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TC Admin Open Mic Session Copyright © OASIS 2012 TC Administration Update Report to Members February 8 th / 9 th 2012.

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1 TC Admin Open Mic Session Copyright © OASIS 2012 TC Administration Update Report to Members February 8 th / 9 th 2012

2 Agenda Recap of 2011 goals and results Planned enhancements & improvements for 2012 Review of 2011 updates to TC Process Open mic for questions & comments Copyright © OASIS 2012

3 Recap of 2011 OASIS Technical Committees were busy in 2011: 5 new Technical Committees started Business Document Exchange, Field Force Management (FFM), Electronic Identity Credential Trust Elevation Methods (Trust Elevation), Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) & Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications (TOSCA) 20 Committee Specifications approved & published 2 Committee Specifications submitted for consideration for OASIS Standards and 1 approved 79 public reviews held Copyright © OASIS 2012

4 Recap of 2011 TC Admin was also busy: 369 support requests completed including: 135 document creation requests 79 public reviews 38 special majority ballots Compares with 210 total requests in 2010 Copyright © OASIS 2012

5 Recap of 2011 Copyright © OASIS 2012 Open ticket queue backlog successfully addressed

6 Recap of 2011 Copyright © OASIS 2012 Turnaround on requests improved steadily

7 Enhancements for 2012 A 2011 goal was to identify where we could improve the support & service provided by TC Admin Recent TC Satisfaction Survey also reinforced areas for improvement: Faster turnaround of support requests Better documentation & communications channels More instruction & service Copyright © OASIS 2012

8 Enhancements for 2012 Several projects planned to address the issues: TC Admin web page; one-stop shop for how-to information and TC support Complete & update documentation Create TC Submission Checklist to help TCs avoid common problems Update TC Admin forms to align them to current process, make them clearer & easier to use Begin automating processing where possible Initiate TC Outreach program to talk with every TC Copyright © OASIS 2012

9 Enhancements for 2012 Timing: TC Admin home page, Submission Checklist by end of first quarter Building out documentation, TC Outreach program begin in first quarter, continue throughout year Updating TC Admin forms by end of second quarter Automation, other improvements over second half of 2012 Copyright © OASIS 2012

10 TC Process Updates in 2011 The OASIS Board approved several changes to TC Process Updated definition of Statement of Use Clarified requirements for electronic ballots Added section on maintenance of OASIS Standards Extended applicability of Designated Cross Reference Change requests These changes became effective Oct 1 st Copyright © OASIS 2012

11 TC Process Updates for 2011 Definition of Statement of UseStatement of Use "Statement of Use", with respect to a Committee Specification, is a written statement by an OASIS Organizational Member stating that it is successfully using or implementing that specification in accordance with the conformance clauses specified in Section 2.18, identifying those clauses that apply, and stating whether its use included the interoperation of multiple independent implementations. A Statement of Use must be endorsed by the Organizational Member's Primary Representative. Importance for TCs: Ensure that Statements of Use identify specific clauses from the specs Conformance clauses and are submitted by or confirmed by the Primary member Copyright © OASIS 2012

12 TC Process Updates for 2011 Clarification for electronic ballotselectronic ballots 3 rd paragraph now reads: "Electronic Voting: TCs may conduct electronic ballots, either by using the TC's general mail list or the publicly archived electronic voting functionality provided by OASIS. The minimum period allowed for electronic voting shall be seven days; the TC may specify a longer voting period for a particular electronic ballot. Any Work Product Ballot conducted as an electronic ballot must permit each voter to choose "yes", "no" or "abstain. Eligible voters may change their vote up until the end of the voting period. Importance for TCs: Dont set up a ballot that prevents votes from being changed; TC Admin may declare it invalid Also, remember that even electronic votes held by email stay open for 7 days Copyright © OASIS 2012

13 TC Process Updates for 2011 New Sect. 2.16 for maintenance activitiesmaintenance activities New section reads: (1) Only one TC at a time may perform a Maintenance Activity on an OASIS Standards Final Deliverable. (2) Maintenance Activity on an OASIS Standards Final Deliverable is always within the scope of the TC that created the deliverable, whether or not the TC's Charter explicitly references it. (3) Maintenance Activity on an OASIS Standards Final Deliverable may be done by a TC other than the TC that originated the deliverable, if: (a) the name of the OASIS Standards Final Deliverable to be maintained is listed as a deliverable in its Charter, and (b) if the originating TC is not closed, it has consented to the Maintenance Activity by a Special Majority Vote. Importance for TCs: Minimal for active TCs. TCs considering closing may want to consider chartering TCs for maintenance Copyright © OASIS 2012

14 TC Process Updates for 2011 Changes to Sect. 2.19 Designated Cross Reference ChangesDesignated Cross Reference Changes See the section for complete language Importance for TCs: Section was created to enable cross-references within a specification to be updated without triggering another round of public reviews. Can now be used for any OASIS Specification or Note stage (i.e. Committee Specifications, Committee Notes) Copyright © OASIS 2012

15 TC Process Updates for 2011 Designated Cross Reference Changes (cont.) What is covered: References to other OASIS Work Products in the Normative or Non-Normative Reference sections of a narrative specification What is not covered: References in other parts of the body of the spec References in schemas, wsdls or other non-narrative components of a specification References to non-OASIS documents Copyright © OASIS 2012

16 TC Process Updates for 2011 Designated Cross Reference Changes (cont.) How to request DCR change: Must be made as part of a motion or ballot to approve the Work Product The motion must list each cross reference including: the current name, version and revision number; the current URI; The approval status and date to be cross-referenced The TC must notify TC Admin when the approval happens TC Admin will hold the Work Product until all DCR approvals are completed and then publish & announce Copyright © OASIS 2012

17 TC Process Updates for 2011 Designated Cross Reference Changes (cont.) Sample motion: Do members of the TC approve Pseudo-spec V1.0 public review draft 04 (contained in with the designated cross reference changes below as a Committee Specification? Current reference to be updated: [some-Spec] OASIS Some Spec v1.0. 08 February 2012. Committee Specification Draft 02 / Public Review Draft 02. csd02.html Expected approval status: Committee Specification, March 2012 Designated Cross-Reference Changes requested in accordance with the requirements of Section 2.19 of the TC Process. TC acknowledges that publication may be delayed pending completion of these cross-references. Copyright © OASIS 2012

18 Questions & Comments Copyright © OASIS 2012

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