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Imagining America: Artists and Scholars in Public Life Syracuse University, New York.

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1 Imagining America: Artists and Scholars in Public Life Syracuse University, New York

2 Vision: To realize the democratic, public, and civic purposes of American higher education. Mission: To animate and strengthen the public and civic purposes of humanities, arts, and design through mutually beneficial campus-community partnerships that advance democratic scholarship and practice. About IA

3 Campus Compact founded in 1985 Boyer’s 1990 book, Scholarship Reconsidered: Priorities of the Professoriate, and 1996 article, “The Scholarship of Engagement” In 1999, Kellogg Commission proposes a reinterpretation of the core missions of higher education IA founded at 1999 White House Millennium Council meeting Historical Context

4 What is public scholarship and practice? Publicly engaged academic work is scholarly or creative activity integral to a faculty member’s academic area. It encompasses different forms of making knowledge about, for, and with diverse publics and communities. Through a coherent, purposeful sequence of activities, it contributes to the public good and yields artifacts of public and intellectual value.

5 At Individual Campuses Public Humanities Fordham (left), Bates (right)

6 Arts UCLA

7 K-12 Arts and Humanities Education SU

8 UC-Santa Barbara Design

9 Nationally 2009 in New Orleans (left), 2010 in Seattle (right) Conferences

10 IA Regional Meetings & Site Visits Odysseus (James Hart) and Athena (Caroline Imhoff) vanquish their enemies in Finding Penelope.

11 IA’s Publicly Active Graduate Education PAGE Fellows, New Orleans, 2009

12 IA Research Groups 2011 Research Groups include: Tenure Team Initiative Impact Study Assessing the Practices of Public Scholarship Engaged Undergraduate Education Collaboratory Info Session, Seattle, 2010

13 IA Collaboratories & Affinity Groups 2011 Collaboratories include: Culture and Community Revitalization Community Knowledge 2011 Affinity Groups include: Public Humanities Centers & Institutes

14 Other Action Research Projects Professional Pathways of a Publicly Engaged Education identifies the aspirations and decisions of graduate students and early career publicly engaged scholars and artists Linking Full Participation, a research project with Syracuse University and Columbia University’s Center for Institutional and Social Change to: increase educational access and success for underrepresented groups and communities, build higher education's capacity to address urgent community challenges, and prompt the institutional re-imagination needed to facilitate these goals

15 IA Publications Download at

16 Jan Cohen-Cruz, Director Kevin Bott, Associate Director Robin Higgins, Assistant Director Timothy Eatman, Research Director Jamie Haft, Communications Manager Jeremy Lane, Administrative Specialist Adam Bush, PAGE Director Questions? Contact us. 203 Tolley Building Syracuse University Syracuse, NY 13244 315-443-8590

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