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The Tourism potential of Uzbekistan

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1 The Tourism potential of Uzbekistan
Farida Alimova

2 Uzbekistan is now on the difficult road to a market economy
Uzbekistan is now on the difficult road to a market economy. We need to use all available resources in order to strengthen economic situation in Uzbekistan. Tourism plays an important role in implementing this task. International experience shows, that tourism, after certain initial investments, may soon become one of the profitable sources of hard currency income in Uzbekistan.

3 Tourists flow to Uzbekistan
Year No of tourists 1997 252,000 2000 500,000

4 The tourism industry is one of the biggest employers
Country People (thousand) USA 15,800 Great Britain 2,500 Hungary Uzbekistan 12-15

5 The territory of modern Uzbekistan is situated where ancient trade routes crossed, the most famous one is the Great Silk Road. The “Great Silk Road” existed for more than 14 centuries, and it ran mostly on the territory of Uzbekistan. Before the Russian invasion of Central Asia (before 1860) there were more than 700 caravan routes in Uzbekistan, making commercial and tourist trips to the different countries of East and West.

6 Natural resources in Uzbekistan
Advantages Mountains – Chimgan, Chatkal, Turkestan Ranges Deserts – Kiyl kum, Kara kum Rivers – Syr Daryia, Amu Daryia, Ugam, Chirchic Many mineral springs Favorable climate – sun whole year long Disadvantages Lack of sea Lack of wood, forests

7 Culture

8 Culture                                                        

9 Cuisine                                                                                                                                                                                                      

10 In the cities built along the Great Silk Road, between China and Europe, there are over four thousand architectural monuments of different historical epochs beginning from the early Middle Ages. That stretch from the Stone Age , through the eras of Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan and the Tamerlane Empire

11 Many monuments of historical architecture are included in UNESCO’s catalogues
The Mausoleums: Gur- Emir in Samarkand; Ulugbek’s medrece; Sherdar; Ismail Samany in Bukhara; Minaret Kalian in Bukhara The city museums Khan in Khiva Tilla-Kory and others

12 Uzbekistan is considered to have
the greatest tourism potential of all the Central Asia countries. Uzbekistan holds ninth or tenth place in the world for its recreational resources.

13 Accomodations There are about 100 hotels in Uzbekistan, of there 7 hotels are international class (4-5 star category). But the majority of them are two star hotels In total, hotels in Uzbekistan offer 75 thousand suites and can host simultaneously about 15 thousand people The national hotel market offers services diverse in cost and quality                        Shodlik Palace Hotel                

14 Famous world chain hotels Intercontinental and Sheraton in Tashkent
                       Hotel Inter-Continental                                            Sheraton Hotel                    

15 The new sector of the market
Since 1998 private hotels of “B&B” type (Bed and Breakfast) in the form of small and family enterprises have been emerging throughout Uzbekistan

16 “Tourism shows a great potential along the Silk Road,” – said WTO Secretary General Antonio Enriques Savignac in a speech opening the three day Silk Road meeting in Tashkent. “There are few places left on this planet with such a little-known, yet fascinating human history and wealth of monuments”

17 Alexander the Great said about Samarkand: “Everything I have heard about the beauty of Samarkand is true – except that it is even more beautiful than I could imagine”  

18 Problem of tourism development in Uzbekistan
Advantages Diversity of natural resources Favorable location on Great Silk Road Large number of historical monuments Rich cultural heritage Friendly, hospital people Adequate hotel facilities Disadvantages Poor infrastructure in some tourist centers Lack of auto service facilities on intercity roads Few entertainment events Quality of service below international standards

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