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Wiltshire RE Starter Stimulus

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1 Wiltshire RE Starter Stimulus
Starter ideas for the following key question from the 2011 Agreed Syllabus: KS2.2 What matters to Christians about Easter? This resource aims to provide some stimulus images and ideas to help pupils begin to address the above question. It is not intended to be used straight through – teachers can decide which parts will be helpful in their teaching of Easter. It links to the following learning outcomes from p50 of the syllabus: Pupils can: use religious vocabulary, symbols, and art to express their understanding of the meaning of Easter for believers reflect on what is worth celebrating and remembering in their own life and community Many of the slides have notes to give suggestions for use. Look at the slide show in Normal mode and look for the notes at the bottom of the page. Using the ideas suggested in this starter can contribute to helping pupils achieve the following levelled outcomes: Level 2 I can suggest what the story of Easter might mean to a Christian today I can make links between objects and symbols and the story of Easter I can ask questions about the Christian belief in Jesus coming to life from death I can make a link between the way Christians celebrate Easter and how I celebrate Level 3 I can make a link between the death of Jesus and some important Christian beliefs (such as resurrection and sacrifice) I can make links between things that matter to Christians at Easter and things that matter in my life

2 Ask the children: What do you think is happening in these pictures? Celebrations like birthdays mark important occasions and are a time to remember important events too. What things do you think might be worth holding a celebration about? What other things do you celebrate in your family or school or religion? Why are they worth celebrating? What things do Christians think are worth celebrating?

3 Which of these three pictures show what the story of Easter is about?

4 What matters most at Easter?
As you reveal the pictures ask the children to think about what each one might have to do with the celebration of Easter pictures 1. In the story . . . • Ask if the children can say what each object has to do with the stories of Jesus that they have heard. If no one can connect one of the objects, then fill in the detail. Use the paired talk to reinforce details of the story and then collect together of key points. 2. Take away one by one.... • Discuss with the children whether you can have Easter without these things. Ask the children how many of these things we can get rid of and still have Easter? Talk about the different answers. Would a Christian share your answers or have a different answer. It’s probably true that without the cross, there is no Easter, so is the cross the most important thing? 3. Most important? • Invite them to say which of three objects might matter most to a Christian person, or might help them to remember the narrative of holy week. 4. Tell your own story These objects tell the story of Easter. What three objects would children choose to tell an important story from their own lives? You might ask pupils to draw the three objects and write a few words to explain the story and why it is so important to them.

5 Here are the words of some young people talking about Easter:
Sometimes you get carried away with all the Easter eggs and time off school but actually it is really important. Now Jesus has died it means that God will forgive us if we are sorry for things we do wrong. Easter helps me to remember that. Grace 11 Easter is the most important time for Christians but everybody seems to think it is Christmas. Joshua 7 It is sad and happy because we remember that Jesus died and he was the Son of God. But he didn’t die like we do. He came alive again but went to live with his father in Heaven. Rohan 10 At our church we have quiet services on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. On Easter Sunday it is a big celebration with lots of good songs and chocolate. Nat 8 Answering questions: Why is Easter the most important festival for Christians? What surprises pupils about what these young Christians say about Easter? What did pupils already know? How can they find out about the significance of Easter in their own community? Asking questions: What questions would you like to ask some Christians about Easter?

6 What is the difference between these two Christian symbols?
Both are linked to the story of Easter, but they focus on different things. Do your pupils know the names? Cross and crucifix

7 Why might some Christians use plain crosses?
Some Christians choose to wear a plain cross because they want to focus on the resurrection of Jesus. What do Christians mean when they use the word resurrection? What questions do pupils have about this belief in resurrection? How might believing in Jesus’ resurrection be helpful for Christians in their day to day living? The first cross has some words from the New Testament, 1 Corinthians Chapter 13. This is a famous passage about love. Why might Christians think that the cross is to do with love?

8 Look closely at these crucifixes
Look closely at these crucifixes. Describe the similarities and differences. (Is the bottom one a crucifix? Where are the outer ones from, do you think?) Some Christians choose to wear a crucifix to remind them that Jesus suffered when he died, as they believe that Jesus died to deal with the sins of all people, including their own. They want to remember not to take God’s forgiveness for granted. Jesus paid a high price to take away the punishment for sin. Most Christians see Jesus’ death as a kind of sacrifice. If you know a Christian, which of these crosses would you choose to buy for them? Why?

9 You might like to give pupils a copy of the cross on the left (full page version on slide 14). They could do a simple sketch of the cross they like and then record their responses. Which cross would you choose as a gift for a Christian? Why? Which cross would you choose to display on Easter Sunday? Why? Which cross would you choose to put in your school foyer as part of an Easter display? Why? Which cross do you like best? Why? Why are these symbols important to Christians? What symbol might pupils use to show what is important to them

10 Good Friday Read the Story of the crucifixion of Jesus
Good Friday Read the Story of the crucifixion of Jesus. Luke 23:13-25, What words would you use to describe how the followers of Jesus felt after he was killed? Why? Remember that the disciples believed that Jesus was the Messiah, sent by God to rescue the Jewish people from the Romans, and to bring all people back to God. So fear, anguish, sorrow and anger would have been mixed with real disappointment and confusion too.

11 Easter Sunday Read the story of the women discovering the empty tomb. Luke 24: 1-12 What words would you use to describe how the disciples feel when they hear these reports? Why? How would Mary, mother of Jesus, feel?

12 Some suggestions for using this resource
1. Meaning making This starter shares some ideas from children about what Easter means to them (slide 5). Ask the children to write one or two questions about what Easter means and put the questions to some Christians and some people who are not Christians. Ask the children to compare the responses, including the ones on slide 5. They can then work in groups to come up with the ending to these sentence starters: Easter is important to Christians because… For non-Christians, Easter means… More able pupils might be asked to work together to write 150 words expressing the significance of Easter to Christians and 150 words showing the meaning of Easter for non-Christians.

13 2. Creating an art installation
Ask the children to design a cross to put in one of the following venues On display during a thoughtful service on Good Friday On an altar cloth to be used on Easter Sunday The school hall A bus poster advertising Easter celebrations In an art gallery Once they have created their piece of art ask them to write the artists’ explanation of the piece to be displayed beside the cross.

14 Easter symbols Many Easter cards in shops focus on eggs or rabbits. They have a slight link with Easter (new life, for example) but they don’t really convey the importance or impact of the festival. Ask pupils to think of some ways in which you could put across the Christian message of Easter in a more lively, dynamic, creative and theologically accurate way! The Meaningful Chocolate Company have made a start at this, but they are still using eggs and crosses. What creative ideas can your pupils come up with?


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