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2 General information about Uzbekistan
The population of Uzbekistan is over 28 mil.(April 2010). Ethnically the peoples on the territory of Uzbekistan are Uzbek (80%), Russians (5%), Tajik (5, 5%), Kazakh (0, 8%), Karakalpak (3%), Tartar (1%) and others. The capital of Uzbekistan is Tashkent (more than 2,5 mil.) The official language is Uzbek (Turkic origin), but the main part of the population speak Russian (Slavonic origin). Religion: Islam – 88%, Christian (orthodox) – 9%

3 Uzbekistan What to Expect
History Culture Cuisine Music Hospitality

4 National Features in Uzbekistan
List of monuments in Uzbekistan included in UNESCO World Heritage Site : Historical Center of Bukhara Historical Center of Shakhrisyabz Ichan-Kala (inner fortress) in Khiva Samarkand – Crossroads of Asian Cultures

5 group and individual tourism
Our profile– group and individual tourism Tours within Uzbekistan & Central Asia for groups & individual travelers. Visa support for inbound Conference, Seminars, Meeting, Events arrangement INCENTIVE Tours within Uzbekistan. CIP lounge, pick/up & drop services at airports during corporate travel Botanical and ornithological tours Jeep-tours Hotels reservation in Uzbekistan & Worldwide - ON-LINE Transportation services

6 We are closer than you think…
Flights of Uzbekistan Airways … – Tashkent Uzbekistan Airways (HY) is one of the largest national airlines in Central Asia. Established in 1992, it carries passengers and cargo to more then 30 countries all over the world. Uzbekistan Airways successfully operates a fleet of modern aircraft. Boeing-767, Airbus-310, RJ-85 serve international and CIS routes. In 1999, a new Boeing-757 was delivered in addition to the existing fleet. During 10 years of operation, the international network expanded and currently Uzbekistan Airline has service to several European countries, Asia, and Middle East. Uzbekistan Airways is the first in Central Asia to open direct transoceanic service between Tashkent and New York.

7 What is the best time to visit Uzbekistan?
Climate/Weather Climate in Uzbekistan is sharply continental, it varies from dry and arid, with warm summers and cool winters in the west to moderate rainfall, with temperature summers and bitterly cold winters in the east. Temperature in Uzbekistan ranges during the year, from +40˚C in summer (July and August) and -20˚C in the middle of winter (January and February). Humidity is fairly low. In spring and fall temperatures are of a more moderate nature (mid 20˚C to 30˚C) Spring (from April to June) and Autumn (from September to October) are the best seasons of the year to make visit to Uzbekistan. Summer and winter are the best time to visit mountains

8 Transportation Services
Motive-powered capability of Dolores Travel meets all necessary criteria for excellent travel as for group and individuals. Coaches GOLDEN DRAGON XIAMEN, 2009 EURO 3 standard Number of coaches: 27 Number of seats: 45 Air conditioner: 2 Monitors: 3 Mini Vans ISTANA SHAQ ,2009 EURO 3 standard Number of mini vans: 4 Number of seats: 13 Air conditioner: 2 Heater: 2 Sedans CHEVROLET LACETTI Number of sedans: 4 Number of seats: 4 Air conditioner: 1 Heater: 1

9 We are closer than you think…
                                        We are closer than you think… Daily trips by high-speed train «Afrosiob» (Tashkent-Samarkand) and speed comfortable train «Registan» (Tashkent - Samarkand), «Nasaf» (Tashkent - Karshi), «Shark» (Tashkent - Bukhara)

10 Uzbekistan hotels There are international hotels in Uzbekistan: Intercontinental, Radisson SAS, Dedeman. It offers five star and four star hotels in Uzbekistan, as well as a large number of three star boutique hotels and guest houses in Uzbekistan. Many popular hotels are located in the houses of early last century with ancient architecture and planning, in which is cool even in the extremely hot weather. Tashkent: 1 five star hotel*; 6 four star hotels 4*; more than 20 two-three star hotels Samarkand: 3 four star hotels; more than 20 two-three star hotels Bukhara: 2 four star hotels; more than 20 two-three star hotels Khiva: 1 four star hotel; more than 15 two-three hotels

11 Tashkent hotels

12 Tashkent hotels

13 Samarkand hotels

14 Bukhara hotels

15 Uzbekistan desert We organize camel or horse riding. And horse riding in “Aydar” yurt camp, which is located 7 km far from Aydarkul lake in the middle of Kyzyl-Kum desert.

16 Winter holiday in mountains
Chimgan-Beldersay is the main skiing area in Uzbekistan, which is located in the mountains of Western Tien-Shan (90 km far from Tashkent). Chimagan in the best way approaches for family leisure with children, Beldersay is more appropriate for skilled skiers and snowboarders.

17 Summer holiday in mountains
In summer holiday you can enjoy biking, horseback riding, hiking in the mountains, go rafting and mountaineering.

18 Mountains hotels

19 Magnificence of Uzbek Meal
Uzbek Cuisine Peculiarity: variety: (about 1000 different dishes, drinks and pastry) old history traditions method of cooking Plov is the main dish and the pride of Uzbek cuisine!

20 Restaurant Chain «Caravan Group»
Restaurants Restaurant Chain «Caravan Group» Caravan Group is a pure standard of restaurant art. This bold assertion is based on the success of the project and its achievements, accumulated for ten years of the existence of the latter. Different in style, decoration and culinary trends, the restaurants of Caravan Group are united in one thing - in an effort to promote the common cultural identity and traditions. Capacity: 300

21 Restaurants Restaurant «Bahor»
Restaurant Bahor, which was opened in 1958, is an ideal place to spend your evening in Tashkent in an unforgettable atmosphere. The Bahor restaurant is conveniently located in the very center of the Tashkent – near the Square of Amir Temur Capacity: 220

22 Night Clubs «Barkhan» Club «KTkomba» Club
Designed in traditional style Capacity: 150 «KTkomba» Club Designed in the Sino-Japanese style

23 Why Dolores Travel Services
                                        Why Dolores Travel Services  12 year experience in developing group & individual tour packages Nominated in 2009 as “Best Inbound Tour Operator of Uzbekistan” by national Tourism Board Gratitude and thankfulness from Asian Development Bank (2010) / the Kirienko family (2011) Staff more than 60 people Licensed by National Company «UzbekTourism» Own motor car park Flexible pricing policy Professional and experienced staff Stable and reliable partner of MFA Establishment of mutual beneficial relations with partners.


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