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The accreditation of e-learning materials by the UEMS-EACCME.

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1 The accreditation of e-learning materials by the UEMS-EACCME

2 How to submit an application: – download application form from (UEMS- EACCME) – complete all the criteria based on reference document UEMS 2011/20 – return the application form by email to

3 A complete application includes: – completed application form – direct access to the material – 4 usernames + 4 passwords for UEMS-EACCME reviewers Incomplete applications will not be considered

4 When the application is complete, you will receive: – letter of acknowledgement – invoice

5 UESM-EACCME accreditation and statements Until accreditation has been granted, only permissible statement: « An application has been made to the UEMS-EACCME for CME accreditation of this event » The use of any statement that suggests that accreditation has been (provisionally) granted will result in automatic rejection of the application.

6 UEMS-EACCME accreditation and statements Use of the UEMS logo is permitted only after confirmation of accreditation has been made. Any unauthorised use of the UEMS logo will result in action being taken by the UEMS.

7 Evaluation process: – application sent to two reviewers (NAA + UEMS) – evaluation lasts 8 weeks from receipt of payment of our invoice

8 If the application is successful, you will receive: – letter of accreditation – template of certificate Accreditation valid for 2 years from date of letter of notification

9 If the application is not successful: – “amendment procedure”: one opportunity for the applicant to submit, at no additional charge, a revised version of the material taking into account the EACCME’s reviewers comments – amended submission must be provided within 3 weeks of the UEMS-EACCME’s request for amendment

10 – EACCME commits to providing a decision within 2 weeks of receipt of the amended submission – either: material is accredited – or: material is rejected

11 If application is rejected: – “appeal procedure”: appeal fee = 375 € no change may be made to the material in the meantime appeal decision is final

12 UEMS-EACCME credits: 45 – 90 min1 ECMEC 91 – 150 min2 ECMECs 151 – 210 min3 ECMECs Modules less than 45 min will not be accepted and cannot last more than 210 min (max of 3 ECMECs).

13 UEMS-EACCME fees: 1 ECMEC 750 € 2 ECMECs 1500 € 3 ECMECs 2250 € Appeal fee 375 €

14 Invoicing: Upon application, 1st invoice of 750 € (flat fee) Additional invoices: - if the material is graded as more than 1 ECMEC - in case of appeal

15 Application UEMS-EACCME office 1st invoice 750 € = 1 ECMEC Evaluation 8 weeks Feedback to provider Approved Certificate Amendment procedure (3 weeks) ApprovedRejected Appeal procedure 1 ECMEC = OK 2or 3 ECMECs = additional invoice

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