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Edina Robotics FIRST® Team 1816 The Green Machine 2014 Safety Seminar Erika D., 1816 Safety Captain.

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1 Edina Robotics FIRST® Team 1816 The Green Machine 2014 Safety Seminar Erika D., 1816 Safety Captain

2 2 Safety is a core value of FRC Think ahead Communicate Clean up after yourself Sleep and eat well Background checks for volunteers Adult-student ratio 1816 doesn’t publish students’ last names online/in media General

3 3 Safety Glasses – In the workshop, pit, and playing/practice fields – Anywhere that there’s a powered-on robot (driving, programming, wiring; in the hallway, commons, etc.) Shoes (closed-toe and closed-heel) Long pants Tied-back long hair No loose clothing Gloves if necessary Hearing protection if necessary PPE – Personal Protective Equipment

4 4 Don’t use a tool if it’s broken Use the right tool Know how to use the tool safely Work on a stable surface, not on your hand or in the air Watch out for blades (boxcutters, etc) Hand Tools

5 5 Don’t distract Don’t be distracted Don’t use it if it’s broken Plan what you’re going to do Know how to use the tool Have a mentor present Do not leave a tool unattended while it’s on Don’t leave hot/dangerous items where people can touch them Power Tools

6 6 Make sure nobody’s working on the robot Make sure the robot is off Communicate Wear gloves Keep a good grip Lift with your legs, not with your back Don’t twist; if you have to turn, then turn with your feet Lifting the Robot

7 7 Don’t put your hands in the robot while it’s on Don’t work on the robot if it’s on an unstable surface Let out compressed air, turn off robot and relieve other sources of energy before working on it Have people stand back before it’s powered on Don’t drive too close to people Notify people before enabling Robot

8 8 They contain sulfuric acid Do not use a dropped battery Do not use a battery that looks damaged (check before using) Check battery wires – Tight connection – Well insulated Do not pick up a battery by the wires (pick it up by the case) Batteries

9 9 If a battery leaks/explodes – Battery disposal kit Chemical Safety Gloves Bicarbonate of soda Leak-proof container – Notify mentor and safety captain – Get medical assistance (if needed) Batteries

10 10 PPE Fire Extinguisher First Aid Kit Ventilation Emergency Contact Binder (with Mentor) Know how to use tools No running/horseplay Workshop

11 11 Pit – PPE – Clean and organized – Keep aisles clear – Kids 12 and under should have a person 18+ with them – Do not daisy chain power strips Report any injuries to the Pit Administration Supervisor No running/horseplay Competitions/FIRST Events

12 12 Cell Phones – Have team contacts – Keep it on and charged Buddy System Curfew Respect others Do not give out a team member’s number to a non-team- member Travel

13 13 If an accident happens or almost happens, tell a Mentor, the Build Lead, or the Safety Captain If you see something that isn’t safe, tell the Safety Captain If there’s a broken tool, tell someone Before moving the robot, make sure everyone knows where it’s going Before turning on the robot, make sure people know it’s being turned on When in doubt of the safety of a situation, ask Communicate

14 14 Before moving the robot, plan out where you’re moving it Before using a tool, plan out what you’re going to do Before leaving a tool, make sure it’s not an unattended hazard If you’re not doing anything, don’t hang around the pit/workshop Think Ahead

15 15 There are many safety animations made by FIRST teams. These and other safety resources can be found online at

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