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System Development Technical Group TG Chair: Brian Gore HFES 2006 SDTG Business Meeting Wednesday October 12, 2006.

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1 System Development Technical Group TG Chair: Brian Gore HFES 2006 SDTG Business Meeting Wednesday October 12, 2006

2 Business Meeting - 2006 Agenda Welcome/Overview Current Officers COTG Review SDTG Status –Membership –Finances SDTG 2006 Program Products/ Services –Newsletter –Website –Listserve By-Laws How to get involved… Comments/ Discussion Election/New Officers for 2006-2007 Direction for 2006-2007 Reminders

3 Overview The SDTG was established to foster research and information exchange on the integration of HF/E into the development of systems and products Members are concerned with defining HF/E activities and integrating them into the system/product development process in order to provide systems that meet user requirements –Examples include: Computer systems, health care systems, aerospace system, consumer products, commercial/nuclear power systems, environmental systems, organizational systems, perceptual systems, robotic systems, other vehicle systems (UAVs, etc)

4 Current Officers SDTG Members serving as officers of the SDTG for 2005-2006 –Chair - Brian Gore –Secretary/Treasurer - Lori McDonnell –Technical Program Chair - Janae Lockett-Reynolds –Technical Program Chair Elect - Jay Shively –Newsletter Editor - Melissa Weaver/Wenbi Wang –Webmaster - Teresa Alley

5 Council of Technical Groups (COTG) Review Meeting held on Monday to update the COTG about the status of the COTG (issues with this organization) Suggestion to use the COTG to move the TGs forward, and as a result, they are interested in looking for opportunities to move the TG forward Primary issue facing the COTG is how to spend surplus balance (from interest from the TGs) –Coordination between TGs –Process required to get the coordination working –Grants versus loans and the criteria for each Discussed budgetary independence of the TGs from the COTG Should the COTG be maintained? Vote 9-7 in favor of maintaining COTG Discussion of ballot dissemination - is all the membership being reached? Newsletters - consideration to remove the newsletter requirement

6 Status-Treasurer’s Report MembershipFinances

7 Membership Numbers… SDTG increase is healthy relative to other TG’s growth in percentage increase

8 2006 TPC Review Abstracts were reviewed by three or more reviewers on a 7 point scale –Writing quality, quality of research, substance of contribution, title representativeness, and overall quality 17 qualified reviewers participated in the peer review 27 abstracts submitted (18 lectures, 2 posters, 1 demonstration and 6 participants for the symposium) 12 papers were accepted for presentation –Reviewed papers ranged from 3.08 to 6.125 –Accepted submissions received a minimum average rating of 4.00/5.00 + reviewer recommendation –100% posters, demos, invited symposia, 66% lectures

9 Direction - 2005-2006 Be responsive! Continue providing member value through information dissemination –Emails of employment opportunities, etc Visibility –Established the David Meister SDTG Annual Award for lasting contributions to the SDTG Charter

10 Newsletter Update Great mechanism for increasing visibility and keeping members informed The move towards electronic newsletters –2001-2002 - Cost outlined as being an issue –2002-03, 2003-04 - Time required to produce newsletter is high and reducing the production time is desired (Electronic only)? –2004-2005 - Three primarily electronic newsletters produced –2005-2006 - Two electronic newsletters produced Time and expense to produce has dramatically decreased Increased efficiency in production time –2007-2008 - COTG discussion about removing the newsletter requirement

11 Current Areas of Concern Membership decline is reversing - –35% increase over the last year, 41% increase over the last two years –Mean membership increase is 20% Newsletter information/content –Obtaining information to include in the newsletter –Vast, diffuse focus area for the SDTG –Desire to offer useful information for the cross disciplinary SDTG membership –Need to obtain more information from members for general dissemination to the membership Officer nominations –Need more participation from members to guide the direction of the TG

12 Website update ( Review current design –Design issues/problems with the site? –Is the format acceptable? Are the links clearly marked? Is the information that you are seeking on the page? Input information: –On SDTG operations Aim - to document each of the actual position’s responsibilities undertaken (to reduce re-inventing the wheel) Bylaws –On SDTG articles/references –Newsletters –Employment opportunities Challenges: –Keeping all information (especially contact information) current –All changes must be made through the HFES, the Chair, or the Secretary/Treasurer

13 Listserve update/quick review Centrally held at HFES Listserve has been an effective tool for communication between members Problems? –Sending –Receiving Suggestions for improving usefulness?

14 Bylaws Most recent version (2002) of the bylaws is on the web COTG Meeting indicated that most TGs do not have bylaws Officers will need to revisit the notion of formal bylaws

15 How to get involved… Renew TG dues Add to and assist us in completing the annual initiatives (volunteers are always welcome) Submit articles to the SDTG Newsletter Editor Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer! –To assist current officers –To serve as a reviewer for the SDTG Technical Program through one of the current officers –New ideas for fostering/enabling participation from the membership E.g. what are we missing, what do you look for from the SDTG, how can we better target this?

16 Officer Introductions for 2006-2007 Officers have been elected to serve in guiding the direction of the SDTG for 2006- 2007 –Chair - Jerry Duncan –Secretary/Treasurer - Larry Avery –Technical Program Chair - Jay Shively –Technical Program Chair Elect - Janice Hebermehl –Newsletter Editor - Wenbi Wang –Webmaster - Teresa Alley

17 Direction - 2006-2007 Provide smooth transition to new Chair and new SDTG Officers Continue to add value for membership to improve the membership numbers –Implementing the David Meister SDTG Annual Award to recognize the paper that is likely to have a lasting contribution to the SDTG Charter (1st Award - HFES 2007 - Baltimore, MD) –New methods for augmenting knowledge and importance of system related material –Add to the initiatives list to enable continued growth in 2006 and beyond

18 Outstanding concerns/ideas?

19 Remaining SDTG Session Thursday: 8:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. SD 2 - Lecture Session Organizational Factors in Design: How to Support Collaborative Relationships and Information Sharing through Network Analysis and Requirements Capture Thursday: 15:30 p.m. - 17:00 p.m. SD 3 - Lecture Session Subjective Feedback, Performance Assessments, and Iterative Design--Critical Factors That Drive Design Decisions Friday:10:30-12:00 - Poster Exploring Relevant Concepts in the Presentation of Audio Within a Simulated or Virtual Environment

20 Thank you…

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