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Membership Ileane Smith Dan Smith. Agenda 1.Membership Promotion 2.Roster Maintenance 3.Questions.

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1 Membership Ileane Smith Dan Smith

2 Agenda 1.Membership Promotion 2.Roster Maintenance 3.Questions

3 Participating Memberships continue to show steady growth

4 Maximizing Stakeholder participation to reflect the market This will add to high quality standards and market buy-in.

5 Benefits of Membership Promotion Increases technical expertise in a certain area Helps maintain a balance of interests Support development of new activity Increases international participation Introduce new stakeholders to the ASTM process Promote awareness of ASTMs mission

6 Determine Focus of Campaign New Work Items Task Group Activity Significant revision to an existing standard Input from Staff Managers and Committee Officers

7 Audience for Distribution Mailing List Rental List Swaps with Trade Associations Conference Attendees TPT Attendees Meeting Visitors Personal Invitations

8 Formats for Promotional Material Custom Landing Page Invitation Letter/Flyer Fact Sheet Ecard

9 Additional Strategies Invite a Colleague Meeting Visitors MoU Partner Ads Student Members One-on-One Engagement

10 Team Resources Staff Manager Member Promotion Manager Technical Committee Contacts Marketing Department Art Department

11 Technology The most effective delivery takes place if efforts are in both formats: Hard copy More convenient for some companies Electronic Easy and convenient Instant delivery

12 Introduction to Roster Maintenance Used by membership secretaries and subcommittee chairs Used for assigning classification and voting privileges to new members and members that change employment Used for maintaining balance as the roster changes Used for creating membership reports for meetings

13 Roster Maintenance

14 View Pending Members

15 Sample New Member Application Notice

16 View Pending Members

17 Notification to New Member

18 Pull-down Menu of Membership Report Options

19 Roster by Individual

20 Producer Wait List

21 Balance Report

22 Membership Report Provides Information within Date Ranges

23 Excel Roster to Sort Information Christensen, Scott TThe Gallegos CorporationUSERYES 04/01/2008 Trimino, HumbertoThe Plycem CompanyGEN INTYES 10/01/2001 Starks, G MichaelTitan AmericaPRODUCERYES 10/21/2005 Fallon, SeanTramexGEN INTYES 05/04/2006 Menendez, AliciaTree Island IndustriesPRODUCERYES 10/03/2007 Solodkin, SofyaTree Island Industries LtdPRODUCERNO REDUNDANT INTEREST 03/28/2002 Good, Larry ETrinity ErdGEN INTYES 05/06/2004 Alvarez, Dennis AUSG CorporationPRODUCERNO REDUNDANT INTEREST 08/09/2001 Shipp, PaulUSG CorporationPRODUCERYES 07/30/2003 Mc Donald, David BUSG CorporationPRODUCERNO REDUNDANT INTEREST 02/29/2008

24 Meeting Attendance Roster

25 Process for Handling New Member Applications

26 Member Application

27 Classification and Voting Status If a Classified Committee – review of company and major product or service provided Would the member be considered a producer, user, consumer (only on some committees), or a general interest according to the scope of the committee? Review of roster Is there a member from this same voting interest already on the committee with a vote? Subsidiaries

28 Balance of Interest Producer User & General Interest ASTM Classified Technical Committees are balanced. No excess influence by any interest group

29 Producer Vote Wait Lists Created when the number of potential voting producers is greater than the number of voting user and general interest members combined. Producers are removed from the wait list and given votes when New user and general interest members are added as voting members Other producer members resign

30 Methods: Approving Applications Executive Subcommittee meetings Ballot of Executive Subcommittee Authority granted by Executive Subcommittee to Membership Secretary to approve applications between meetings Action is subsequently reviewed

31 Website Tools Membership Orientation Invitation to a Colleague Membership Types & Benefits Renewing via Website Value of Membership Video

32 Information Tools for Members

33 Questions Ileane Smith Dan Smith

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