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Extrication Priceville Volunteer Fire Department.

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1 Extrication Priceville Volunteer Fire Department

2 Greetings This isn’t meant to be a full course. It will be a refresher for many, or an introduction for some. We have a short period of time to get a bunch of information out. Feel free to get up and use the restroom as necessary. Ask questions as you have them. Have fun! Truck assignments…

3 Safety We already discussed safety in a previous training, but this topic has too many “hard lessons” to ignore. It’s all about going home after the call.

4 Mitigating the Hazards (1) How do we keep ourselves safe from traffic?

5 Mitigating the Hazards (2) Defenses from fire?

6 Mitigating the Hazards (3) Why disconnect the battery?

7 Mitigating the Hazards (4) How do we deal with fluids on the ground?

8 Mitigating the Hazards (31) Glass isn’t fun. How do we control it?

9 Mitigating the Hazards (64) How do we protect the patients from hazards?

10 Mitigating the Hazards (64 ½) Our job is to protect the patients from further injuries Rocking the car- furthering neck/back injuries. This can come from poor cribbing or ramming the tools into the car. Remember the three impacts in an accident. Breaking glass- causing new injuries Protect them with a tarp before you cut/break glass Imagine the worst migraine, hangover, head injury you have had. Multiply that by you are dazed because you were just in a wreck. Multiply that by you feel you have hurt/killed your family or someone in the other vehicle. The biggest thing you can do is to keep everyone calm, explain everything you are doing as you do it, maintain good C-spine. Everything you do to a car has an effect/felt by the patient. Be aware of the airbag. If you suspect it should have gone off in the wreck, you should look at getting that patient out first.

11 Mitigating the Hazards (24) How is the equipment dangerous? Let the tool do the work. They are strong enough to lift a bus. They will make short work of you. You will also be tapped of your energy trying to manipulate the tool otherwise. Oh yeah, they can cut through steel with ease… your finger would be like melted butter. Don’t get between the tool and the vehicle. You don’t want to be in that pinch point. Don’t ram the tool into purchase points. It rocks the car and doesn’t accomplish anything.

12 Mitigating the Hazards (67) How do you protect yourselves?

13 Mitigating the Hazards (3.141529) What about bystanders?

14 Mitigating the Hazards (.707) Parts of the car that can hurt you… Will be discussed in the next section.

15 Anatomy and Physiology of a Car Batteries: Located under hood, trunk, or back seat

16 Anatomy and Physiology of a Car How we name the vertical structures of the car going to the roof?

17 Anatomy and Physiology of a Car Other parts

18 Anatomy and Physiology of a Car Glass

19 Anatomy and Physiology of a Car Airbags:

20 Anatomy and Physiology of a Car Dangerous parts

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