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Prayer as stress relief

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1 Prayer as stress relief
Many of the stresses in our lives are caused by our trying to take on our stress by our own strength. Using prayer as a stress reliever can Offer another option…and I believe that it can become one of your best ways of relieving stress.

2 What Is Prayer?.... Prayer is a tool that you use to communicate
with God. In it we can pour our hearts, feelings, emotions, and thoughts to God. We can cry out in our stressful times for guidance and strength, and in so doing, give much of the burden for our stress up to Him.

3 What Is Prayer?.... Prayer can also be used to praise and thank God
for what he has given to us, what we have been blessed with. When we do this, we find that life really isn't as bad as we assume, and we find that we still have a lot of good things that we can cling to in our stressful times.

4 What Is Prayer?.... Prayer is not just a one-way-street. In prayer, as
in any other form of communication is two sided. We talk to God, but then we have the chance to stop, be still, and listen to Him. You can hear His voice, primarily through His Word, the Bible, but you can also hear His voice in your heart as you tune into his frequency with study of His Word also.

5 What Prayer Is Not Prayer is not a “genie in a bottle,” or a “quick
fix.” Not everything that we want in our lives is good for us, nor is all stress that we are going through “bad stress.” In Prayer, we also need to begin to trust that God will allow what is best for us to happen. God’s love as a good father (contrary to many of our physical fathers) is something that we can rely upon and lean on His strength and wisdom.

6 How It's Done.... There are different ways to pray.
Some people pray out loud Some people pray quietly to themselves Some people pray with others and lean on the support of friends and family, or a pastor No matter how we pray, we can be honest, real, and sometimes raw. Don’t worry, God can handle it!

7 Stress Relief Benefits....
There are two major benefits of prayer as a stress reliever: The weight of your stress is lifted because you have allowed God to take on your cares and worries. The time you spend in prayer gives your body a chance to calm down and relax. This releases your body from the “stress toxins” that have been holding it captive.

8 My Favorite Prayers Here are some of my favorite prayers. I use
these as a template to get me started and go wherever I am lead to go in my prayers. A Prayer for Life The Daily Prayer A Bedtime Prayer St. Patrick’s Breastplate

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