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Early Gurus - Sikh places of worship were dharamsalas, Today, they are Gurdwaras – “Gateway to the Guru” HOW TO ENTER Gurdwaras: Remove shoes & Cover heads –Ex: Turbans KANGA Some Gurdwaras require hands & feet washed Slowly & Reverently approach the Main Throne Stand before Scriptures Offer Silent Prayer Bow down to Eternal Sikh Guru Voluntary offering - cash ***Source:

2 5 Markers of Loyalty to the Khalsa Khalsa – The Pure
- Also known as the 5 required articles of the Sikh Faith – KES – unshorn hair KANGA – comb KIRPAN – sword KARHA – steel bracelet to protect wrist KACCH – breeches worn by warrior **Source: Stephen Prothero, “A Nation of Religions”

(There is only one god) Everyone sits cross-legged on the floor symbolizing obedience and submission Women sit on one side; with men on the opposing side of Guru Granth Sahib. An equal distance from the scriptures, exemplifying equality Everyone stands during the Ardas (prayer) ***Source:

Everyone; including others from different faiths are welcome to sit on the floor together and partake of Langar – a vegetarian meal cooked by volunteers Sitting together sharing in this common meal signifies unity amongst all members in the community which is a basic principle of Sikhism ***Source:

5 Gurudwara Paonta Sahib, Sirmour, Himachal Pradesh
*Photo Courtesy of

6 Sikh Challenges of Discrimination

7 STRUGGLES Significant Events
Members of Utah's Sikh community say they condemn these acts of terrorism against America, which is now their country, too. J.B. Singh, Tooele businessman: "THIS IS MY FAMILY, MY COUNTRY. AND WE'RE ALWAYS WITH AMERICA. AND WE ALWAYS PRAY TO GOD, THAT GOD BLESS AMERICA, ALL THE TIME." Dozens of Sikhs protested in India last week, shouting slogans like "We are not with the Taliban", and burning coffins with the name Osama bin Laden on them. ***Source: archive, September 21, 2001

8 Challenges of Acculturation
Mistaken Identity - Shiva Trident Two Shiva sculptures from the Tamil Chola Dynasty from South India almost a thousand years old can easily be mistaken for the khanda emblem at first glance **Source:

9 Challenges of Acculturation
Mistaken Identity – Iranian Flag The central motif of the national flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran bears a resemblance to the khanda emblem but it is not a khanda **Source:

10 Challenges of Acculturation
Mistaken Identity - Shiva Crescent Moon This symbol in not a khanda emblem but one that is unique and specific to the belief system of the Nihangs **Source:

11 ATTACKS Made on SIKHS Labeled Cousins of Bin Laden
Following the terrorist attacks of 9-11: Turbaned Sikhs – going to court over job discrimination 133 Queens, N.Y. – Sikh attacked with a baseball bat Seattle, WA – Sikh beaten unconscious San Diego, CA – Sikh assaulted at a stoplight Providence, R.I. – Sikh arrested & detained, another charged for carrying weapon (his kirpan-ceremonial knife) Mesa, AZ – Sikh planted flowers outside his Chevron, shot & killed 159 ***Source: Diana L Eck, “A New Religious America”

12 Worst Persecution of SIKHS 1984 killing of several thousand Sikhs by Hindu mob
- Operation Blue Star- anti Sikh riots The Indian government destroyed hopes of Sikh political involvement to the point of alienation. In June of 1984, tensions escalated when the then Prime Minister, Mrs. Indira Gandhi was killed by her Sikh bodyguards. What followed was a massive killing of several thousand Sikhs at the hands of a Hindu mob **Source: Time Magazine

13 Picture Courtesy of: Mike Terry, Taylorsville Sikh Temple Dedication
OBJECTIVE – Conclusion: Despite their obvious hardships, Sikhism shows great fortitude and perseverance. Instead of hearing a constant barrage of negativity from this group; you will witness a great sense of humility and resilience Picture Courtesy of: Mike Terry, Taylorsville Sikh Temple Dedication


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