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Reading Your Degree Progress Report via E-Campus.

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1 Reading Your Degree Progress Report via E-Campus

2 Click on ‘Student Center’ after logging in to E-Campus

3 Click on ‘Degree Progress’

4 Click on ‘go’

5 Now you can view your Major/Minor GPA! Here is your overall GPA.

6 Have you completed the General Education Requirements? Look here to see that it is incomplete. Look here to see what still needs to be finished: Clusters 2 & 3 Requirement Summary gives a snapshot of your progress.

7 Clicking ‘Collapse All’, Gives This: Click on to expand specific area.

8 Example of Requirement Not Completed Header line identifies overall requirement and shows it has not been satisfied Requirements may be written in terms of number of courses required and still needed (required/needed) to satisfy the requirement or in terms of number of credits required and still needed (required/needed) to satisfy the requirement. "RG," "RQ" or "CL" are codes identifying requirements for programming staff in the event requirements or course lists need to be modified. If a requirement can be met by a combination of courses such as Track I or Track II in Cluster Three), all combinations will appear in bold type and will continue to be listed until the overall requirement is met.

9 B.A. Requirements Not Completed…

10 CR - earned as transfer credit or test credit Example of Completed Requirement

11 General Education Requirements are Complete

12 Course Directives After consulting with your advisor, if you have a course currently listed on your transcript that you feel should satisfy a graduation requirement, please visit the department that houses that requirement to discuss your request. Approvals to replace one course or requirement for another (Directive) are noted after the requirement listing on the Degree Progress Report. In this example, SOCI 101 has been approved by University Studies to satisfy the General Education Cluster Five Sociocultural Dimension requirement.

13 Course Waivers Similar to Directives, course or requirement waivers are noted in the Degree Progress Report under that requirement. In this example, the Geography 6-credit Senior Project has been waived as indicated by the “- Exempted -” notation. Departmental approval must be secured for all waivers.

14 Non-Course Credit Non-course credits (such as the General Education Technology Competency Tests or exemptions based on SAT II test scores) are recorded as "milestones" and tracked on the degree progress report as 'conditions.' If a condition has been satisfied, then the condition status will be ‘completed.' If a condition has not been satisfied, then the condition status will be ‘not completed.'

15 What else is on the report? GPA Calculation: To graduate from JMU students must earn a minimum of 120 credits with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 overall and in the major and minor programs. Students taking major or minor courses on a repeat forgiveness basis during the current term should note that the major/minor GPA is inflated. This is because the report automatically deducts the credits and grades earned on the initial attempt from the GPA calculation even though the repeat forgiveness attempt is not completed. What if I have questions? This report is meant to supplement and not replace meetings with your academic advisor. If you have questions about requirements, you need to see your major or minor advisor. Questions about General Education requirements that are not answered in consultation with your advisor should be referred to the University Studies office in Maury Hall. If there are errors on the report, please contact your advisor.

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