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Teaching Religious Education Mark Plater BA, PGCE, Flexi & GTP Primary 2010.

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1 Teaching Religious Education Mark Plater BA, PGCE, Flexi & GTP Primary 2010

2 Before we start… complete the first box only on your sheets: How I feel about teaching RE (2-3 mins)

3 By the end of this session, I hope that you will: Have a better understanding of the aims and purposes of RE Feel more confident about ways to teach it Have some practical teaching ideas to take away with you

4 Legal requirements All pupils (unless exempted) Locally Agreed Syllabus (unless Voluntary Aided) Reflect Christianity and other major UK faiths Plan, differentiate, assess and report on progress- like any other subject

5 Mezuzah (Jewish) Small case fixed to right door post. Touched & kissed on entry.

6 Mezuzah Contains Shema from Torah (Hear O Israel, the Lord your God is One.. Deut.6:4-9) Reminds of Gods presence & laws.

7 Shiva Nataraja Lord of the Dance Creator, maintainer & destroyer 4-armed, dancing on ignorance (the dwarf, Apasmara) in a circle of flames

8 Message 1 Try to include an element of mystery

9 Message 2 Make sure your RE relates to the childrens experience AT1: Learning about religions AT2: Learning from religions





14 Once upon a time… There were three knights: Sir Mon Sir Cumference Sir Percy Vere (with acknowledgements to Mark Chater)

15 Sir Mon Is a keen Christian teacher whose RE lessons are just like Sunday School S/he takes the confessional approach to RE

16 How to spot Sir Mon… Typically Sir Mon Talks at the pupils S/he refers to we & us Can only think of religion as her brand of religion Downplays, ignores or misrepresents other religions

17 Sir Cumference Is not religious, and feels awkward about teaching RE So…avoids RE, but doesnt mind social & moral issues S/he takes the avoidance approach to RE

18 How to spot Sir Cumference… Says things like, How can I teach RE? - Im not religious… Feels ill-equipped, insecure, and reluctant Fails to see the potential for RE in other classwork Falls back on worksheets when OFSTED calls…

19 Sir Percy Vere A solid and conscientious teacher, who does what is expected.. Covers the RE content, but without much imagination S/he takes the boring RE approach

20 How to spot Sir Percy Vere… Has no sense of enthusiasm for RE, but ploughs on regardless Presents lots of facts, but without making these relevant to life Makes no attempt to create links with the pupils experience or with other classwork

21 How would you describe your approach to teaching RE?


23 Resources: RE online: RE-XS Also... RE Today magazine

24 A child who is religiously literate will: Know about religious (and other) beliefs & practices Understand the significance of religion/s for individuals & in society Be able to make informed & reasoned judgements about religious issues (cont.)

25 A child who is religiously literate will: Have positive attitudes towards people who are different Be aware of their own spiritual, moral & religious development (adapted from SCAA model syllabuses, 1994)

26 Some key things to remember: 1.Make sure your RE contains some religious content! (AT1) 2.Make sure it relates to the childrens experience! (AT2) 3.Try to include an element of fun and mystery.

27 Thank you… Now could you please fill in sections 2 & 3 on your Feedback Sheet Happy RE teaching!

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