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What Wavelength Was That?

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1 What Wavelength Was That?
Examining the Electromagnetic Spectrum with Hands-On Activities Mr Hemming

2 Electromagnetic Waves
All travel at the speed of light, 300,000 km /s. (That’s 8 times around the earth in a second!) All can travel through empty space (a vacuum) All can be reflected or refracted The shorter the wavelength the more dangerous they are They all transmit energy from one place to another


4 Electromagnetic Radiation
The only difference between radio waves, visible light, and gamma-rays is the energy of the photons. Radio waves have photons with low energies, microwaves have a little more energy than radio waves, infrared has still more, then visible, ultraviolet, X-rays, and gamma-rays.


6 Radio (Low Frequency & Very High Frequency)
Emitted by Astronomical Objects Radio Station transmitters Detected by Ground based radio telescopes Radios

7 Microwave Emitted by: Detected by Gas clouds collapsing into stars
Microwave Ovens Radar Stations Cell Phones Detected by Microwave Telescopes Food (heated) Cell phones Radar systems)

8 Infrared (Near and Thermal)
Emitted by Sun and stars (Near) TV Remote Controls Food Warming Lights (Thermal) Everything at room temp or above Detected by Infrared Cameras TVs, VCRs, Your skin

9 Visible Emitted by Detected by The sun and other astronomical objects
Laser pointers Light bulbs Detected by Cameras (film or digital) Human eyes Plants (red light) Telescopes

10 Ultraviolet Emitted by Detected by Tanning booths (A) The sun (A)
Black light bulbs (B) UV lamps Detected by Space based UV detectors UV Cameras Flying insects (flies)

11 X-ray Emitted by Detected by Astronomical objects X-ray machines
CAT scan machines Older televisions Radioactive minerals Airport luggage scanners Detected by Space based X-ray detectors X-ray film CCD detectors

12 Gamma Ray Emitted by Detected by Radioactive materials
Exploding nuclear weapons Gamma-ray bursts Solar flares Detected by Gamma detectors and astronomical satellites Medical imaging detectors

13 X-rays and Gamma Rays • Black holes • Active Galaxies • Pulsars
• Diffuse emission • Supernovae Gamma-ray bursts • Unidentified

14 The Multiwavelength Sun
X-Ray UV Visible The Multiwavelength Sun Microwave Radio Infrared

A Mnemonic for the Electromagnetic Spectrum… Gamma Rays X-rays Ultraviolet Visible Infrared Microwave Radio GXUVIMR RMIVUXG

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