and coordination of services provided to pwds by CILs, government agencies, and community organizations – Conduct any other activities determined by the Council to promote the independence and full inclusion of people with disabilities

12 12 Where are we now? – Coordinate activities with councils that address the needs of specific disability groups – Ensure that all regularly scheduled meetings are open to the public – Submit to the Commissioner requested reports and access to records

13 13 SPIL SILC & CIL representative will have sign off authority SPIL will govern IL funds SPIL will be a 5 year plan

14 14 SPIL Appeals Process An appeals process will be available to: – CILs – Consumers – Anyone Appeal must be filed with ILA within 30 days following the signing of the SPIL; Must demonstrate how the plan runs counter to the preponderance of public testimony received on the plan;

15 15 SPIL Appeals Process Cont. Appeal must detail how the SPIL denies consumer direction or unique needs of pwds; and Any manner by which the SPIL undermines the role of the CIL board of directors

16 16 Where are we now? IL Administration: – Vision: To establish a new Independent Living Administration, separate from RSA, with a consumer controlled commission and funding at a level that will effectively provide independent living services to all Americans with disabilities. – Use existing Part B, Part C, and IL Unit administrative funding to support IL Administration and programs

17 17 Where are we now? – Consumer Controlled Commission/Council – Commissioner hired and supervised by IL Administration Commission/Council – Proposed location for the ILA  Within the Department of Education & OSERS but parallel to RSA The IL Administration must maintain a clear link to the IL Movement

18 18 How will ILA conduct monitoring? Site Review Teams On-site reviews of CILs – at least 15% of CILs per year – all at least every 5 years On-site reviews of 1/3 of SILCs per year – all at least every 3 years

19 19 How will ILA conduct monitoring? Peer review process Consistent with Standards & Assurances Promote “Best Practices” standards Peer Review Teams with experience in the operation of CILs and SILCs

20 20 Peer Review Teams: A minimum of 5 individuals who are not government employees Demonstrated experience in: – Accounting – Executive Management – Middle Management – CIL/SILC Administration – Other appropriate staff

21 21 IL Commissioner’s Annual Report CIL & SILC compliance with Standards and Assurances Best Practices Trends Strategies to increase the availability of funds for CILs and SILCs

22 22 Points Still Under Consideration: Who will appoint the Commission? Where & How will the Money Flow? How do we establish base funding for SILCs? How can we ensure that the fifth core service (transition) is not an unfunded mandate and unachievable?

23 23 Points Still Under Consideration: Should we increase the regulations for “transitional living” from 60 days to 6 months? How can we create a career ladder for CIL/SILC staff to the IL Administration? How can we maintain some degree of control within the IL Administration? Is there a role for a DSU? Should CILs and SILCs be direct funded?

24 24 Points Still Under Consideration: Should states be required to continue to provide current level, non-Part B funding for SILCs? Will state issues have to be negotiated at the state level?

25 25 Discussion What are your reactions? Do you want to be a state coordinator? Do you want to be a local contact?

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