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GM Commercial and Customer BA CityFlyer

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1 GM Commercial and Customer BA CityFlyer
Luke Hayhoe GM Commercial and Customer BA CityFlyer Use this slide as a placeholder before your presentation starts.

2 Agenda History of BA at London City Airport Route Network Customers
Product benefits Isle of Man to London Capacity Opportunities

3 History of BA at LCY 2003 – 3 Routes commenced
2007 – BA CityFlyer formed – growth to 8 aircraft / 6 routes 2008 – Growth to 12 aircraft / economic downturn 2009 – New Embraer aircraft delivered 2009 – All business class JFK service launched 2010 – First all leisure routes launched 2011 – Fleet and route growth 2012 – Fleet growth and 6 new routes including IOM 2012 – 1.2M customers travelled with BA


5 Customers Customers travel through London City for both business and leisure purposes. Customers are generally travelling to or from The City of London, Central London, Canary Wharf, East London, Essex and East Anglia. Business Customers About two thirds of flights taken with BA at LCY are for business purposes. Customers are from large corporations as well as small and medium business’. Leisure Often the same customers as above who are travelling for pleasure instead of business.

6 Isle of Man Product

7 Isle of Man Product Inclusive prices
One piece of checked luggage, 2 pieces of hand luggage Breakfast, snacks and drinks on board Good 3 times daily schedule on week days London City Airport benefits including minimum check in time of 15 minutes with hand baggage, speed through the airport and self bag tagging Professional crew and customer service staff Cost savings are as high as £20 each way for checked in luggage compared to other London airlines Cost savings getting to Central London are as high as £20 compared to other London airports

8 IOM Capacity More choice to London, 3 airlines, 3 airports
In the period of the BA operation passenger numbers to London have grown by 10,000 Easyjet alone added 26,000 seats Oct – Jan Seats available have significantly outgrown passenger growth Great news for the Isle of Man customers in the short term Air Fares at lowest level in many years as airlines compete to fill the empty seats Less than half the seats were filled in January, even with Luton not operated

9 Opportunities Schedule flexibility, potential for 4 daily flights if demand grows substantially Growth of inward tourism to the Island There are an additional 8 flights on sale for the TT period which can be further grown if there is demand.

10 Use this slide as a placeholder before your presentation starts.

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