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First Biology Benchmark Test Thursday! Let’s Review with some labs!!

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1 First Biology Benchmark Test Thursday! Let’s Review with some labs!!
Warm Up (Your 5 day biology sheet) Fill in the MACROMOLECULE TABLE in your biology book (or sheet of paper if you don’t have one). Begin moving around to each “PRELAB” Station and begin answering questions. Once your pre lab is finished you must get a check from Mrs. Doney to begin the “LAB” Once the lab is finished you may begin the “POSTLAB”

2 Building Block Function Examples Carbohydrates Proteins Lipids Nucleic Acids

3 pH Pre Lab 0 7 14 1. The range of the pH scale is from
2. Draw and fill in the following scale including acid, base and neutral. 7 is _________ 0 to 6 is _________ 8 to 14 is _________

4 Station 1 pH Make this table in your lab report:
2. Test all of the substances using pH strips. Record their pH (number) in your table. Decide whether they are an acidic, basic, or neutral substance. Substance pH Acid/Base/Neutral Vinegar Water Milk of magnesia Detergent

5 Carbohydrate Pre Lab Use these words to fill in these blanks:
Monosacharide, Disacharide, Polysacharide ___are the single sugar building blocks of carbohydrates. ___is made up of 2 monosaccharides. ___is when many monosacharides are linked together. These are considered starch molecules. Record this table in your lab report and fill in column 2 with your prediction/hypothesis for this station: Food Predict whether this carbohydrate is made of mono, di, or polysacharides (starch) What color did this food turn when you put iodine on it? What type of sugar is this food made of? (Mono, di, or polysacharides?) Potato Table sugar Pasta

6 Carbohydrate Lab (Station 2)
Iodine stays a reddish color when it touches simple sugars including monosacharides and disacharides. It will turn bluish black in the presence of starches, or polysacharides. Put one drop on each food and record the color. Determine if the food is made of simple sugars (mono or disacharides or polysacharides).

7 Lipid Pre Lab The building blocks of lipids are __________ and __________. Lipids _________ energy. Copy and fill in the following table about different types of lipids: Lipids that are solid at room temperature Lipids that are liquid at room temperature

8 Lipid Lab (Station 3) Of the items in the table below, which do you think contains the most lipids? Food Predicted (hypothesis) Lipid Rating 1=No lipids 2=Some lipids 3=Lots of lipids Actual Lipid Rating Sugar Peanut Butter Butter

9 Pre Lab Water Draw a water molecule including 2 hydrogen atoms, 1 oxygen atom and be sure to include where the negative and positive charge would be found. Why is water a good solvent? Water is ______ dense as a solid (ice) than as a liquid.

10 Water Lab (station 4) Look at the frozen bottle of water.
What property of water explains why the bottle is “bloated?” Look at the glass of water with oil floating in it. Explain how the oil reacts with the water. Give one example of how oil repels water in real life. (Example: Rain will bead up on your skin when it rains because you skin has oils in it.)

11 Post Lab Questions What are the 4 macromolecules?
What 3 macromolecules are found in food? Monosacharides build ______. Amino acids build ______. Glycerol and fatty acids build ______. Nucleotides build ______. Enzymes are a special type of ______. ____ and ____ can effect how enzymes work.

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