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DOCUMENT SUBMITTED TO: TR-41 Meeting The document to which this cover statement is attached is submitted to a Formulating Group or sub-element thereof.

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1 DOCUMENT SUBMITTED TO: TR-41 Meeting The document to which this cover statement is attached is submitted to a Formulating Group or sub-element thereof of the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) in accordance with the provisions of Sections 6.4.1-6.4.6 inclusive of the TIA Engineering Manual dated March 2005, all of which provisions are hereby incorporated by reference. SOURCE:TIA CONTACT:Marianna Kramarikova 1320 N Courthouse Rd #200 Arlington, VA 22201 Telephone: 703-907-7743 Email: TITLE:TIA Report PROJECT NUMBER (PN):(none) DISTRIBUTION:TR-41 leadership meeting INTENDED PURPOSE OF DOCUMENT: ___FOR INCORPORATION INTO TIA PUBLICATION _X_FOR INFORMATION ___OTHER (Please describe) _________________________________ ABSTRACT: A review of TIA comments PATENT DISCLOSURE [OPTIONAL] The Source may have patent(s) and/or published pending patent application(s) that may be essential to the practice of all or part of this Contribution as incorporated in a TIA Publication, and the Source is willing to comply with the TIA Engineering Manual as to such patent(s) and/or published pending patent application(s). Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA)Orlando, FL – February 11-15, 2013. Marianna Kramarikova

2 Overview Old Business New Business TIA move – new letterhead Project Update: Meeting documentation clean-up 2013 System updates emails to leadership Ballot section update Status Change form TIA FAQ page TIA Digital Training Library Meeting Documentation ANSI Outdated documents Documents needing action Other Business Specific issues. Marianna Kramarikova

3 Old Business Jim Bress – FTP naming convention (Grapevine, Dallas TX, Web Conference, Go To Meeting, Virtual) Marianna Kramarikova

4 New Business Marianna Kramarikova


6 TIA New letterhead

7 Meeting Documentation Clean-up 247 missing meeting reports 303 missing meeting agendas Thanks to YOUR HELP TIA is down to: 38 missing meeting agendas – -Only 2 in TR-41 committee: TR-41.7 Salt Lake City, UT 11/11/2010 TR-41.7 Dallas, TX 05/29/2011 Marianna Kramarikova

8 Meeting Documentation Clean-up 85 missing meeting reports – -Only 4 in TR-41 committee: TR-41.7 Nashville, TN 05/06/2010 TR-41.7 Virtual 08/12/2010 TR-41.9 Virtual 08/16/2011 TR-41.7 Anaheim, CA 11/10/2011 TIA removed several duplicate meetings, identified non-quorum meetings and removed meetings that never took place but still appeared on the meeting administration. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE AND HELP TO COMPLETE THIS PROJECT! Marianna Kramarikova

9 Location of Past Meeting Documentation Marianna Kramarikova

10 2013 System Updates Email 01/04/2013: My goal in 2013 is to provide you with basic update emails approximately twice a month, so you are involved in developments on the TIA site for users and leadership. For easy search of these emails, Subject line will state: “System Update – XYZ”. I will further go over each update during our leadership presentation at the following face-to-face committee meeting so you get familiar with improvements and may comment on them directly to me. Marianna Kramarikova

11 Committee Leadership Update Marianna Kramarikova

12 Committee Leadership Update Marianna Kramarikova

13 Ballot Section Update - Old Marianna Kramarikova

14 Ballot Section Update - New Effecting pages: -Open Ballots -Documents available for Information -Ballot summaries (only leadership) Marianna Kramarikova

15 Status Change Form Marianna Kramarikova

16 TIA FAQ Page Marianna Kramarikova

17 TIA Digital Training Library Marianna Kramarikova

18 Meeting documentation While posting meeting notice/agenda, please choose that option Marianna Kramarikova

19 Meeting documentation Meeting Agenda: please add ‘disposition of TIA-XXXX and/or the complete title of the document Marianna Kramarikova

20 ANSI Outdated documents Marianna Kramarikova ANSI/TIA 464-C-2002 Private Branch Exchange (PBX) Switching Equipment for Voiceband Application Date final action: 10/29/2002 Age:10.1 (reaffirmation of ANSI/TIA 464-C-2002) BSR8: 05/22/2009 MK notes: BSR9 missing

21 Documents needing action 5+ years Marianna Kramarikova Pub IDTitleDate Final Action AgeProject ActionDate SA PINS Date SABSR8 ANSI/TIA 631-A-2002Telecommunications Telephone Terminal Equipment – Radio Frequency Immunity Requirements for Equipment Having an Acoustic Output 12/16/20029.9(revision of ANSI/TIA 631-A-2002)03/12/201012/03/2010 ANSI/TIA 470.110-C-2004Telephone Instruments with Loop Signaling04/13/20048.6(revision of ANSI/TIA 470.110-C-2004)08/14/2009 ANSI/TIA 470.220-C-2004Telecommunications - Telephone Terminal Equipment - Alerter Acoustic Output Performance Requirements for Analog Telephones 04/20/20048.6(revision of ANSI/TIA 470.220-C-2004)08/14/2009 ANSI/TIA 470.230-C-2005Telecommunications - Telephone Terminal Equipment - Network Signaling Performance Requirements for Analog Telephones 12/02/20057.0(reaffirmation of ANSI/TIA 470.230-C- 2005) 07/20/2012 ANSI/TIA 1096-2006Telephone Terminal Equipment TIA - Connector Requirements for Connection of Terminal Equipment to the Telephone Network 08/08/20066.3(revision of ANSI/TIA 1096-2006)12/28/200702/01/2008 ANSI/TIA 810-B-2006Telecommunications - Telephone Terminal Equipment - Transmission Requirements for Narrowband Voice Over IP (VOIP) and Voice Over PCM Digital Wireline Telephones 11/03/20066.1(revision and redesignation of ANSI/TIA 810-B-2006) 08/03/2012 ANSI/TIA 470.210-C-1- 2006 Telecommunications - Telephone Terminal Equipment - Resistance and Impedance Performance Requirements for Analog Telephones - Addendum 1 11/13/20066.0 ANSI/TIA 470.320-C-2006Telecommunications - Telephone Terminal Equipment - Cordless Telephone Operation and Feature - Performance Requirements 11/14/20066.0(reaffirmation of ANSI/TIA 470.320-C- 2006) 07/20/2012 ANSI/TIA 470.110-C-1- 2007 Telecommunications - Telephone Terminal Equipment - Handset Acoustics Performance Requirements - Addendum 1 04/11/20075.6 ANSI/TIA 571-B-2007Telecommunications - Telephone Terminal Equipment - Electrical, termal, Mechanical Enviromental - Performance Requirements 04/11/20075.6(revision and redesignation of ANSI/TIA 571-B-2007) 05/04/2012 ANSI/TIA 912-B-2007Telecommunications - IP Telephony Equipment - Voice Gateway Transmission Requirements 04/12/20075.6 ANSI/TIA 1063-2007Telephony Aspects of MLTS and Packet-based Equipment, including VoIP 04/26/20075.6(revision and redesignation of ANSI/TIA 1063-2007) 09/28/2012

22 Documents needing action 3-5 years Marianna Kramarikova Pub IDTitleDate Final Action Age ANSI/TIA 470.130-C- 2008 Telecommunications - Telephone Terminal Equipment - Transmission Requirements for Analog Telephones with Headset 04/16/2008 4.6 ANSI/TIA 464-C-1-2004 (R2009) Telecommunications Multiline Terminal Systems Requirements for PBX Switching Equipment, Addendum 1 05/19/2009 3.5 ANSI/TIA 968-B-2009Telecommunication - Telephone Terminal Equipment - Technical Requirements for Connection of Terminal Equipment to the Telephone Network 08/11/2009 3.3 ANSI/TIA 594-B-2004 (R2009) Telecommunications - Multiline Terminal Systems - Synchronization Methods and Technical Requirements for Private Integrated Services Networks 08/26/2009 3.2 ANSI/TIA 689-A-2003 (R2009) Telecommunications-Multi Terminal Systems PBX KTS support of Enhanced 9-1-1 Calling Services 08/26/2009 3.2

23 Other Business Specific Issues Marianna Kramarikova

24 TR-41 ACTA liaison TR-41 Liaison Report for ACTA meetings has been presented by Trone Bishop – TIA is seeking a volunteer from the committee to act as liaison for 2013

25 What is TIA’s process to obtain a copy of the final version of a TIA Standard or TSB for review prior to a vote to revise or reaffirm the document at a quorum meeting? In most cases, the complimentary copy that was provided upon approval of the document should suffice. In some cases, this may mean that the voter from the member company who received the copy will need to be located. TIA may be able to assist a member seeking the identity of the voter. In many cases, the member company has a subscription service with TIA’s publisher which allows access to TIA documents for company employees. If you do not know if your company has a subscription service, TIA will be happy to contact IHS on your behalf. In those few cases where the voter who received the complimentary copy is no longer at the company, in many cases they would have left a printed copy (company library, for example) that would suffice. In the fewer cases where the voter who received the complimentary copy is no longer at the company and did not leave a printed copy for others, a representative of the company can request a scanned copy of the document from TIA for their review. TIA will verify the company’s vote and voter prior to responding to such a request. If a voting member does not have access to the originally balloted document and wishes to obtain a copy of the TIA Standard or TSB published document prior to the meeting he/she may send an email request to the TIA Standards Secretariat with following information: Standards Secretariat 1/ the complete document title 2/ the committee number and meeting date where the disposition will be determined 3/ complete signature of the voting member including full contact information For all other cases, purchasing the standard through TIA’s authorized publisher, IHS Global Inc., is the appropriate way to obtain a copy of the standard. Please note that IHS offers TIA members a discount on retail purchases. Marianna Kramarikova

26 Reaffirmation TIA/TSB documents at the meeting From: TIA Standards Sent: Friday, November 16, 2012 12:38 PM To: EMAIL of the LAST LETTER BALLOT Subject: Complimentary copy of TIA- NUMBER (Reaffirmed) Dear TIA Committee Participant, Attached, please find your complimentary copy of the above-referenced document. TIA provides complimentary copies as a thank-you for participating and voting on this document. Please note the copyright language contained in the document. This complimentary copy is for your own use and is not to be further distributed or copied. If you require any additional TIA individual standards documents, committee subscriptions, or site licenses, please visit the TIA Standards Store. You are welcome to purchase the documents by calling 1-877-413-5187 or e- mailing global@ihs.comTIA Standards DISCLAIMER: Reproduction of this document either in hard copy or soft copy (including posting on the web) is prohibited without copyright permission. All requests for copyright permission must be sent by e-mail to The request should include the following information: the purpose for which permission is needed, the specific document name and document number, the portion of the document which will be reproduced (Include tables and charts), the intended audience (i.e. type of person, such as installers, sales staff, students), the number of copies that will be reproduced, and the type of media format that will be used for the copy (i.e. hard copy, soft copy). Should you have any questions, please let me know. Regards, Your Standards Team Marianna Kramarikova

27 Reaffirmation TIA/TSB documents at the meeting Excerpts from the TIA Engineering Manual Clause 6.2.2. on Standards Proposals (ANS’s) “Only those companies who return ballots will receive a complimentary copy of the published document.” (this does not specifically apply to non-ANS documents. (Clause 7.2): “TSBs and TIA standards can be reaffirmed or withdrawn at a committee meeting. The disposition for reaffirmation or withdrawal should be reported in the official committee meeting report, and the appropriate form filled out online and sent to TIA Standards Secretariat. At the committee’s request a letter ballot may be issued to reaffirm or withdraw these documents.” (Clause 7.2.2) “Reaffirmation requires a formal industry balloting process. The procedures for the development of a new ANS shall be followed. Copies of the Standard will not normally be distributed with the industry ballots, but scanned electronic copies may be requested through the Standards Secretariat.” Marianna Kramarikova

28 Reaffirmation TIA/TSB documents at the meeting Copy send to wrong email (old company) Copy watermarked with old company name We had an issue where 8 out of 11 voters were either no longer with committee, retired or replaced by someone else from their company. Chair compared last letter ballot with attendance roster where reaffirmation of TIA/TSB was taken. He identified individuals that should receive complimentary copy of the reaffirmation and emailed them: In the case of documents approved by a vote in a meeting of a formulating group (allowed for TSBs and TIA-only standards but not for ANSI standards), the system defaults to sending out the complimentary copies to the individuals who voted on the most recent ballot of the document, i.e., the original document that was approved five years or so ago. Until that glitch can be fixed, the procedure is to submit an email request specifying the number of the document and the date and location of the meeting where a vote was taken to approve or reaffirm it. TIA will confirm that the document was approved at that meeting, that your company was in good standing with TIA, that you were on the quorum list, and that you were in attendance. If so, you will receive your complimentary copy. Marianna Kramarikova

29 Scope and Justification TIA Style Manual defines Scope 2.3.2: This element shall appear at the beginning of every standard to define without ambiguity the subject of the standard and the aspect(s) covered, thereby indicating the limits of applicability of the standard or particular parts of it. It shall not contain requirements. Further 4.1.1 “ This standard specifies the dimensions of…; a method of… the characteristics of…; -- establishes a system for… ; general principles for..; --gives guidance on..; defines terms… Steve Whitesell: "Scope and Justification" box on the form was to capture the scope of the change and the justification for it rather than be where the scope of the document was described. Thus the info in the form on left talks about what changes were being made to the document and why, whereas the one on the right now talks about the scope of the document, which really didn't change as a result of the revision. MK: possibly two boxes (one auto populate original scope) Marianna Kramarikova

30 Scope and Justification

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