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1 In the Name of Allah the Most Beneficent and Merciful.

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1 1 In the Name of Allah the Most Beneficent and Merciful

2 2 Asfand Ali Assistant Director IPO-Pakistan IP Awareness and Capacity Building of SMEs December 14, 2007

3 3 Pakistan Economy in High Growth Mode (%age Growth) Category 2003-04 2004-052005-06 2006-07 GDP 6.4%8.6% 6.6% 7.0% Income 14.9%10.9% 14.2%9.2% (Per Capita) FDI 19.0% 60.0% 131.0%70.5% Trade 19.4%25.4%28.8% 8.4% (Imports fob) (12.6%) (32.0%)(43.2%) (10.3%) (Exports fob) (10.3%) (17.0%)(18.1%) (5.4%)

4 4 Sectoral Share in GDP (2006-07) Industrial Sector26.1% Agriculture Sector21.6% Services Sector52.3%

5 5 SMEs in Pakistan Economic Establishments: 3.2 million (99% SMEs) Value Addition in Manufacturing: 35% Contribution to GDP: 30% Share in Manufactured Exports: 25% Contribution in Employment: 78% (Non- Agriculture Sector)

6 6 SME Sector (Sub-Sectoral Share of SMEs)

7 7 SME Criteria SizeSector Employment Annual Sales Productive Assets Small and Medium Enterprises Manufacturing, Services and Trade Up to 250 persons Up to Rs. 250 million Up to Rs. 25 million

8 8 Problems of SME Sector Awareness; and Capacity

9 9 Awareness IPO-Pakistan Organized Awareness Seminars in Major Chambers of Commerce and Industry. IPO-Pakistan is now Organizing Awareness Seminars in Small Trade Associations that mostly Comprises of Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs).

10 10 Awareness (contd.) IPO-Pakistan is arranging Stalls in Exhibitions and Fairs for information dissemination to Small and Medium Enterprises. In Order to Promote IP in Pakistan, IP Journalism is Playing a Critical Role. e.g., – World Trade Review; and – IP News Use of Electronic and Print Media for Information Dissemination.

11 11 Awareness (contd.) IPO-Pakistan is arranging translation of different books in Collaboration with SMEDA and with the Financial Assistance of WIPO from English to Urdu Language for the benefit of SMEs. Survey of Creative Industries. Film Production of Success Stories of Businesses; Regional Offices of IPO-Pakistan.

12 12 IP Help Desks 1. Islamabad, Technology Incubation Center, National University of Science and Technology (NUST). Email: 2. Karachi The Patents Office. Email: 3. Lahore Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA). Email:

13 13 International Seminars IPO-Pakistan arranged an International Seminar in collaboration with WIPO and SMEDA in June, 2007 on SMEs in Lahore, Pakistan; and WIPO is also going to arrange a Seminar on Franchising in Lahore on 17-18 December, 2007.

14 14 Infrastructure Support Systems Trade Marks Journal for the Advertisement of Trade Marks/Service Marks/Geographical Indications Applications; Official Gazette for the Advertisement of Patent Applications; Copyright Advertisements are Published in Newspapers; IP Journal; Website.

15 15

16 16 IPO Website ( Dynamic Informative Availability of Forms etc. Publishing IP Journal Latest IP Data Being Published

17 17 Services for SMEs ORGANIZATIONSIPR SERVICES PCSIR (Pakistan Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) Technical facilitation on patent search and legal advices to ensure best protection Full payment of fee of 200 local applications filing and 10 foreign applications filing. HEC (Higher Education Commission) International search by HEC to know about the patentability of the invention. Payment of patent application and patent attorney fee. PSF (Pakistan Science Foundation) Awards for inventions

18 18 PASTIC (Pakistan Scientific and Technological Information Center) Advice on technical and financial matters and facilitation in patent application filing. NUST (Technology Incubation Center) Technical advice on facilitation of patent, trade mark and copyright filing Promotion of research and development. Patent Help-Lines SMEDA (Small & Medium Enterprise Development Authority) IP awareness in the form of Workshops and Seminars Technical facilitation of patent drafting and legal advice on IP matters Patent Help Lines IPO-Pakistan (Intellectual Property Organisation of Pakistan) Outreach Program for linkaging and leveraging internal and external constituencies. Patent help-lines for guidance of the researchers community. Services for SMEs (Contd.)

19 19 Fee Structure The Fee Structure for Patents, Trade Marks/Service Marks and Copyrights is being kept low as an enabler for SME Sector. The Fee Structure is as under: CopyrightsUS $ 9/- Trade Marks/Service MarksUS $ 17/- PatentsUS $ 38/-

20 20 Support Institution for SMEs SMEDA (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority); and SME Bank

21 21 SME Policy 2007 SME Policy 2007 embeds the following Policy Objective: Improving and Enforcing Intellectual Property Rights for SMEs

22 22 IPO-SMEDA Collaboration in Public Outreach Programme

23 23 Conclusion The Regional Interface of IP Offices here in Korea in this beautiful Island will definitely help Pakistan to Improve its Strategy and Enrich Expertise for Enhancing IP Awareness in the Micro and SME Sector.

24 24

25 25 Intellectual Property Rights Protect your own IP Rights; and Respect IP Rights of others

26 26 Thanks visit IPO-Pakistan @ website: Email:

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