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OIA NORTH AMERICA JANUARY 2011 Taking and Submitting Water Samples for Testing.

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1 OIA NORTH AMERICA JANUARY 2011 Taking and Submitting Water Samples for Testing

2 The OIA US FARMGAP Standards require regular testing of water for generic E. Coli. The frequency of testing varies depending on the source of the water: Well or Municipal Water =Annual Testing Surface Water ( River, Lake, Pond)=Quarterly Testing Water Testing Required under the OIA US FARMGAP Standards

3 ABC Research Corporation One Possible Source of Water Testing  Provides Free Sample Kits  48 Hour Turn Around Time for Results  Charges $70 per Test

4 General Considerations 1.Before Starting, Read the Any Directions Provided with Sample Kit or Review the Pamphlet. 2.Be Sure to Freeze the Freezer Packs Before Taking Sample 3.Once the Sample is Taken, Must be Immediately Shipped to ABC Research Corp. ( If not received within 24 Hours of Being Taken, Sample will be Rejected.)

5 How to Take A Sample 1. Take Samples Immediately Before You Intend to Go and Mail Them. 2. Take Sample as Close to Water Source as Possible (e.g. closest to well.) 3. Follow Directions on Pamphlet or Kit. 4. Always take Two Samples ! Send Both Samples!

6 After Sample is Taken 1. Add the Prefrozen Ice Packs to the Styrofoam Mailer. 2. Add the Water Samples. 3. Complete the Sample Submission Form. 4. Include payment (Check Payable to ABC). 4. Mail Sample Submission Form, Payment, and Samples via Overnight Express to ABC Research Corporation at 3437 SW 24 th Ave., Gainesville, FL 32607. Samples MUST be Received by ABC within 24 hours of being taken, and within temperature requirements ( always include the ice packs in mailing!) DO NOT SEND ON FRIDAY OR SATURDAY UNLESS YOU HAVE MADE SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS WITH ABC!

7 How To Complete Sample Submission Form 1.Use the Drinking Water and Ice Sample Submission Form 2.For Analysis Requested ( First Line in Client Area): Check “Other” and Write in “Generic E.Coli.” 3.Complete Name and Address Information. 4.Be sure to Complete the Following Sections of the Table: 1.Sample Point (Location) 2.Collection Date 3.Collection Time 4.NOTE: For Multiple Samples from Different Locations Also Complete Sample Number. Don’t Forget to Include the Name and Address of Whom to Send Report to ( You.)

8 Next Steps After Submitting Sample ABC should have your results within 48 hours. You can call and check if under time pressure. Once you receive the results, be sure to keep them in your Farm Compliance Manual or in a handy location. They will be asked for during application for US FARMGAP certification and during the inspection. If you fall below the water quality standard, contact OIA North America to develop corrective and remedial actions.

9 Other Notes about ABC Request Sample Kits Ahead of Time When you Know You Must Take Samples If You Are Testing on a Quarterly Basis You Can Set up An Account with ABC and Be Billed for Water Test Fees Instead of Sending in Payment Each Time.

10 ABC Research Corporation Contact Info Receiving hours are 8:00am ~ 5:00pm Monday ~ Friday. Saturday delivery is available, but please notify ABC 2 days prior to sending sample. Phone: (352) 372-0436 Fax: (352) 378-6483 Email: Address: 3437 SW 24th Ave Gainesville, FL 32607

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