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Tertoolen/Bosch EECERA 20071 Many children, many voices Anja Tertoolen Wieke Bosch.

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1 Tertoolen/Bosch EECERA 20071 Many children, many voices Anja Tertoolen Wieke Bosch

2 Tertoolen/Bosch EECERA 20072 Brief overview of our research until now Children’s perspectives on their education in school Method: interview by their teacher about a specific educational theme Goal: students get a clear understanding in the complexity of interviewing young children Focus on the improvement of the quality of talking with young children

3 Tertoolen/Bosch EECERA 20073 How to interpret? Improvement of the quality of talking with children by their teacher means first of all : Interpretation of what children are saying? (do we really interprete the meaning of what they are saying?) Interpretation of what teachers are meaning

4 Tertoolen/Bosch EECERA 20074 Participants in this analysis Practioners involved: The teacher-practioner herself Student-teachers Teacher trainers especially in education of young children

5 Tertoolen/Bosch EECERA 20075 Protocol of analysis Teacher communication: Verbal interventions -questions like asking for information, intentions, mental thinking etc -Statements like confirming, repeating, summerizing etc Child’s communication: -What does the child say; what does the child mean. -Basic needs as conditions for development. Basic needs are: relation, competence, autonomy (Stevens)

6 Tertoolen/Bosch EECERA 20076 Theoretical Background * Theory: Stevens: Basic Needs Bahktin / Wertsch: authority and dialogic aspect. Multivoicedness. * Methodology: Focus on reliability by triangulation (three groups of participants in analysis)

7 Tertoolen/Bosch EECERA 20077 Analysis Interview on video All the participants used the same formats for analysis We used a small part of the interview for a profound analysis First we show you a particular part of the video Second we want to share some of our findings

8 Tertoolen/Bosch EECERA 20078 Example 1 Focus on the quality of talking with young children. All the participants analysed the verbatim (communication of the children) on 7 different kinds of interventions. (asking information; giving information; asking for the perception of the child; ‘go-on questions’= continue to enquire after the meaning; confirmation; repeating the child’s observations; summarizing)

9 Tertoolen/Bosch EECERA 20079 Example 1 Diagram.

10 Tertoolen/Bosch EECERA 200710 Example 2: Focus on the ‘basic needs’1 All the participants analysed the verbatim (teacher communica- tion)on the basic needs: relation; competence and autonomy.

11 Tertoolen/Bosch EECERA 200711 Example 3 Focus on the ‘basic needs’ 2 This diagram shows the impact of the teacher’s appeal on each child about the sense of: Relationship Competence Autonomy

12 Tertoolen/Bosch EECERA 200712 Some Conclusions In general: We found a great diversity in data based on the analyses of the participants. We would even go so far as to say that it’s very difficult for students (and for researchers) to retrieve the meaning of the child and to be sure of what children really moves You have to know the children (in our case the classroom teacher) and their background to get a notion of their meaning (and not only listen to what they are saying) while interviewing them It’s not easy to educate students on this aspect of their (future) profession and for students to be trained in this aspect. Listen to Susan L.Engel in her book ‘Real Kids’ while she is saying: ‘The challenge for the researcher is to understand that what is on the child’s mind not neatly match what the context would suggest’.

13 Tertoolen/Bosch EECERA 200713 In the near future To bring the participants together to share and discuss their findings To share the interpretation(s) with the children involved and ask for their opinions on the interpretations of the participants

14 Tertoolen/Bosch EECERA 200714 Many children, many voices Anja Tertoolen Wieke Bosch

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