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Man-Down Defense: Shock + Number, Blitz

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1 Man-Down Defense: Shock + Number, Blitz

2 Shock + Number

3 Set-up (Shock + Number)
Shock + Number: Set-up Set-up (Shock + Number) Teams should look to run Shock + #, especially if the other team relies on one player offensively. This defense tries to eliminate the other team’s best offensive player whether they distribute the ball or can shoot form the outside. It is most effective when the other team relies on this player for success in the man-up. Before the whistle blows, the coach calls “Shock” with a number so the defense knows what player will be shut off… **The shutting off defender should be a short stick midfielder so all four defensemen can still play man-down defense.

4 D4 D3 D2 D1 M1 Shock + Number: Set Up (M1 is the shut man)

5 Execution (Shock + Number)
Shock + Number: Execution Execution (Shock + Number) When the ball is put into play the short stick (M1) calls out “Shock” and shuts off the designated player (#). The remaining four players (D1, D2, D3, D4) play a “four man rotation.” They need to line up in a box and keep the same principles of the “55”. When they are in this box they do not want to be aggressive, rather they want to give up the outside shot. It’s imperative that the defense stay tight and make sure they they properly rotate so they don’t give up a shot on the crease. If the offense attacks from X, the opposite defender (D3) needs to slide across the crease (COMA slide) instead of rotating from the adjacent player. When this occurs, D1 needs to get down the backside to cover for D3. D2 needs to slide across the field and split the top two offensive players.

6 D4 D3 D2 D1 M1 Shock + Number: Execution (M1 is the shut man)

7 D3 D4 D1 D2 M1 Shock + Number: Execution (M1 is the shut man)

8 If The Shut Man Goes to Crease
Shock + Number: If the Shut Man Goes to Crease If The Shut Man Goes to Crease If the player designated to be shut off goes to the crease, then the defense can do one of two things: 1) The short stick can release the designated player and call out 55, or 2) the short stick can stay on the designated offensive player and continue to perform shock.

9 Blitz + Number

10 Set-up (Blitz + Number)
Blitz + Number: Set-up Set-up (Blitz + Number) Blitz is a pressure defense that starts unexpectedly in the 55 base defense. Before the ref blows the whistle to start play, the defense must huddle up, including the goalie, and call Blitz and a number, between 2-4. Everyone must be on the same page so they know when to act and pressure accordingly the number refers to the number of passes and not the number (as in shock)… Blitz is a more advanced man-down strategy and is highly effective when the other team has trouble moving the ball quickly or does not move their feet. Defensive player must communicate and be very intelligent to execute Blitz properly.

11 D2 D3 D4 D1 M1 Blitz + Number: Set Up

12 Execution (Blitz + Number)
Blitz + Number: Execution Execution (Blitz + Number) Blitz + Number starts in a 55 and plays according to the rules of that defense. As the offense passes the ball around the ball around the perimeter, the defensive leader starts the count by calling out “One!”. From this point on the defense counts silently. On the designated numbered pass, the defense aggressively fires out on the ball and the two adjacent players... The on-ball defender is trying to catch the ball carrier off guard, make them panic, and force a bad decision. The remaining defensive players want to read the situation and make sure to cover the crease while leaving the farthest player away open. If they can anticipate where the ball is gong to be thrown then they can make an aggressive play on the ball.

13 D2 D3 D4 D1 M1 Blitz 3: Execution

14 Blitz 3: Execution (Against 1-3-2)

15 Blitz + Number: Final Thoughts
Blitz can be used late in the game if a team is down a man and finds itself in a man-down situation. If the offense retreats and is able to withstand the pressure, then the defense should call off Blitz and return to 55.

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