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Created By: Stephen Horner Period 1 Las Posadas KwanzaHanukah.

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1 Created By: Stephen Horner Period 1 Las Posadas KwanzaHanukah



4  Mexicans  Catholic Mexicans  Latin Americans

5  to remember the pilgrimage by Joseph and Mary before the birth of Jesus

6  December 16-24

7  People carry candles, sing litanies (prayers), stand by the door of a house and ask for lodging.  sing songs denying their entry until they see that it is Joseph and Mary asking for lodging.

8  the kids get to break a piñata that parents set out.  The "Piñata" is a pottery (or paper) container, brightly decorated and filled with candy and toys

9  Champurrado (Chocolate Atole)  Candy  fruit

10  The woman and girls dress in dresses or cloches  The men dress in sombrous white under shirts and black pants pants

11 Its most popular in Mexico

12 Part 1

13 Part 2

14  Any person that believes the Jewish religion.

15  To remember the Maccabees and the Syrians that fought for about three years until finally the Maccabees defeated the Syrians and reclaimed the Temple in Jerusalem.

16  It is celebrated the 25 of the month and goes on for eight days

17  Lighting of one candle each night of the eight days and getting gifts.

18  A candle holder with 9 places 8 for 8 days of Christmas and the 9 th to light the other candles.  Star of David decorations.  Flowers/plants

19  They eat what we eat for the most part only its kosher.

20  The men wear a nice dress up shirt with a little hat what they call yamika and woman are to wear a dress of sort

21  Israel  America

22 Part 3

23  Africa

24  Africa Americans  Africans

25  Celebrate African culture  Also celebrates unity  Faith

26  December 26 th - January 1 st

27  Families celebrating Kwanzaa decorate their households with objects of art, colorful African cloth, especially the wearing of kaftans by women.kaftans

28  Fresh fruit  Beans  Rice

29  Wear a kaftan (or caftan) for comfort or if you plan on doing activities that require freedom of movement  Wear a danshiki over plain black pants if you're a man looking for a simple garment  Wear a gelee or headwrap if you're a woman

30 Part 4

31 Part 5

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