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DeployEmploymentFight Staying Ready Survive Quick Reference 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300.

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1 DeployEmploymentFight Staying Ready Survive Quick Reference

2 Deploy 100 When in MOPP level “0”, overgarment and field gear is worn; overboots, mask and gloves are carried. A) True B) False P. 27

3 Deploy 200 When wearing the overgarment, women do not need to tuck their hair inside the jacket A) True B) False P. 22

4 Deploy 300 When talking to the media service members should always consider themselves “on the record”. A) True B) False P. 17

5 Deploy 400 The ________ is a tactic that divides the airbase into multiple sectors or zones and assigns MOPP levels for each area. B) Split MOPP A) Divided MOPP C) Partial MOPP D) Split MOPP P. 35

6 Deploy 500 When marking your CPO (Chemical Protective Overgarment) with your name and rank, what three locations should be marked. C) Helmet (front/back), hood, jacket (right breast) A) Helmet, right boot, back of sleeve B) Jacket (right breast), top helmet, left glove D) Helmet (left/right), hood, pants P. 27

7 Employment 100 According to the Standardized Attack Warning Signals for NBCC medium and high threat areas, a yellow alarm indicates an attack is probable within _____minutes. C) 30 A) 15 B) 45 D) 60 P. 100

8 Employment 200 Hasty Defensive fighting positions should be small depressions or holes that are at least _____ inches deep. C) 18 A) 9 B) 12 D) None of the above P. 66

9 Employment 300 (Contamination Avoidance) Use ____ cover layers when possible so the exposed cover layer can be easily removed and discarded. A) 1 B) 4 C) 3 D) 2 P. 67

10 Employment 400 What class of fire extinguisher is used on electrical equipment? A) A B) B D) D C) C P. 54

11 Employment 500 (ALARM YELLOW) If you are currently in MOPP 3, MOPP 4 or the MASK ONLY option, you should: C) Stay masked unless otherwise directed A) Remain in that MOPP B) Assume MOPP 1 D) Both A and CP. 79

12 Fight 100 Maximum effective range of the M9 pistol is? C) 55 meters A) 1.1 miles B) 55 yards D) 1800 meters P. 118

13 Fight 200 If enemy forces use aerial or ground flares in your area, you should immediately move directly to the UCC and report the activity A) True B) FalseP. 97

14 Fight 300 What is not one of the attributes of the S-A-L-U-T-E reporting for an attack. C) Exit A) Activity B) Time D) Location P. 95

15 Fight 400 Mechanically zeroing your weapon (M16) should be done every 7 to 10 days A) True B) FalseP. 111

16 Fight 500 If necessary, weapons must be destroyed to prevent enemy use. In that event, destroy different parts on all weapons. A) True B) FalseP. 115

17 Quick Reference 100 In a hot environment, daily fluid intake should not exceed ____quart(s). B) 12 A) 8 C) 16 D) 4 P. 216

18 Quick Reference 200 An expedient hazard marker with a “B” on it indicates what type of NBCC hazard. A) Biological B) Chemical C) Radioactive D) UXO P. 202

19 Quick Reference 300 (For Aircraft) Receiving Control Tower Light Signal of a “flashing red light” indicates. B) Airport unsafe, clear runway A) Return to starting point C) General warning signal D) Stop – give way to aircraft P. 213

20 Quick Reference 400 Masks will be cleaned and inspected: A) Upon initial issue and every 6 months after initial issue (peacetime) B) Prior to deployment and every 7 days during contingency ops C) After completion of each training exercise D) All of the above P. 212 D) All of the above

21 Quick Reference 500 _____ and _____ agents present the most significant hazards to an airbase because of their high toxicity at low-levels of exposure A) Nerve and Blister C) Choking D) Nerve and Choking B) Blister and Blood P. 219

22 Staying Ready 100 When preparing your personal bag you should pack a ____ to ____day supply of personal consumable items to help you through your initial stay. A) 10 to 15 B) 5 to 10 C) 90 to 120 D) 30 to 45 P. 6

23 Staying Ready 200 When preparing to deploy, you should not worry about becoming familiar with any host nation sensitivities because your deployed location commander will brief you when you arrive. A) True B) False P. 7

24 Staying Ready 300 The “A” bag includes what equipment? A) Ground Crew Chemical Defense Ensemble B) Aircrew Chemical Defense Ensemble C) Cold Weather Gear D) General Support Equip (helmet, web-belt, canteen, etc.) P. 5

25 Staying Ready 400 What protects the service member from interest rates and civil court cases. B) Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act A) Power of Attorney C) USERRA D) Serviceman’s Group Life Insurance P. 3

26 Staying Ready 500 There is no need to keep your personal affairs in order because you can take care of them in the mobility line. A) True B) False P. 2

27 Survive 100 Remove and replace tourniquet every 12 hours. A) True B) False P. 179

28 Survive 200 Which of the following signals indicates the attack is over and base recovery should be initiated. B) Alarm Black A) Alarm Green C) Alarm Red D) Alarm Blue P. 126

29 Survive 300 Which of the following is not one of the four “R’s” used for UXO reporting? C) Redesign A) Record B) Retreat D) Recognize P. 128

30 Survive 400 If within 5-10 minutes after administration of the first set of injectors, your heart beats very quickly and your mouth becomes dry, inject a second Mark 1 kit immediately. A) True B) False P. 146

31 Survive 500 ”I am an American, fighting in the forces which guard my country and our way of life. I am prepared to give up my life in their defense.” This is which Article of the Code of Conduct. A) Article I B) Article II C) Article III D) Article IV P. 193

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