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Welcome to the Minnesota SharePoint User Group. Agenda Quick Intro Announcements and News Enterprise Content Management in MOSS 2007 Authoring and Publishing.

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1 Welcome to the Minnesota SharePoint User Group

2 Agenda Quick Intro Announcements and News Enterprise Content Management in MOSS 2007 Authoring and Publishing Branding and SharePoint Designer Q&A

3 Develop and support a local community focused on Microsoft SharePoint Technologies Educate user group members about SharePoint Technologies Transfer knowledge within the community Communicate best practices Introduce new products / solutions User Group Goal / Objectives

4 Inetium ( Twin Cites based Microsoft consulting company Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Practice Area focused on Information Worker Technologies New Horizons – Minnesota ( Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Training on many technologies Microsoft ( I’m guessing you’ve heard of them Introductions – MNSPUG Sponsors

5 Website for user group SharePoint resource documents SharePoint resource websites links RSS Feeds Meeting Schedule Past User Group Presentations

6 Community Kit for SharePoint Site Template project for user groups Currently in Alpha Release MNSPUG website will be re- launched using the CKS

7 Public preview release of 2007 Microsoft Office System Server and client applications available for download (requires registration) More info at: Beta Downloads  $1.50 News and Announcements + =

8 Surprise!! Kickstart Beta CDs will be available after the presentation TODAY! Beta 2 TR (Technical Refresh) Update Release date Installation instructions News and Announcements

9 Minnesota CRM (Customer Relationship Management) User Group Next Thursday, September 21 st 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM Microsoft’s Bloomington Office (here) Topics Include: CRM Mobility CRM Analyzer SharePoint/CRM integration Create a scorecard to view service/sales performance Audience: Business managers and IT professionals News and Announcements

10 Next Meeting October 11 th 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM Microsoft’s Bloomington Office Topics: TBD Ongoing Schedule 2 nd Wednesday of every month 9:00 to 11:30 am Microsoft’s Bloomington Office Upcoming Schedule

11 Business Intelligence Collaboration Search Business Forms / Processes Portals Content Management SharePoint 2007 – Key Microsoft Investment Areas Collaboration Portal Search Business Forms / Processes BusinessIntelligence PlatformServices Workspaces, Mgmt, Security, Storage, Topology, Site Model ContentManagement

12 Overview – What is ‘content’? CMS 2002 MOSS 2007 Template (aspx page)Page Layout Template DefinitionContent Type PlaceholderField Control Placeholder DefinitionColumn Templates PostingPage ChannelSite Top Level Channel Site Collection Users, Roles, Rights GroupsUsers, Roles, Groups, Permissions ResourcesItems in Images and Documents Libraries Custom placeholder dataMigrated as text field

13 Content Management in SPS 2003 Announcements News Content Editor Web Parts Custom site templates (Blogs) Web part pages Creative use of lists and views Branding cumbersome to implement and upgrade

14 Content Management in MOSS 2007 Authoring and Publishing

15 New Site Templates Corporate Intranet Site* Internet Presence Web Site* Blog Wiki Publication Site Publication and Collaboration Site * Only available as a site collection – not individual webs

16 A typical page render 1.Welcome.aspx page is requested 2.Page layout associated with page is retrieved 3.Master page associated with site is retrieved 4.Controls in page layout render content from page’s fields into the page Inherited from WSS Field Control FieldControl Versioning Check-in&-out Content types Access control Workflow 2 Stage Undelete Link Fix-up Etc. Page Rendering

17 Web Authoring Page content authoring in context of the site Menu-based and customizable Page Editing Toolbar Out of the box field types and field controls Full HTML editor (with optional constraints) Image and link controls with pickers Summary Link controls

18 Web Authoring Web Parts Summary Links – quickly author, style and organize links on a page Table of Contents – data driven views of Content Query – data driven view of content across your site

19 Reusable Content  Store and maintain reusable content fragments in a centralized SharePoint list  Fragments are inserted in a web page via an HTML editor and rich picker with content preview and configurable views  Store as references embedded inside the HTML content for each page  Resolve references at rendering time and support caching for high performance

20 Smart Client Authoring Convert Word documents to web pages within MOSS document libraries Converted version of the file is saved in the web Pages library and remains tied to the source

21 Content Deployment Deploy content from one site collection into another site collection. The source and destination site collections can be in the same farm or in different farms. Paths: A content deployment path defines a relationship between a source and destination site collection for content deployment. Once a path is created, jobs can be created and associated with the path to begin deploying content. Jobs: A job is associated with a path, and defines the specific content to be deployed from the source to the destination, and the schedule on which the deployment should occur. On the Central Administration Operations tab:

22 Content Deployment Controlled from Central Administration Operations tab: Must set up Content Deployment Settings before configuring Paths and Jobs Create a Deployment Path Create a Deployment Job (schedule) Quick Deploy

23 Break!

24 Case Study United Properties



27 Introducing SharePoint Designer


29 Microsoft FrontPage Microsoft Expression Web SharePoint Designer 2007 Advanced Web Site Design Fancy CSS management ASP.NET 2.0 based Web Sites Apply fancy Expression capabilities to SharePoint Sites Create and Manage Workflows Advanced Content Management

30 SharePoint Designer Overview







37 Site Columns & Custom Field Definitions

38 Site Column What:A centrally updatable column that can be reused on multiple sites. How:Created from the site settings administration pages. Based on an existing field type (text, choice, custom) Custom Field Definition What:Customized version of an existing field type where you control how the field is displayed and its behavior. How:.NET Class with a describing xml file deployed to the server

39  Non-WCM Site Column/Field Definition Examples:  Divisions / Locations / Regions  Advanced lookup fields  WCM Examples:  Flash Content  Movie Content



42 Content Types

43  Defines an object  Collection of site columns  Non-WCM Examples:  Expense Report  Proposal  WCM Examples:  Press Release  Article  Interview




47 Demo Creating new Content Types and Page Layouts

48 Master Pages



51 Demo Creating new Master Page

52 SharePoint Designer Contributor Settings









61 Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Team Blog SharePoint Team Blog 2007 Office System Video: Enterprise Content Management 4F5D-AFE4-1F78C8B7FC6D&displaylang=en 4F5D-AFE4-1F78C8B7FC6D&displaylang=en Reusable Content us/sharepointserver/HA101638381033.aspx?pid=CH101782981033 us/sharepointserver/HA101638381033.aspx?pid=CH101782981033 Smart Client Authoring Resources

62 Expression Web Content Deployment Inetium Blogs More Resources

63 Q & A (Don’t forget the CDs!!)

64 Thanks for coming!

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