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The Monetization Equation. Get rich quick? No. You've come to the wrong place if you're looking for that. So is it worth your time and investment? YES!

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1 The Monetization Equation

2 Get rich quick? No. You've come to the wrong place if you're looking for that. So is it worth your time and investment? YES! Is it as easy as most make it sound? NO. While we do all we can to make it as easy as possible by removing as many of the technical barriers as possible (HTML, FTP, site building, Search Engine mastery, etc.), please remember... you are, after all, building a business. Building a business is not "quick and easy" or "get rich quick" or "guaranteed to make you $1,000,000 in 6 months or less while setting around in your underwear on the couch eating Bon-Bons." Sorry. However... Are you a person that is motivated? Are you a person that is willing and ready to work to build your Affiliate Marketing business? Are you a person that is ready to develop a whole new mindset towards Affiliate Marketing, and develop a new way of thinking? If so, Affiliate Marketing delivers. Actually it OVER-delivers success...

3 Because... You are either doing it wrong, or your not doing it at all.

4 First we need to understand that all do not fail and you do not need to be one that falls into the failure statistics. You can succeed! You will find a very small number of affiliates which we identify as("super-affiliates") that are really making some very healthy Affiliate incomes ($150,000+ per year). You also will find a significantly larger minority, roughly the top 2-3%, of all Affiliates earning a lower, but still fairly substantial Affiliate income. But unfortunately the BIG and very Real truth remains... the vast majority of all Affiliates will fail to earn a single dime for their efforts So What's the Big Problem? Actually there is a series of problems that contribute to Affiliate Marketing Failure! Fortunately all are avoidable and very beatable… But only with the appropriate strategies and tools, and guidance from the very beginning of your efforts.


6 Nothing more than proper Upfront thinking and Planning, and Preparation... Imagine for a minute, you're broke and in front of you, you have this huge debt, Lets make it simple to figure… $50k debt to be exact. But wait it gets worse yet… if you don't repay this within 12 months, your home will be repossessed... Episode of Mission Impossible, right? Maybe not… Usually first step is PANICK! Before panicking lets do some upfront thinking and recognize that most BIG problems are often, if not always, made up of smaller problems. So why don't we break this BIG $50k problem down into smaller problems? What if we take the big bad pay off $50, in a year problem and break it down into 12 individual months, $4,166.66, or better yet 52 weeks which makes it roughly $ a week. Problem is still huge but the mind is tricked into seeing a little light and possibility of handling the huge $50K problem. Stop Panicking… Start planning and preparing


8 Commitment to your goals…You must commit! (Also be Consistent) It is easy to say youre going to do something- actually doing it is another story. How many times have you made New Years Resolutions? How many times do you actually go through with it. Keep reminding yourself to enjoy your journey along the way! Make and work on short-term goals Your long term goal may take a long time to reach, perhaps months or even years. (That is not a positive) You need to stay both positive and motivated so set short-term goals to reach for throughout this time. Achieving short term goals will give you feedback and show you actually making progression towards your Long term goal. Your short term goals of course should be action oriented. It takes action to achieve anything worth pursuing. Make them Achievable, but not so easy that you do not feel any sense of accomplishment when it is achieved. Formulate a daily improvement plan This is the most important step of the goal setting process. Ask yourself, What is it that I can do on a daily basis to work towards reaching my goal? What are the essential? That will vary depending on your situation, of course, but the key question is: what part of my plan has the most long-term benefit for me?

9 2. Proper Research: Brainstorm most profitable topics and finding a Good and Profitable Targeted Niche With A Hungry Audience looking for your solution to their problem. 3. Develop best site concept/theme 4. Select best Niche related affiliate programs. Continually be monitoring your progress (Get a White Board…Dry Erase) Each day do you see yourself getting closer to your ultimate goal? Are your plans and goals actually working or do they need some adjustments? Continually be WRITING down each of your small success and lessons that you will be learning along the way. Chart your progress; you need to be able to visually see how far you have come, and how much closer you are to your goal In times when it seems like your not getting anywhere. REMAIN POSITIVE! Find an accountability partner! If you still having problems with Goal setting and want to learn more go to and type in, How do I set goals for success.






15 Top Super Affiliates all… Develop a web site. Your Web presence is crucial. Top Super Affiliates all… have clean and easy to navigate sites. Solution to no tech skills. (OUTSOURCE),, Warrior Forum, other students, tech schools in your community. Top Super Affiliates all…position themselves properly to meet their targeted audience at the search bar, providing excellent relevant content to provide best solutions to the targeted audiences problems. (Write it yourself or Outsource) Top Super Affiliates all… Attract highly targeted, interested leads to their site Top Super Affiliates all… use their site to List Build Top Super affiliates all… use their sites to gain credibility and build relationships Top Super Affiliates all… continue to provide solid value by providing other sources of great content such as through Affiliate Products and services



18 Some of these solutions may sound totally out of reach for you? They used to seem out of reach for me as well, not any more... Salvage the one thing that you are in control of and no one else – Your will to succeed. Daily Routine of POSITIVE Self-Talk: You likely will feel very frustrated trying to make everything work. Be aware of your self-talk… get rid of the negativity. Positive self-talk can help you maintain your will to overcome the small, small obstacle of overcoming the 4 problems we just discussed. You can do it! Understand that in the big picture of things these problems are considerably small to the overall picture. Each has a solution… you just need to learn how to do better overall. Master the things you enjoy and can do. The rest needs to leave YOUR list of things to do and put it on the list for others to do. You may be looked at as the most unlikely to succeed, but that is not who you are. You need to right now focus your eyes on the biggest path of success and set out to succeed in the biggest way possible. READY…AIM…FIRE!

19 Problem Solving Content Monetization Traffic generation Pre-Sell (warming up) It all starts with YOU You providing a solution to a problem through Great Content… Your content is found by those searching on the web for the solution to the problem you have found them having through your proper research. This is know as your traffic. Once your traffic runs into you because of you being well positioned to meet them, you begin the Pre-sell process which is created through the relationship and more good solid content that you over-deliver to the visitor. Then and only then, comes monetization.

20 Content Visitors do not know you, and most do not even care about you. They are focused on solutions to their problems or needs first and foremost. You need to stand out above the crowd and be the one they find! If you dont… you fail! Positioning yourself correctly in front of your visitors over your competition. Differentiate yourself from your competition. Do your very best to deliver great content first and foremost that helps solve your visitors problems., By doing so you will build Great Traffic, which gives you the opportunity to be Pre-sold. Then and only then, are you ready to Monetize. Online visitors look for Content. They are not looking for you! (at least they dont know they are yet) You need to start from the very beginning not at the desired end result. Do not be like so many people that first spend time and energy setting up a shopping cart and a merchant account or some other way of "collecting the money."

21 Your great looking website is set up Add high value Niche related content visitor shows up to Google Search bar searching for a solution for their problems Visitor runs right into your amazing content through your high rankings in the Search Engines Visitor reads content realizes they found solution to their problem which Pre- sells them Find and click on your Affiliate links or links to your own products that you specifically positioned throughout your content Product owners pay you commissions generated from Affiliate Links you strategically placed throughout your Content Site Your visitors are delighted with the products and convenience... All are happy…WIN-WIN-WIN.

22 Your good relevant keyword rich content ranks high with the Search Engines (ex., Google, Yahoo! MSN), Your content is found by, targeted visitors that are both interested and open to what you have to say and have to offer. These future customers are now ready to "meet you" at your site. These visitors are known as "Traffic. Continue to infuse your business by adding several streams of traffic through many sources of content Press releases Ebooks Articles Blogs Videos Traffic A growing Affiliate Business must have Traffic.

23 Pre-Sell Pre-Selling is positioning your offer in the mind of the visitor so that it makes sense to buy! Your dealing with a complete stranger and you are a complete stranger to your new visitor. They do not Know you, Like you, or Trust you YET! Time to build visitor confidence in you… (the trust factor) How? By Over-delivering… Over-delivering is when you go beyond what your customer was promised or ever expected... your visitors will LOVE you. (Unless you already have a big brand name like Amazon, Immediate "selling" on Web sites is ineffective.) List build for effective Pre-sell. This offers you more pre-selling opportunities Follow Up Webinars, Teleseminars, Broadcast messages,

24 Monetization MONETIZATION, The final step. Monetization is the easy part. Your Affiliate product recommendations (if well-chosen and positioned) should provide an additional service and provide appreciated value for your visitors who will in turn reward you when they open their wallet and give back to you! (You have now monetized) The affiliate model is an excellent revenue source. (It always make sense and I recommend that you always diversify your income sources) Monetization is where you now have some control. Up until this point the visitor was in complete control. They could leave and you would never see or hear from them again and loose the opportunity to provide more value and make further sales. Most of all have fun being an Affiliate Marketer. It's one of the best business models" in the world.

25 Place strong focus on the importance of your visitors satisfaction. There is no reward from an unsatisfied visitor. What to focus on and where to place your emphasis! Always focus on and place a strong emphasis on your content and the quality of your content! Your content is going to be a huge determining factor to the size and the quality of your readership and affiliate sales. Also think over- delivering at all times Increase your Incoming link potential. Visitors and other Bloggers are usually less inclined to link to a website thats plastered with junk, banners, and adds that are screaming BUY NOW! and that are not found to be content rich. Place a strong focus on getting repeat traffic. Appealing, relevant, content rich, problem solving websites will attract repeat visitors and will have increased Affiliate Earning potential

26 Creating niche sites and/or blogs can be a great option for affiliates who have more time and creativity than money. Cost for creating your own self-hosted blog; Domain name and hosting, but these are typically pretty small. $20-$50 to get started. Small monthly for hosting. Generally under $20 a month. Although I do not recommend the free option for your professional blog, there are many options to get your own site or blog that is hosted for free. Drawbacks are you may be more limited on options like, the look and feel of the site, how many pages your site can have, your monetization may be limited if at all, and control of content, and a big Credibility destroyer! Be very careful buying ready made sites… may have limited functions such as SEO! Instant Results? This is not for you! Like article marketing, this technique can take time before you start seeing results, so its not something you should expect to show immediate returns, but it can be a great way to create sustainable long-term profits, and a credibility builder with a minimum of money spent. Think consistency!


28 New visitors arrive at your blog everyday as more content is developed and optimized. What is the visitors very important First Impression? Right now they are nothing more than a visitor that is a potential customer. They are not familiarized with you or with the advertising, or content on your blog, and further more they do not care about you. (YET) Its not time for flashy banners and buy now buttons. It is all about building a relationship with people through your content and your brand. Once you gain visitor trust & love in what you give them you can slowly begin to monetize them. Takes time and dedication, and consistency, but if you create great content which people want to read then multiple revenue streams open up Keep your site simple and clean! Provide good relevant Niche specific, problem solving content. Remember that the purpose of content is to provide value to others. Do you provide genuine value, and is it the best youre capable of providing?


30 Make it clear to your visitors what your blog/site is about. Do not mislead them! If you want better results stop all of the cleaver little tricks. You want your visitor to find exactly what they came searching for. Dont use clever little title and taglines just to generate interest to your blog that have no relevance to what your website is about and reveal nothing about the sites contents. Dont use little disposable content just to increase page views and ad impressions. Your goal should be to truly help you visitor that shows up to your blog, and my personal opinion is that anything else is wasting their time as well as the time you spent adding it to your site. I find that content rich articles that really give some meat to the visitor are better at generating links and referrals and building traffic. Make first impressions count. You want the visitor to feel like the visit to your site was time well spent, and that the visitor leaves feeling they enjoyed some serious take-away from the content you provided.




34 Trade posting blog content with another blogger. This is called "guest blogging. " The better your blog, the better guest opportunities you will have!



37 Problem Solving Content Monetization Traffic generation Pre-Sell (warming up) Remember: It all starts with YOU You providing a solution to a problem through Great Content… Your content is found by those searching on the web for the solution to the problem you have found them having through your proper research. This is know as your traffic. Once your traffic runs into you because of you being well positioned to meet them, you begin the Pre-sell process which is created through the relationship and more good solid content that you over-deliver to the visitor. Then and only then, comes monetization.

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