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Vanuatu Car Registration

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1 Vanuatu Car Registration
Tax-Free Vehicle Registration

2 Why register in Vanuatu?
No import duties payable No purchase tax payable No VAT or Stamp Duty payable Special Vehicles can be registered Low annual fees Personalised plates available Trailers, Small Trucks and Motorcycles can be registered Added privacy Vehicle can be registered under company name

3 What are the requirements?
Invoice for the Vehicle Registration Certificate, if previously Registered Proof of 3rd Party Insurance Road Worthiness Certificate or mechanics letter Colour Photo of Vehicle Colour Photo of Owner Copy of Owner’s Drivers License Copy of Owner’s Passport Completed Application Form: IMPORTANT... Originals of Vehicle documents are required, copies no longer accepted. All documents can be returned to you.

4 How to Register First, fill the order form here: . (at this stage we can discuss any queries including payment options and fees). Submit payment to us via agreed method. Send all required application documents and forms to our office in Vanuatu Inform us by to that documents have been sent and include any courier tracking information Await confirmation that documents have been approved by the Vanuatu Authorities. Advise us of delivery address for registration documents and plates.

5 What do you receive? Once the registration is complete, you will receive by courier, one Registration Card, one Registration window label, and two Vanuatu License Plates. The plates are unique and will be the talk of many who spot them. You may also request a second set of plates, or request that your plates are made to a certain size or style. Such requests can usually be accommodated with only a small additional fee, however you will need to check with us for exact prices. It should be noted that the window label that you receive, is for the current year only and must be renewed each and every January for the life of the registration. FOR MORE INFO Please advise us if you have any special requirements for delivery of your items.

6 Sample of Registration Plate
Standard Vanuatu Plate

7 Sample of Registration Card
Plastic Style Card

8 Label to affix on inside of car window
Sample of Window Label Label to affix on inside of car window

9 Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How do I arrange Insurance? A. We do not provide assistance with insurance, but we do recommend clients to contact insurance companies and advise that the wish to insure the vehicle based on the chassis and or engine number only. Q. Do I have to send my original documents? A. Yes, you must send original documents, EXCEPT your Driver License and Passport. If you require any of the original items back, you must advise us and we will return the documents, together with the Registration items. Q. Can I request a specific registration number? A. Yes, however numbers are limited to two characters, followed by 4 digits and many sequences are not allowed. Please send us details of the plates you would like and we will check if it is possible. Q. When Must I renew my registration? A. All Vanuatu Registrations Expire on 31 December, regardless of the first date of Registration. This means that you must renew your registration each and every January, in order to receive the current year’s Window Label. It is not possible to receive the next year’s window label until January of that year.

10 FAQ’s Continued Q. How do I register to a Company? A. You can register your vehicle under any foreign or local company name, provided that you are authorised to do so. You will need to supply company documents such as a Certificate of Incorporation. The same identification requirements exist, however the identification should be that of the Company Director, or person authorised to act on behalf of the company. Q. Can I transfer ownership of the vehicle? A. Yes, you must complete a Transfer of Owner document that is available through us. The Transfer document must be sent to us, together with the full identification of the new owner, as was required upon initial registration. There is a small fee involved, plus delivery costs. Q. Can I cancel my registration at any time? A. Yes, if your vehicle is stolen, you should contact us immediately to cancel your registration and avoid any tickets or fines incurred by the thief. For General information about Vanuatu, please see: FOR MORE INFO Please contact us by to

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