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Las Posadas.

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1 Las Posadas

2 The Birth of the Baby Jesus
Symbolizing the journey made by Joseph and the Virgin Mary. Las Posadas are a Mexican tradition carried out during the Christmas holidays by a group of people who get together to honor the birth of Jesus Christ.

3 Journey to Belen The Christian tradition tells us that Joseph was a descendent of David and born in Belen which is why the couple had to travel to the town of Belen. So they could be counted in the census ordained by the emperor Augustus. However since Maria was pregnant they had to find shelter, but when they couldn’t they had to settle for a barn that somebody offer to them.

4 Where do they take place?
In many places of Mexico Las Posadas take place on the street. These places are adorn with Christmas lights and decorations made out of heno, also the entire posada is represented by real people to give it more emphasis and motive the spectators to participate in the play.

5 Candle Lights During the Procession people carry a small candle light to light their way while singing letanias which are songs that are sang through out the whole procession and define each stage of the posada.

6 Asking for Shelter? At the end of the letania, the people go to the first home were they start asking for shelter, some people are inside and others are outside the home, if the shelter is deny then everyone goes to the next home.

7 Making Offerings Once shelter is offer everyone make offerings to the baby Jesus and then pray a rosary. People sing letanias accompanied by guitars and flutes. Family and friends get together and the party goes for hours.

8 Breaking the Piñata At the party people also break a Piñata which is filled with peanuts, oranges, tangerines, sugar canes and other wrapped hard candy.

9 Meaning of Breaking the piñata.
breaking the Piñata symbolizes abundance for the whole year; may it bring happiness, food, and well being to those around us.

10 The Food Traditional Food, tamales, champurro, Arroz con leche and Bunelos.

11 Las Posadas Posada Video Blog References Pictures used

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