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BRASS 20th Anniversary Target Marketing Sources: sliced, diced & iced Presented by: Wendy Diamond Business Librarian & Head of Reference California State.

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1 BRASS 20th Anniversary Target Marketing Sources: sliced, diced & iced Presented by: Wendy Diamond Business Librarian & Head of Reference California State University Chico 20 th Anniversary BRASS Program Bull’s Eye: Targeting the Right Customer with Market Research June 30, 2008 – Anaheim CA

2 Image by romanlily, used under the Creative Commons license

3 T arget M arketing becomes C ustomer S egmentation Slicing & dicing customers  Who? young, old, middle income, married, single, black, white, lives alone …  Where? college town, suburb, big city, exurb?  Identity? gay, Asian, gadget freak?  Attitude/Style/Lifestyle? buys organic; bikes to work; has a cat; gets massages; watches TV sports; drinks green tea; eats out; reads Cooking Light; likes chick-flicks;

4 BRASS 20th Anniversary Once upon a time When BRASS was young  Mass marketing  Broadcasting  3 TV networks  Physical store-places Target marketing was  Decennial Census + Long Form  American Demographics (now “Advertising Age”)  Survey of Buying Power & Media Markets  Rand McNally Commercial Atlas

5 BRASS 20th Anniversary Brave new world  Niche demographic groups  Mini-marketing & micro- marketing  Customized products & services  Online stores globalization, virtual worlds equals =

6 Image by Guille Avalos, used under the Creative Commons license

7 BRASS 20th Anniversary The Iceberg supporting it all circa 1998 @ BRASS’ 10 th (when the web was cool & young)

8 BRASS 20th Anniversary  Decennial census comprehensive people & housing every 10 years  American Community Survey (ACS) formerly the Long Form updated continuously community-level detail sampling statistics used

9 BRASS 20th Anniversary American Community Survey  Value of home  Relationship of household members  Vehicles available in household  Language spoken at home  Drive time to work By Zip Code or Town or County = neighborhoods

10 BRASS 20th Anniversary By zip code, town, county  Fact Sheets  Population & Household Economics Topics ww  Drill Down Kits wns/index.html wns/index.html  Narrative Profiles Factfinder > Fact Sheet > Data Profiles Narrative Profiles  Current Population Surveys - P20, P23, P60 prs.html  Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) oducts/PUMS/  FTP ecial/acsftp.html ecial/acsftp.html  Data Ferret

11 Narrative profiles (factfinder) from Factfinder’s Fact Sheets (aka Data Sheets)

12 Re-published & iced  County & City Extra (Bernan) Annual Metro, City and County Data Book  Editor & Publisher Market Guide Population + retail sales for city districts (MSAs)  New Strategist (series) “Household Spending”, “Generations”, “Who We Are”  Lifestyle Market Analyst ( Iceberg = Neilsen + Claritas + Equifax data  Community Sourcebooks ( Zip Code & County Demographics Iceberg = Census + Claritas data

13 BRASS 20th Anniversary Geo-demographics maps, rings, radii, drive-time  Community Tapestry print  Community Sourcebooks (print) Free, zip code look-up  free, zip code look up  Simply Map (Geographic Research Inc)  Demographics Now (Gale)

14 BRASS 20th Anniversary New mapping tools demographics + purchasing + lifestyles SimplyMap Geographic Research Census, BLS, EasiDemographics, MediaMark Demographics Now Gale / Cengage Census, BLS, Experian

15 Segmentation systems : geo-psycho-demographics “You Are Where You Live ” #3 My Best ( PRIZM system) Owned by ClaritasMy Best AC Neilsen owns Claritas, SRDS, Scarborough Data from / in Mintel, Simmons, SRDS #1 Community Tapestry (A CORN system)Community Tapestry Owned by ESRI Data from / in MediaMark #2 Mosaic system Owned by Experian Data from / in Simmons, DemograqphicsNow


17 Buying power data  Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Expenditure Survey  New Strategist publications BLS & Census data user-friendly formats  Other Mintel, Simmons National Consumer Study, MediaMark Resarch, Simply Map, Buying Power of Black America, Multicultural Economy

18 Lifestyles & psychographics hobbies  attitudes  values  American Time Use Survey (ATUS)  American Time Use: Who Spends How Long at What New Strategist

19 More lifestyles & psychographics  Lifestyle Market Analyst SRDS Iceberg = ACNeilsen / Claritas, “in conjunction with Equifax” SRDS bike-riding, gourmet wines, reading the Bible  Mintel Lifestyles green consumers, shopping Moms, young men  National Consumer Study Simmons Iceberg = Experian (credit service) National Consumer Study BehaviorGraphics segmentation system  Survey of the American Consumer MediaMark Research Iceberg = Gfk / Roper Survey of the American Consumer  Claritas Iceberg = AC Neilsen / SRDS

20 BRASS 20th Anniversary Niches ~ Ethnicity  Who We Are series New Strategist New Strategist Asians, Blacks, Hispanics  Buying Power of Black America  Multicultural Economy: Minority Buying Power in the New Century

21  National Hispanic Consumer Study National Hispanic Consumer Study (Simmons, expensive)  Hispanic Media and Market Source Hispanic Media and Market Source (SRDS, expensive)  U.S. Diversity Markets Report (Synovate) U.S. Diversity Markets Report

22 BRASS 20th Anniversary Newsletters    BlackPressUSA Network  CAB Multicultural Marketing Resource Center    Multicultural Marketing News  Ethnic NewsWatch (ProQuest)

23 BRASS 20th Anniversary Niches ~ Gays as consumers  Mintel Lifestyles LGBT Lifestyles  Simmons LGBT Study  U.S. Gay and Lesbian Market (5 th edition) Packaged Facts / Packaged Facts /  Witeck-Combs Communications with Harris Interactive highlights.pdf

24 Niches ~ Kids, ‘tweens, teens Getting Wiser to Teens NewStrategist NewStrategist Mintel Lifestyles Roper Youth Report (Gfk) MediaMark Research (Gfk) Simmons Kids Study & Teen Study Ad Research Foundation Youth Council

25 BRASS 20th Anniversary Favorites  Census Factfinder  New Strategist publications  Lifestyle Market Analyst   Mintel  Simmons and/or MediaMark  Demographics Now or Simply Map

26 BRASS 20th Anniversary 1988  President Reagan; George Bush the First elected  First Internet virus  War between Iran & Iraq subsides  Stock market crashes! Misuse of electronic trading  Big news! American companies sold to foreigners  People get news from newspapers or ABC, NBC, CBS  Phones are attached to walls at home or in “privacy booths”  People shop in stores-places close to home

27 BRASS 20th Anniversary The “bible” of business reference  Lorna Daniells Business Information Sources 3 rd edition, 1993  No “target marketing”  No “segmentation”  Demographic Data, see Population Statistics

28 BRASS 20th Anniversary 2008  End of second George Bush’s second term  Everything is Made in China  News and shopping on Image by zoliblog, used under the Creative Commons license

29 BRASS 20th Anniversary Marketing in 21 st century  The Long Tail by Chris Anderson  Marketers sell hard-to-find items  Customization  Individual service  Micro-casting

30 BRASS 20th Anniversary Sliced, diced & now pureed Image by Dazed81, used under the Creative Commons license Image by, used under the Creative Commons license

31 BRASS 20th Anniversary Sources & bibliographies  Bibliography of Resources for Consumer Demographics & Market Segmentation by Kate Pittsley, Eastern Michigan University, with Wendy Diamond  Short List of Favorites  Marketing Information : A Strategic Guide for Business & Finance Libraries by Wendy Diamond and Michael R. Oppenheim, Haworth Press, 2004.

32 BRASS 20th Anniversary T arget M arketing S ources : S liced, Diced & I ced Presentation web address

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