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Welcome to the Minnesota SharePoint User Group. Agenda Quick Intro Announcements and News Search Knowledge Network Business Data Catalog (BDC)

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1 Welcome to the Minnesota SharePoint User Group

2 Agenda Quick Intro Announcements and News Search Knowledge Network Business Data Catalog (BDC)

3 Develop and support a local community focused on Microsoft SharePoint Technologies Educate user group members about SharePoint Technologies Transfer knowledge within the community Communicate best practices Introduce new products / solutions User Group Goal / Objectives

4 Inetium ( Twin Cites based Microsoft consulting company Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Practice Area focused on Information Worker Technologies New Horizons – Minnesota ( Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Training on many technologies Microsoft ( I’m guessing you’ve heard of them Introductions – MNSPUG Sponsors

5 Website for user group SharePoint resource documents SharePoint resource websites links RSS Feeds Meeting Schedule Past User Group Presentations

6 Community Kit for SharePoint Site Template project for user groups Currently in Alpha Release MNSPUG website will be re- launched using the CKS

7 Public preview release of 2007 Microsoft Office System Server and client applications available for download (requires registration) More info at: Beta 2 TR Downloads  $1.50 News and Announcements + =

8 Next Meeting November 8 th 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM Microsoft’s Bloomington Office Topics: Case Study on MOSS 2007 Licensing MOSS 2007 Ongoing Schedule 2 nd Wednesday of every month 9:00 to 11:30 am Microsoft’s Bloomington Office Upcoming Schedule

9 Business Intelligence Collaboration Search Business Forms / Processes Portals Content Management SharePoint 2007 – Key Microsoft Investment Areas Collaboration Portal Search Business Forms / Processes BusinessIntelligence PlatformServices Workspaces, Mgmt, Security, Storage, Topology, Site Model Search ContentManagement

10 Search Topics End-User Experience / Demo Administration Features / Demo Search Scenario Implementation / Demo

11 End-User Experience

12 Search User Interface Search Center Site Template Tabbed Interface Multiple Entry Points Key Words / Best Bets Configurable Web Parts Basic Search Advanced Search Search Results Very Extensible

13 Search User Interface Hit Highlighting “Did You Mean” Feature Duplicate Collapsing

14 Search “Power User” Features Property-based Searches Customer:Acme (find all items with metadata of Customer = Acme) Author:Sally Jones (find all items authored by Sally Jones) ContentType:task (find all items of a specific content type) Site: Keyword Searches +Solution (keyword inclusion) -Plumtree (keyword exclusion) Quotes for Exact Match (i.e., “User Group”)

15 WSS Search Features Built on the same engine as MOSS (no longer uses SQL full- text indexing) In a MOSS environment, WSS sites can “use” the MOSS search Similar Result Formatting (hit-highlighting) Keyword search syntax / property-based searches Sub-sites available in search results

16 Search Demo

17 Administration Features

18 Administration Features (Shared Services) Search is a Shared Service Single Index / SSP Centralized Administration (SSP Administration) Crawl configuration Indexed Property Management Scope Management Authoritative Site Management Propagation Search Usage Reporting Queries / Results

19 Administration Features (Site Collection Administration) Designation of default search results page Designation of Scopes (i.e. Which Scopes should apply to the Site Collection?) Creation of Site Collection-specific Scopes Definition of Keywords / Best Bets Designation of Search Visibility Site Collection-level Search Reports

20 Administration Demo

21 Searching Scenario: The Proposal Scenario

22 The Business Problem Requirements: Users want to be able to search all proposals in the system by keyword, customer, and by the status of the proposal. Users want the results of the search to include more detailed information about the proposal. Users want to be able to easily find related proposals from search results.

23 The Search Solution Overview: Proposal Content Type (defines metadata for all proposal documents) Document Repository using Proposal Content Type Metadata Property Mappings Custom Search Tab with Customized Search Web Parts Custom Results Tab with Customized Search Web Parts

24 The Solution

25 Break

26 Knowledge Network

27 Knowledge Network (KN) Overview What is the Knowledge Network? Architecture Managing Information Uses of the KN

28 What is the Knowledge Network? KN is about finding people who know the answers Things you don’t know People you wish you knew Data inferred by your actions People you email Words you use frequently

29 KN - Architecture SPS User Profiles KN Profile Management Web Service KN Store Publish KN Data to Server Client Server Client Server KN Data Crawl from SPS KN Data KN Client Data Keywords (public) Colleagues AD property changes SPS property changes Keywords (non-public) External Contacts Keywords Colleagues External Contacts

30 First pass analysis Insta ll KN Choose Data Sources Accept Privacy Statement Notification Control Consent

31 First pass analysis Instal l KN Choose Data Sources Accept Privacy Statement Notification Control Consent Incremental analysis – Default is set to every two weeks Profile Review & Approval Upload Profile Run Analysis Incremental Analysis Upload Profile Review & Approval KN Database KN Database Update



34  Seeker Initiates Search  Anonymous Results  Brokered E-mail  Reply to Help or Decline  Request Deleted Anonymous Brokering

35 KN - Searching SharePoint Portal Server v3 KN Adds … Expertise Search SPS hosts, searches, and surfaces public keyword matches KN adds inferred keywords to SPS KN hosts, searches, and surfaces anonymous keyword matches Relationship Search Not supported SPS surfaces colleagues as inferred from limited client mining and AD info Used to calculate social distance KN searches and surfaces all relationship search results for scenarios like “ how do I connect to this person ” or “ who knows people at this company ” Internal versus External Contacts SPS hosts and surfaces internal contacts KN hosts and surfaces external contacts (and relationships to companies) Public versus Anonymous Results SPS hosts and surfaces public information KN hosts and surfaces anonymous information and enables brokering to anonymous contacts Organization Connections Not supported KN hosts and surfaces connections to external organizations

36 Knowledge Network Usages Build your own Social Network Both Client and Server APIs Answer Difficult Questions Who knows technology ‘XYZ’? I’m meeting with a potential customer, does anyone know someone at that organization? We’re having a customer support issue and our primary contact is on vacation…now what? Scenarios specific to your organization

37 Business Data Catalog

38 Business Data Catalog (BDC) Overview What is the BDC? Architecture Administering the BDC Viewing Data

39 What is the BDC? Surface Line Of Business (LOB) Data in SharePoint Database Access Web Service Access Allows for Code Free integrations Microsoft supplied Web Parts to interact with data Provides an API to query from your own Web Parts Searchable No ‘HTML Landing Page’ Necessary Can be part of User Profile Part of Enterprise CAL

40 Architecture


42 BDC Administration Administered as a Shared Service Permissions are set at the Entity level

43 Metadata – Truly Data about Data Giant XML File Key Terms System – The data source (Adventure Works, CRM, Siebel) Entity – The data (Product, Customer, Widgets) Method – Operation (GetProducts, GetCurrentCustomers,…) Association – Entity Relationships (Customer Orders)

44 Metadata – Avert your Eyes!

45 Demo Administering the BDC

46 Viewing Data – Now What? Build a Dashboard without code Enhance existing pages Web Parts See a List of Entities View the data for the Entity Display Actions for an Entity List Related Entities

47 Demo Building a Dashboard Page

48 Viewing Data – Association Add BDC as a Column Allows BDC Data as a Lookup Searchable Access Actions from List View Single Click to Details

49 Demo BDC and List Data

50 BDC Rewind Simple Administration Data Sources: Database or Web Service Complicated XML File Searchable Code Free Pages using Data Lookup Value for Lists

51 Q & A

52 Resources Knowledge Network Blog: BDC Metadata Manager: MOSS / WSS SDK 41AC-B2D6-0074D6286FA9&displaylang=en 41AC-B2D6-0074D6286FA9&displaylang=en

53 ISV Search Vendors Coveo: http://www.coveo.com MondoSoft: http://www.mondosoft.com Intellext: http://www.intellext.com

54 Thanks for coming!

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