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1 The Role of the Tanzania Intellectual Property Advisory Services and Information Center (TIPASIC) Presenter: Shemdoe, G.S. (PhD) Commission for Science.

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1 1 The Role of the Tanzania Intellectual Property Advisory Services and Information Center (TIPASIC) Presenter: Shemdoe, G.S. (PhD) Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) EMail: Mob. +255 715 897 877

2 2 Background 80% of all technical information is available from patent documents. Utilization of patent information in developed countries has contributed greatly to advancement of technologies. WIPO realized the importance and started movement to establish centres in developing countries to promote use of patent information.

3 3 Synopsis The initiative for establishment of TIPASIC started in 2005. WIPO, BRELA and COSTECH together organized a Workshop on patent documentation for researchers on 25 th -26 th October 2005. Another Workshop on management of intellectual property advisory services and information centre was held at CoET on 18 th – 22 nd December 2006. On 27 th March 2007 TIPASIC was officially launched.

4 Location

5 Mission of TIPASIC Provision of patent information and advisory services on matters related to intellectual property for the advancement of technical capacity and economic development of Tanzania

6 6 Objectives To promote and facilitate access to patent information To expand the base of IP creation in Tanzania (Enhance innovations to the society) To promote commercialization of local inventions/innovations To strengthen institutional mechanisms to acquire and support IPR

7 7 TIPASIC Customers Higher learning and R&D institutions Inventors & Innovators Researchers Public in general

8 8 Services provided by TIPASIC Providing Patent Information Technology Transfer: selection and agreements Providing advises on preparation of Patent Application Document Creating awareness and sensitization on IP issues

9 9 Details of Services. S/NServicesDetail 1Provision of patent information Assisting clients to search patent information related to their research works, inventions or innovations from online database and CD-ROMs Printing copies for cited documents for clients Acquisition & maintenance of relevant patent information resources 2Provision of advices and assistance in issues of IPR Availing patent application forms to clients Assisting clients in drafting patent documents Assisting clients in patent application procedures

10 10 Details of Services. S/NServicesDetail 3Conducting IPR sensitization seminars and publicity Conducting IPR sensitization seminars and workshops to target groups Encouraging establishment of institutional IP policies and technology transfer offices at R&D institutions Publication of promotional materials

11 11 Walk in Clients CategoryService requestedNumber Innovator s/ Inventors General advice on IP and IPR84 Preparation of Patent Applications15 Patent searches52 Advice on IP protection procedures43 Awareness on IPR and TIPASIC14 StudentsStudents special projects on IP85 OthersPatent registration fees, evaluation of technologies 46 Total Status of Services Provided

12 IP Sensitization Seminars

13 13 OutputCollaborators/partner s Beneficieri es Client tailored seminar COSTECH/TATC4 Selected researchers COSTECH/IDRC340 (71 institutions) ResearchersCOSTECH-MTEF991 OthersCOSTECH/TCU/ITIGO/ CAMARTEC/SIDO/DIT/ MEDIA 155 IP awareness & sensitization seminars

14 14 OutputCollaborators/partner s Beneficieri es Training of staff COSTECH/Recipient institutions 15 Est. of IP units NHBRA, TEMDO, IHI and TATC 4 Establishment of IPMOs

15 15 TitleCollaborators/partner s Entries Patent Attorney/ Agents (2010) BRELA9 Seed companies in TZ (2010) MAFS41 Patented technologies in TZ (2010) BRELA266 Establishment of Databases

16 16 TitleCollaborators/partner s Quantities IPMO manual COSTECHElectronic publication WIPO publications WIPO300 TIPASIC brochures) COSTECH2000 Publications

17 17 Access to Patent information TIPASIC staffs conduct patent search for clients visiting the centre. Researchers who attended the seminars can conduct patent search at their own places. TIPASIC uses free patent internet database ( Patent information can also be accessed from CD- ROMS

18 18 Publicity of TIPASIC Means like brochures, fryers, posters, newsletters and media have been used to publicize TIPASIC. TIPASIC staffs have been introducing the centre during IPR sensitization seminars. Brochures and fryers have been distributed to scientific conferences, exhibitions and workshops. 2 newsletters have been distributed electronically to a few stakeholders.

19 19 Future Plans Further IPR sensitization seminars to media people and policy makers. Continue with Establishment of TTO at R&D institutions. See incorporation of IPR issues in research proposals administered by COSTECH. Strengthen TIPASIC publicity. Continue offering the envisaged services

20 20 Challenges Low IP awareness of walk in users of TIPASIC. Lack of awareness of existence of Patent Information Lack of working facilities at R&D institutions (e.g. Internet connectivity). Inadequate expertise in IP issues. Understaffing at TIPASIC

21 21 Conclusions Despite the few successes, TIPASIC is still underutilized. We urge the scientific community, innovators& inventors, entrepreneurs, and the public at large to make use of this facility

22 22 Thank you for your attention

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