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Synergy Distributed Meeting Scheduler High Fliers.

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1 Synergy Distributed Meeting Scheduler High Fliers

2 Deepthi Durgempudi Nithya Bondalapati Mahitha Devalapalle Puneeth Simha Ragavika Tarigopula Siddharth Dhall Sindhura Vallabhaneni Team

3 Purpose Process Fishbone Analysis Business Use Case Diagram i* Diagram Business Class Diagram Constraints Specification Models Issues and Solutions Addressing Requirement Changes Prototypes Agenda

4 Develop a software that would help users schedule meetings more easily and intelligently The software should outperform any such system that is currently available in the highly competitive market The software should be adaptable to any application, such as scheduling courses, flights, room assignments at hospitals and hotels, and much more Purpose

5 Process SADTs

6 Process SADT –Level 1

7 Process SADT – Level 2

8 Process SADT - Level 3


10 problem :Inefficient and time consuming process of scheduling meetings manually Affects: Company work force The impact is :Loss of productive time which in-turn affects the companys productivity. A successful solution: A flexible and efficient system to schedule meetings in a less time consuming manner. Problem Statement

11 Problem Fish Bone Diagram Unauthorized users may access the meeting information Difficulty in keeping track of the meeting location and meeting date Large number of negotiations Time consuming process of selecting a meeting date that is convenient to all the attendees People are facing many difficulties while Scheduling meetings manually Difficulty in monitoring meetings Difficult to schedule a meeting whenever we want (anytime- 24/7) Difficulty in scheduling meetings if attendees cannot be physically present during the meeting Hard to reflect changing participants constraints

12 Business Use Case Diagram

13 I* Diagram


15 Business Class Diagram

16 Product SADTs

17 Product SADT – Level 0

18 Product SADT – Level 1

19 Specification Models

20 System Use Case Diagram

21 System Sequence Diagram

22 System Activity Diagram

23 System Class Diagram

24 Constraints

25 Security

26 Reliability

27 Maintainability

28 Issues and Resolutions

29 What does the term monitor meetings refer to? Solution 1: Record the entire meeting in video format. Solution 2: Record the entire meeting in audio format. Solution 3: Keep a record of meeting minutes. Final Resolution: The first two solutions are out of the control of SDMS. Moreover, the meeting initiator can request for recording equipment while initiating the meeting (or later) if required. Therefore, the third solution has been chosen as the optimal one. Issue 1 – Monitor meetings

30 How to determine if one meeting is important than the other? Solution 1: The system shall accept an importance rating along with other meeting details from the meeting initiator while scheduling a meeting. When two meetings contend for the same location at the same time, the system shall determine which is more important based on this importance rating. Solution 2: When there is contention for meeting location, the system shall notify the meeting initiators of both the meetings, who can then negotiate external to the system to decide which meeting should be given preference. Final Resolution: The first solution can be misleading, because the importance rating will be based on the perception of the meeting initiator and cannot be considered as a standard. Therefore, the second solution has been chosen as the optimal resolution for this issue. Issue 2 – Need to accommodate a more important meeting

31 Addressing Requirement Changes

32 Some meetings are organized and scheduled at the same time, as a chunk, where partial attendance can be allowed. How to allow partial attendance? Solution 1: Participants can specify to the meeting initiator that they will be attending only part of the meeting by adding comments along with acceptance of a meeting invitation. Solution 2: Do not allow partial attendance at all Final Resolution: Since it is possible that a person wants to go to both the meetings scheduled at the same time, solution 1 has been chosen as the appropriate option. Requirement change 1

33 Meeting locations should be convenient, and information about meetings should be secure. Location Convenience: Already addressed as the system allows important participants to specify their location preferences. Information Security: Since the system shall be accessible by only authorized users, it can be ensured that outsiders cannot access meeting information. Also, one user cannot access the calendar of another user within the system. Requirement Change 2

34 Prototypes

35 Prototype – Welcome Page

36 Prototype – Admin Screen

37 Prototype – User Login

38 Prototype – User Functions

39 Prototype – Meeting Details

40 Prototype – Initiate Meeting


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